Ask the Author – Tad Mann Talks About Feng Shui Astro Location June 26-29

  • Tad drew on his phenomenal range of divination knowledge and sacred architecture experience to create the one-of-a-kind Feng Shui Astro Location report. This report takes your unique birth chart and "relocates" it to your current geographical location ... creating a highly personalized Feng Shui astrological floorplan.

    Post your questions about the report, and see what Tad has to say about this cutting-edge combination of astrolocality and Feng Shui. Thurs., June 26 – Sun., June 29.

  • Hello! I was just wondering what inspired you to write this report.

  • I was a practicing architect in the 1960s and have always kept my interest in design and siting buildings. I also began astrology and my interest in I Ching and Chinese philosophy around the same time, so it was natural to join them and the Astro Locality Feng Shui Report is the result. It is to my knowledge the first synthesis of western astrology and the feng shui bua gua. And it really works! ATMann

  • Hi Tad,

    I just ordered the report, and despite careful reading, I'm a bit confused on how to overlay it over my floorplan. I've been used to the Feng Shui method of assuming the front door as North.

    Do I overlay it over the floor plan facing the actual compass directions?

    My front door faces East, that is, when I open it from the inside, I'm facing directly East.



  • Hi Nina,

    You orient the your astro bua gua with the South above and use the compass to face South in your house. This technique doesn't orient the bua gua toward the door or a house or room, although you can see by knowing which direction the doors face what they mean astrologically.

    Due South is close to the direct noon position of the Sun, so by knowing (and facing) South you can understand the Sun rising in the East to the left and setting in the West to the right. In everyone's horoscope, South is the MC (midheaven) that is your objectives, goals and ego-conscious qualities. Look in each room to see how what is in the South defines the main qualities of the room -- if it doesn't, you should put something that does define the room there.


  • How can I create Feng Shui to combine both myself and my boyfriend? I am Aries (4/9) and he is Cancer (6/26 today is his birthday). I am going to order a report, but can I get one that will be compatible for both of us? Thanks. barreyes1963

  • Good Evening Tad,

    I have three "lucky men" or Luk, Fuk, and Sau. The assistant told me to display them the way they came in the box and at eye level. I have a living room and no dining room. How do I display them? I am so confused! The place I bought the three men from had Sau on the left looking out the window but on the right when facing in.

    Please guide me on the proper diplaying.

    Thank you!


  • Hi Tad,

    Whether I am aligning the Bagua using the BTB method or with the actual cordinates of North, South, East and West, I still run into to problems -- missing corners and bedroom closets (with mirrors on them). How would you cure a missing corner in the relationship sector? the wealth/prosperity sector? How about a closet for the relationship sector? the wealth sector?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • The best way to create a combined Astro Location Feng Shui report is to have a "composite" horoscope calculated from both your and your friend's birth times and places. This is not yet available through but will be in the near future. You might find another chart service that does such calculations. Thanks A T Mann

  • Having closets in particular sectors shows that quality is compartmentalized, meaning that it is cut off from your whole being or fragmented. In the wealth sector, it may show that what you do to make a living isn't really who you are. In the relationship sector it can show that your relationship is compartmentalized and that you are resistant to commitment (or your partner is). I would compensate by hanging an image on the closet door that symbolizes who you "really" are or what your relationship really means to you. (A picture of you both?)

    Mirrors reflect and double qualities already in the room, and are seen as problems being amplified. Again a solution it so hang cloth over the mirror, or use a screen to lessen its impact.

    For missing sectors, especially when a planetary line passes through them is to activate the other end of the line by using a piece or furniture, an object, an artwork or something symbolic of the missing sector (see the Correspondences tables in your report). If the NW is missing, place such symbolic objects in the SE, etc.

    Thanks, ATMann

  • I don't have a clue who the three men are, but can imagine. I think that the important factor is how you want them to look and face because their power is their ability to symbolize that you want things to change in your life. Put them somewhere where you are likely to activate their energy by reminding you to work on change, impermanence and do a meditation on them to supplement their energy. If you have a planet line in your report anywhere near their location, put them on such a line in your house or individual room. If you want increase, put them on a Jupiter line, or if you need energy, on a Mars line, or love on a Venus line, etc. See in the report where to place such objects.


  • I feel lost.. want to start Feng Shui in my home and feel comfortable that my directions are correct.. don't know how to read or understand my chart wheel.. before I knew about and ordered your report, I had a Bagua wheel and have placed mostly colored glass and my own art in certain room locations.. placing that Bagua with it south at my front door downstairs (my front door faces south) or standing at the entrance of each room I worked on holding my old Bagua with south to my stomach to find directions for each room. I need help to know how to incorporate the chart wheel and your location report with the Bagua wheel I have (or not use my old wheel at all?).. written by nelmar

  • hi Tad: Thanks for your excellent report! I have a question about mine... I have no planets in the North sector, and the report tells me that this is "a good place for bedrooms." But in my house, this area is the kitchen (I live in a very small house, so it's basically one room, with the stove, sink and mini-fridge on the North side). Does this mean I should make corrections in this area, in order to improve my career and business possibilities?

    Thank you for any guidance! Emily

    *I am a employee. The views expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of

  • Hi Tad, I really don't know much about Feng Shui, I have a book about it and want to start on my house when I can afford it... I am going to be a Massage Therapist when I pass my test and I want to balance my home a life to be successful at my job... I have a split level home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs and a room down stairs that can be considered a bedroom, but we use it as a computer room. The rest is a livingroom and kitchen with an eating area... I have 11 cat and my husband and me and want just want to make this house ours and don't know how to start... I am an aquarius and my husband is a taurus... I don't how much I helped you to give me advice...

  • Do you have any Feng Shui recommendations for Geopathic Stress on the Eastern side of my house ? The cause is underground gas and electric lines that service recently built homes (lines are 8 feet from my home) and/or redirected underground aquifers from this new development. I've developed a neurological illness similar to MS since this happened 4 years ago. Are there any "treatments" (inside or out) for my property that you would recommend ?

    Or do you have any suggestions for books, or DIY treatments. Since I'm now disabled, cost is a factor...

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Nelmar,

    Traditional feng shui uses the generic direction of south on the bua gua always being the entrance direction of a room. In my mind this logic is flawed because you will have rooms with many different orientations in the same house. It ends up being a jumble as the rooms do not then synchronize with each other. Similarly this doesn't take an individual's needs into consideration. With the AFS report using your own chart, your house and each room will have a similar orientation (to South) regardless of the direction of the door. You can see what each room "means" by noting its sector using the wheel. This approach is individual based on your exact birth time rather than an approximation by Chinese zodiac sign (one of billions unique vs. one of twelve). All I can say is put your art in sectors you want to activate and see what happens.

    Thanks, ATMann

  • As you well know, geopathic stress is a major issue and difficult to "cure." One way to ameliorate its influence is to plant dense shrubs or trees between your house and the source of the water or electric lines. I also knew dowsers in England who took copper wire, bent it into ankh shape (an oval atop a cross) about four inches high and buried them facing out towards the source of the disturbance. You bury one every few feet along the edge towards the stress lines. Apparently the copper interacts and neutralizes the flow. I would also make sure that you sleep as far away from the stress zone as possible as that is when such influences are most potent. Good luck!


  • Hi Emily,

    When you have a kitchen in a sector where bedrooms are advisable, you can compensate by making sure that your bed (where ever it is) faces with its headboard to that same north sector. This is because you are correcting the orientation of the bed, which is the underlying most important issue. This is most potent when you can activate the opposite sector (in this case South) as the bedroom. I would also try to shield the kitchen from view with a screen or hanging plants. The kitchen is important and central, however it is best in the Fire South, which is an additional reason for partially shielding it from view. Thanks, ATMann

  • Nelmar,

    To begin with, the most important first step is to locate the direction of your Sun and put some symbolic object or furniture you like in its direction as that is what defines you. Since your chart and your husband's are different (obviously), you can activate rooms that you primarily use and he can activate the Sun in rooms that he uses. In this way both sets of influences work together and you can combine your influences in rooms like the living room which you share.

    Try it out and get back to the forum.


  • Thanks so much !!!

    I'll be applying the copper cure ASAP !!!

    I got the report too.. when my printer repairs itself 😉 I'll be applying that info as well.

    Great Deal, Great Information. Much appreciated !


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