Can someone interpret this for me?

  • hey everybody, i could really use some help with my most reading this morning. it looks positive, but there are of course some negative things too. i think i know what its saying, but i'd really appreciate some second opinions. this is my own basic Celtic Cross, but I also add another two cards at the end for clarification

    1. Present Position: Knight of Cups

    2. Current Influence: The Fool

    3. Conscious Goal / Intentions: 4 of Pentacles

    4. Foundation / Distant Past: Queen of Cups

    5. Recent Past: 9 of Swords

    6. Near Future: Queen of Wands

    7. Self: Knight of Wands

    8. Environment: 4 of Cups

    9. Inner Emotions: Hanged Man

    10. Future Outcome: 5 of Cups ----> 😞 i dont like this one!

    11. Advice: The Emperor

    12: Lesson: Judgement

    thanks in advance to any takers!!


  • looks like knight of cups is a lover but there are 2 queens are in the reading so there is some cheating going on;the 5 of cups is the outcome unhappiness in the relationship;cause is the emperor a man that you listen too...

  • maybe i should add both of those queens have recently occupied my self position

  • whats ur sign??;if they appeared in the self position one of them is u but not both..

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