Please Please could you do me a private reading captain???? xx

  • My heart won't let go I feel like im suffocating sumtimes.

    and is she my friend or is it all lies? Please help xx

  • You'll have to explain yourself more. What is your exact situation?

  • Last year I met someone who I just clicked with im not entire sure how

    he felt about me or if it was it all false. Problem was I was still

    with my partner of 14yr, I got found out all hell broke loose and i was

    kinda pushed and forced to stay with my partner even thou my heart was

    telling me different I just can't stop thinkin about him have I made the

    right choice.

    I want some advice on my friend other people have warned me off her but

    she hasn't done wrong to me yet, she told me the guy I had been seeing

    turned up at her door for my phone number is this the truth?

    I don't no what to do my heads all over the place!!

    Please any help or advice would be great xx

  • You are looking for someone to give you what your partner doesn't - maybe it's love or attention or security or whatever. The guy you met would never have given you what you wanted - he was a needy as you are. If your friend has done you no wrong, why are you doubting her? And why do you feel forced to stay with your partner? Don't listen to gossip - just treat her like she treats you and don't assume trouble until it actually arrives. I think your problem is you are not sure what you really want.

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