How would you read Six of Cups + Judgement concerning love reconciliation?

  • I did a clarifying spread on a situation asking whether two people would reconcile a relationship (my first spread was a bit confusing to me). I got Six of Cups in the near future and Judgement in the final outcome position. Death/Rebirth also showed up in the spread, which I would take as a good omen, considering the question. I often interpret Six of Cups as a nostalgia from the past, and in the near future I would see this as a possible return of someone from the past. Judgement gives me a good feeling just looking at it and I often see this card interpreted as rebirth and return of someone from the past as well. However, I'm new at this and much of what I see is based on the little knowledge I have mixed with my feelings about how the cards look.

    Any other thoughts on the combination of these cards? I am also a little biased to the situation so I want to get some input 😉

  • I give this a go. A new beginning with an old relationship. Putting all the old judgemental thoughts aside. A rebirth of new reuniion with and old union of togetherness.

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