I would like an interpitation of this reading Please, thank you

  • Hello all,

    I am new to this forum but not new to the site. I have done a reading for myself the other day. My question was on a career and a business venture.These are the cards that were drawn. The spread that I used was the CelticCross. As I wanted a more indepth interpretation. I am wondering how you all would interpretate this reading. Thank you so very much for all of your input. Here are the cards lay out. This is using eleven cards for this spread not the usual ten.

    6th card: Higher Power

    Ace of Swords

    5th card Recent past 2nd card situation 1st card Self 3rd card challanges 7th card Near future

    Ace of Coins Queen of cups two of cups 5 of Swords Four of Wands

    4th card Foundation

    The Star

    Because this posting box is to small for my purpose I will list the last four cards here. This would be to the right of the spread as it is layed out.

    11th card Long term potential

    Six of Cups

    10th card Advice

    The wheel of Fortune

    9th card Allies

    The Knight of Cups

    8th card Blocks and Inhibitions

    The Magician

    Thank you all again I look forward to your input on this reading

    Your friend in tarot,


  • Looking at this post when I submitted it oh my gosh. I wil try it again in this posting box just the 1 thru 7

    1 card self two of cups

    2 card situation Queen of cups

    3 card Challanges 5 of swords

    4 card Foundation the star

    5 card recent past Ace of Coins

    6 card Higher power Ace of Swords

    7 Card Near future four of wands.

    Sorry about the confusion but the way that submitted to this site was not correct. Thank you again

    Remember this is the Celtic Cross with the 5th card to the left of the 2nd card and the 7th card to the right of the 3 card. and the to the left of the 9th card.

    Hope this is understandable.

    Thank you again,

    TheQueen of cups

  • Anyone interested in giving this a go. I really would appreciate it. Thank you so much. Also is there not an edit button use to correct an error of the post?

    Thank you so much again.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new here as I said in my first post of This thread. I will tell you all a little about myself. I am a Gemini as my avatar shows. My ascending sign is Tauras and my moon is in Aries. For some reason I am drawn to the metaphysical and have been all my life. I have been reading tarots on and off since I was a teen. In the past several years I have stopped reading for myself and family and have dropped all my interest in the metaphysical. This year on News Year Eve I decided it was time to come back to that part of my inner being.

    Now to my reading when I did my first post I tried to set it up in the Position of the cards. We all see what happen there. Hence my next post about it. The reading was very good and the outcome was to move forward with my new career and business venture. The reason I posted it here was to get other opinions and see if they came to a similar conclusion . I am sorry no one would take the time to post back to me. I promise I do not bite or any other mean thing.

    At some time I will offer tarot readings as I am in need of practice as it has really been a long time. If you have tried to figure out the first part of this post were I tried to make the Celtic Cross do not bother the cards are all mixed up as you can see. Go to the third post and do the first 7 and place them in the Celtic Cross position then go back to the first post and check the last four cards, they are numbered as they would have been laid out in the spread.

    Well if anyone is willing I will thank you kindly. If I could rate you beneficial I would but I see no such rating here. I do not even see an edit button to edit the post hence not having to make a bunch of other posts and it looks like one got answers from other posters.

    This is my last effort as to get someone to check this layout and cards. If I get no response then I will let this post go down the slide were maybe it belongs. If you are reading this thank you so very much. It is greatly appreciated.

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Meditate on the 8th card "Blocks and Inhibitions" - The magician. In particular, its relation to why you felt the need to post this question on the forums 🙂

  • Well, here goes! Overall, it seems to be a good reading. The predominance of Cups indicates a serious emotional concern, which makes me think this is a love reading. Well, that and the Two of Cups. Without knowing the question or situation, here is my best attempt. I am assuming you are aware of the individual meanings of the cards, so I am not going to get into all that.

    You are currently in a positive state, possibly beginning a new relationship of some kind. Defeat or the fear of failure is standing in your way; take a look at yourself and do not let it get you down. With the Magician in the Block position, it could mean that a very charismatic person (likely a man) is deceiving you and causing this doubt, or it could be a raw power edging onto chaos that needs to be tamed. The foundation is good - The Star is like a wish that children make at night and full of naked simplicity. Hang on to it, it is going to be a wild ride but an exhilarating and good one. The future card implies a happy ceremony or reunion, but the potential carries feelings of nostalgia and looking back and past happiness. The ally you have is a good and caring, though still young, man. His heart is in the right place but his youthful optimism sometimes carries him away in his endeavours. And the advice the reading gives is to surrender control; some things are out of your hands and you need to let fate take its course.

    So what I get out of this reading is you are embarking on a new and exciting journey, but something (an old love?) is holding you back. You need to think about what you really need in order to grow, trust in yourself, sever unnecessary ties that are holding you back, let go of fear and doubt, and hold on to that star - your eternal hopes and dreams. The Wheel is turning and what is going to happen will happen, regardless of you, so it is best to just let go and watch. Try and stop it and you may find yourself run over, causing undue pain and suffering. Whatever happens, you will be a stronger person for it. Overall, the cards are positive; the Magician really is the greatest cause for concern because of the potential to represent a clever deception.

    (I do hope that helped at least a bit.)

  • Thank you so much Brigb,

    I am going to tell you this is a new business adventure that I am looking to get into. What it is that I am looking at is a Motel business. I have one that I am very much interested in. I am in love with the area in which this motel is located. That would be were the love connection comes in. There have been set backs. I think the deception comes from the charismatic realtor as I do think he is the deceptor. This is a dream or wish that I have had for a very long time. The fear is biting off more than I can chew financially. I would have to sell my property and that is a concern do to the economy not sure if and when it will sell.

    The reunion I think would be going back there and finalizing this desire. The good memories would be of where I am now in this place my home. The young man would be my son. He is very much interested as well. Yes fate if it is meant to be then it will be. Holding me back could mean my home as to the sale of it or that it will not sell in a timely fashion.

    I got a positive reading about my question when I did these cards. Even if it is not this motel it could be another one in the area in which I am in love with.

    Thank you so very very much. You confirmed my interpretation of this reading. That it would be a positive venture and good a move for me and my family. I will be holding on to my star wish and hopefully make it a reality. Thank you ever so much again for taking the time to do this. I know it was a lot without really knowing the question.

    Your friend in tarots,


  • I am a firm believer in finding business success through something we love. So best of luck QueenofWands 🙂

  • Thank you so very much for your good wishesPisceanHealer,

    I looked at your post in regard to my post. I think I will meditate on the foundation card the star.

    As for the Magician card he would come up quite a bit in my past readings. He would sometimes show up as the card that crosses me. That would be the card that would be laid out across the Signification card. I never interpret it as a deception card depending on where it falls.

    I always got an impression from that card as a learning card something one was studying. When it crosses the signification card I would always think that one would need to hone their skills in their craft whatever it maybe their hobby interest or any study process.

    As for me I felt like it was telling me to return to my inner self as far as my craft is. Which would be to really get a hold on the metaphysical abilities that I might think I have? In other words if you do not use it, you lose it.

    Thank you ever so much, happy tarot reading

    Your friend in Tarots,


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