Anyone need help with their tarot interpretations?

  • Hi Mermaidia,

    I am new to tarot and have drawn 11 cards regarding question " What is my future interaction with my ex husband?" and the cards I draw are in this order: 1) King of Pentacles, 2) Knight of Wands, 3) Eight of Cups, 4) Ace of Pentacles, 5) Four of Swords, 6) Knight of Swords, 7) Page of Pentacles, 😎 Ten of Pentacles, 9) The Empress, 10) Ace of Cups and 11) Justice.

    I would appreciate your interpretation greatly and thanking in advance.

  • Hi xMermaidiax

    Thank you so much it definatley clears up a few points

    thanks again


  • Hi Mermaidia...

    I also draw 3 cards spread regarding his feelings/action/reaction towards the situation of me pursuing me... my question quotes

    "His feeling/emotion/action towards the situation of me pursuing him, only focus on him."

    past=The Empress

    Present= The Lover

    Future= 8 of Cups

    The future seems quite negative to me... but the past and present seems positive... it confused me...

    Thx Mermadia

  • im sorry i mean situation of me pursuing HIM.. (correction) x )

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  • Hi Mermaidia. I posted this on the general forum for Tarot too but I figured I'd post it here as well. If you'd be willing to help I'd greating appreciate it! Thanks!

    **I was wondering, I have some ideas about what this means but I always have trouble reading for myself, in that I don't want to be wanting to read something into the cards that aren't there! I am a bit of a novice as well.

    I asked "what will happen and/or what should I do regarding a person I have a crush on?" We used to work together, and have never been close. I recently started to become interested and two weeks before I was supposed to leave my job they started acting interested as well. Now I really don't see them, but we have many mutual friends.

    Here are the cards that came up:

    1. Experience to date/recent past: Judgement

    2. Where am I now/what motivates the question: The Lovers

    3. Near future/ how I've emerged from recent past: Prince of Pentacles

    4. Me in the future/how surroundings will affect me: Ace of Wands

    5. Best I can hope for: Prince of Cups

    6. Out come: Ace of Pentacles

    The Judgement card makes perfect sense for me at this time/ recent past as I have been going through some emotional changes. Obviously, my motivation is the desire for love, so the Lovers made sense for that too. I think the Prince of Pentacles represents me, based on what I know of the card. I am unsure though if the Prince of Cups represents my love interest or not. The outcome card stumps me because it seems to be based on material things and this reading wasn't about anything material...that's where I am having the most trouble.

    It is interesting too because 2 weeks ago I asked a general love question of what would happen over the next 3 months. The Prince of Cups came up in the Energy around me now category of a full Celtic Cross spread. (that was the only similar card but they seemed to be in similar positions in the spread). I would love some help interpreting this!!! Thanks so much in advance!


  • I should add I use Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed, the Prince cards are equivalent to the knight cards in the Rider-Waite.

  • Mermaidia, Hi, was hoping that you could do a personal celtic reading for me as many things are going on and I feel extremely frustrated. Thanks.

  • Hey everyone I'm going to update some of the interpretations a little later on,thank you for posting them through to me,I have been enjoying doing them for you

  • Hi xMermaidiax... sure take your time... you really being helpful enough, millions of thanks !!!

  • can u please spread out the cards for this new relation oppurtunity between me- gagan) and jose)

  • Thanks for services looking forward


  • Dear Liblovely,

    1st card Queen of coins

    2 the chariot

    3 the six of cups

    4 the hanged man

    5 queen of wands

    6 ten of coins

    7Knight of wands

    8 eight of Wands

    9 Ace of wands

    10 strength

    You at this time:

    Your in an earth element at the moment,your at your most productive,fertile and are in a very good place if you would like to nurture some of these traits,being out in nature.

    Crossing you:

    You are at war with yourself,trying to hold the reins but might feel powerless,once you get this control back you will have a much better outcome.Your battling with two states of mind/emotions at the moment,There may even be some domestic disputes or home related issues.Your fighting with your head and heart,but I feel your heart will over-rule.

    Distant past:

    There was a time when you felt safe in your memories,a time when you reminisced and had a more childlike innocent behaviour,you may have been thinking about a lost love,your first love,or a love that you hadn't really forgotten.In the past,you could've been somewhat whimiscal but very drawn to a time when things weren't so complicated.

    Recent past:

    In the more recent past in seems like you have made some compromises or sacrifices to be where you are now,you may have sacrificed material possessions or things that weren't as important as discovering a more spiritual state of mind.

    Near Future

    You will develop what you can from your current state of productiveness in the queen of pentacles and transform your qualities into something of a more creative pursuit,you will feel confident,bold and ahead,you will chase what you desire and hold it within your grasp,as you have now learnt that you are in control and very able and willing to get whatever it is you need.

    The outcome of this cross:

    Is that there will be a lot of financial security,a point in time where things will finally fall into place and success is of a very important message denoted here in this card.Financially stable,secure with family and your needs.

    Knight of wands:

    you see yourself or would like to see yourself as bold,dashing,determined and decisive.

    All action,you know what you want and with fire as your ammunition,your passion shows and supports this drive within.

    What the environment offers

    This environment offers amazing opportunities that feel like they are coming at you from every angle,and very suddenly,there will be a lot of goals that you will feel are accomplished/can be accomplished in this time,as the environment is surrounding you with a big push forward.There will be a few love interests too that might come out of nowhere!

    Greatest hopes and fears:

    A new beginning career/project wise.This is the best time to start on something that enables you to bring out that passion we referred to earlier,also with the queen of wands in hand,this could easily mean something of higher authority in job position,recognition,promotions...etc.Don't doubt yourself or let this pass you by,your fears are not necessary when it comes to this card.It's all up from here.

    Outcome of the staff:

    Courage,bravery and perseverance will overcome all your doubts and fears,you will gain the strength you need and tame any of your own insecurities..You will have the power and feel like you have a hold of the reins.

  • **sorry Liblovey,

    My mistake lol.

  • Hi Mermadia

    thank you for the reading, why Sorry?

  • Dear xMermaidiax,

    Can you help me?

    A five card spread;

    Lesson - Strength

    Challenges - Empress

    Situation - 3 Spades

    Advice - Death

    Future - Pope

    Thank You

  • Hi xMermaidiax,

    This was a 7 card 'Lover's Lane" spread.

    Would you be willing to compile any insight for me given the following information about the cards revealed and their position.

    #1) Card Name: "The Sun" - Position: The Meeting Place (BOTH OF US)

    #2) Card Name: "King of Cups" - Position: Unfinished Business (ME)

    #3) Card Name: "Ace of Pentacles" - Position: Making Plans (HIM)

    #4) Card Name: "Knight of Swords" - Position: Secret Passage (BOTH OF US)

    #5) Card Name: "The Hanged Man" - Position: Pledge (ME)

    #6) Card Name: "Knight of Wands" - Position: Intentions (HIM)

    #7) Card Name: "Six of Pentacles (reversed)" - Position: Going All the Way (BOTH OF US)

    Love and Light to you,


  • Hi xMermaidiax,

    I asked a question about sensual love on Sunday, asking if it's coming soon. I did a five card spread from the mythic tarot deck from a sight that I learned online.

    Present-Queen of Pentacles

    Recent Past-Justice

    Reason behind the question-Two of wands

    Near Future-Judgement

    What I can expect out of it or Opportunity I suppose-Hierophant

    I would also like to ask what you think about the two of wands card in the mythic tarot. It has the hierophant in a cave in the distant background. The hierophant in the mythic Tarot is the centaur Chiron. I forget the two of wands mythic name, but it has the hierophant in the background, then I draw the hierophant as the potential card as well. I've been doing some other yes no readings lately too and I keep drawing the Queen of Pentacles and hierophant no matter how many times I shuffle them and different ways I select and cut the cards.

    Thanks in Advance for yours or anyone's help, and I've been wondering why I've been so drained lately, I've been meditating on the images in my head and looking up interpretations online constantly.

    Thank YOu

  • Dear Purita,

    Card 1 Six of Coins

    Card 2 King of cups

    Card3 two of coins

    Cards 4 Paige of Wands

    Card 5 tower

    Card 6 4 of wands

    card 7. the star

    card 8 8 of wands

    card 9 7 of cups

    card 10. knight of swords

    card 11 9 swords

    At the moment you are feeling very generous,you have an abundance of love to give,and you are helping out those that need it,financially and emotionally.

    You are having difficulties with holding control over your feelings emotionally,the balance is a little disturbed and it shows that you probably aren't dealing with your inner troubles as well as you could be,with this card it indicates a tranquil disposition on the outside,but turbulent waters/tides on the inside,don't bottle up your feeling,talk them out.Be more clear with how you speak and feel.

    The two of coins is showing once again the need for balance and a sort of juggling act going on here,this represents how you are feeling between these two people,your weighing up the positives and negatives,trying to understand and maintain perfect harmony or a happy medium.

    There is going to be something that comes to you in the form of a message,through means of a letter/action that is taken,or someone that you engage in a heated conversation's something that will help you work out who is the better option for you.

    There is definitely going to be a celebration,but after much torment with your mind,battling with decisions,you will find that you will have made the right choice.The hard effort and work will be worth it,but you will find most of this is your own torment that your feelings have created within yourself.

    You feel that you have that sense of hope,your holding out for an answer,and it will be positive as it is reinforced by the star which brings faith,peace and renewal.

    Things are going to shoot by you very quickly,it's going to go very fast and your going to have to keep up with the pace of the relationship that's about to come.

    You have many choices,many temptations,they are all there,but you must remember not to get tricked by illusions and possible 'material/superficial' reasoning's/purposes.

    One of these people embodies an air like quality,they are suited to you if you would like someone who is sure of themselves,moves at a fast pace,gets things done,and is articulate,logical and well thought out.This may represent who you are to choose,you will know who I'm talking about when I say this.

    The outcome for you is not to worry so much,as this will all make sense when you balance your situation and feelings,once you sort through that,you will see who that person is right in front of you,all your worries and fears will suddenly disappear as you will be sure,and you wont need to feel anxiety about this anymore.

  • xMermaidiax

    Hope you can help! I asked the question of what was happening or going to happen with a particular relationship and here's what I found. So new at this, I need help interpreting:

    Used Gilded Tarot deck

    Celtic cross

    1. 4 of wands

    2. 2 of wands

    3. 6 of wands

    4. king of cups

    5. 9 of cups

    6. 5 of swords

    7. emporer

    8. 6 of swords

    9. strength

    10. Page of pentoxide

    11. 7 of Penticles

    12. Knight of wands

    13. the magician

    14. 9 of Penticles

    Thank you!

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