Someone help PLEASE! (Interpretation)

  • I asked the cards where my fiancée and I would be in the next six months and this is what I got...

    P.S. I used the Celtic Cross spread..

    Card 1:Knight of Cups

    Card 2:Three of Swords

    Card 3: The Hierophant

    Card 4: Six of Swords

    Card 5: The Star

    Card 6: Four of Wands

    Card 7: Five of Pentacles

    Card 8: Seven of Swords

    Card 9: Ten of Swords

    Card 10: The King of Cups

  • 6 mons is to far;this reading is only 1 or 2 wks away;looks like a breakup-3 swords; i see some issue with travel work and religion;looks like u r w3orried and upset now5 coins/ 10 swords but u will keep trying with him; the outcome is in his hands-king of cups

  • Unfortunately that sounds realistic... Thank you for the second opinion. Wish me luck =/

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