Anyone need help with their tarot interpretations?

  • Hey everyone ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    If there is anyone who needs help interpreting their tarot spreads,I'd be more than happy to do so/help,If you need a different perspective to your own,or just a little more insight or guidance,just send me the cards that were laid out before you through this topic post and i'll be sure to get back to you and hopefully shed some light.

    Light and blessings to all.


  • Hey Mermaidia: Thanks for the offer--I'm new to this site, so I'm grateful for your post ๐Ÿ™‚ Last night, after many years of cards-in-the-attic, I decided to bring my deck down and get reaquainted. I did a 5-card, Past, Present, Hidden Influences, Advice, and Likely Outcome spread. And here's what I got:

    High Priestess, reversed


    1 of pentacles, reversed


    7 of Wands, reversed

    I think a lot of it makes sense--I've been negleting myself spiritually for years, now; I've been given a stable job and have security in my work and relationship; my partner and I have witnessed some recent financial struggles but they've really been only bumps; we're exploring more creative aspects for both our career--his specifically, since mine seems relatively firm--but the 7 of wands confuses me. It's almost as if it's warning against exploring a new career; or is it that if I fear a new path, my likely outcome is failure/cowardice? I could be reading all these incorreclty...just needed a second opinion. By the way, I asked, "where have I come from and where am I going?" I wanted to orient myself. It struck me that I asked about myself but that a lot of these cards could apply to my partner. Thank you!!

  • Hey xMermaidiax - if you want to take a crack at mine feel free. I cleaned up my original inquiry (I had started a thread but have gotten nothing yet ๐Ÿ˜ž & hopefully this is clearer would love your interpreting it for me. If you have any questions let me know! Some context - Iโ€™m getting ready to take a great trip w/ my Mom & while away I was supposed to get together w/ an old friend that I haven't seen in years (first time in yrs. we are within driving distance). I am hoping to see them in person to catch up but am trying to decide whether I should mention meeting for lunch or just let things fall as they may. My wish question was whether I would see them. I use a Golden Tarot deck by Liz Dean (illustrated by Melissa Launey) Strength is my Querent card, I then pulled the following cards:

    Conditions around the wish: 2 of Wands, Judgment, Knight of Wands

    My wish or goal of my wish: 7 of Cups, King of Cups, Wheel of Fortune

    Opposition to my wish: The Empress, The Lovers, 5 of Pentacles (coins)

    What I will realize: Ace of Pentacles (coins), King of Swords, Ace of Wands

    What will come into my life: 7 of Pentacles (coins), The Hanged Man, Death

    I asked a follow-up question, โ€œIf my friend would mention us getting together?โ€ and I pulled all the same Major Arcana cards (+ Temperance). I used Strength as my Querent again, then pulled the following:

    Conditions around the wish: Judgment, The Hanged Man, Knight of Pentacles (coins)

    My wish or goal of my wish: Wheel of Fortune, King of Pentacles (coins), Page of Wands

    Opposition to my wish: 5 of Pentacles(coins), The Lovers, Temperance

    What I will realize: Death, The Hierophant, 9 of Swords

    What will come into my life: 4 of Pentacles, 9 of Wands, The Empress

    Any help would really be appreciated!!

  • I did a few annual readings for myself over a few months.

    I've had trouble with the Empress + Chariot combination. (both right side up)

  • Dear KmKing,

    Here's what I picked up on from your post,I hope that it helps in someway.

    High Priestess, reversed


    1 of pentacles, reversed


    7 of Wands, reversed

    It seems like in the past you might have been under some false pretense,there might have been a lot of things that weren't brought to your attention or that were hidden from you.

    In the present, you have a good leadership/control thing going on at the moment and your in a good position of authority.

    Hidden influences could be regarding money/financial status.Financially,you might be struggling or you feel like you have difficulty getting profit out of something.

    Advice:Use all the tools you have at hand,make use of them as they are all there for you to utilize,you're going through a very creative spark at the moment,cease the opportunities that come your way in regards to this.

    7 of wands as a possible outcome could be that you may allow people to take advantage of you,just be aware and don't be a doormat.Be sure in what you want,and be decisive as this will get you far,and give you the results you need in any aspect of your life.

    Overall,it's a very promising reading ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Especially with the Magician/Emperor at your disposal and as major influences.

  • Dear CopperyAries

    Strength as the main card with the others branching is showing that the wish you have put out is one that has made you invest a lot of energy and much of your personal strength.

    The conditions surrounding this particular wish could be that you might see them in the sense of a possible adventure or project that brings you together,in this time,the judgment card appears,which could represent a new beginning and heralding of good news,a lot of things coming to light and a renewed bond in your family.

    The Knight of wands can represent achievement and a sense of pride,confidence and renewed energy that can come if this union is to be,you will be moving forward.

    Your goal/wish:

    You wish to have everything that you need,more than one option,you would hope that there is an emotional connection that gives you more meaning and purpose,something that makes you feel secure in the grand scheme of things.

    Opposition of your wish:

    There might be interjections from a mother figure,or you may be feeling a little too protective and mothering,the lovers presents choices,and this could also leave you in a state of confusion as it will be hard to determine between two paths.5 Of pentacles,indicates loss or poverty,but I see it more as an internal feeling of loss on an emotional level.They could all stand in the way of your wish.

    You will realize:

    That prosperity and success is undertaking for you and that things are working in your favor,You will also realize that you have a lot of power in intellectual pursuits and authority positions of that kind.Yours words will have a lot of rein and power behind them.Your creative spark is powerful in regards to the ace of wands as it shows new endeavors for you,that bring a fiery passion and power.

    What will come into your life:

    A sense of feeling unfulfilled with what you have currently achieved(which there is no need for,you have done very well) possibly in terms of finance,but with the hanged man it shows that you will sacrifice something,or feel the need to take time out and find your path in deeper meanings,this will allow you to go through a new beginning and transition,a whole new cycle indicated by the death card.

    In regards to your friend and you getting together:

    It seems this person might be battling with whether or not to make the move/bring up this issue.

    The balance is indicated with the temperance card,that and moderation,there needs to be a balance established on equal grounds.Renewal and a sense of relief could come of this indicated by Judgment.The hanged man could mean that there is a need for sacrifice or that material possession is clouding a more spiritual take on things.Knight of pentacles could represent your need for grounding,or the need to feel secure not only materialistically,but in emotional security,you want something stable.

    Opposition of your wish in this case

    You might feel that there is rejection or loss,a feeling of being turned away,there may be another person involved indicated by the lovers,and once again the temperance is showing that there is a need for balance.

    You will realize:That change/transition and a higher belief within yourself will help you get through the time your feel fear,panic and unnecessary burden.

    What will come into your life:4 of pentacles:Security through 7 of wands:protection and strength ,and fertility and personal fulfillment represented by the Empress.

    Wow that was an interesting one,I hope it makes sense ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Dear britmarie,

    The first feeling I got with both those cards is pregnancy...Is there a possibility in that?

    I say this because the empress card is a beautiful opportunity in regards to pregnancy and also the chariot could be seen as a home.I related it to the home of a baby,the chariot being like the placenta and the empress the mother carrying?Possibly in regards to you,or someone around you,it's very distinct.

  • Thank you! That clarifies things tremendously. Have a wonderful day!

  • XMermadiax - I can't thank you enough, especially since I know that took a lot of your time and energy to compile so thank you. It does make sense. The friendship is very dear to me, and I think to them as well & neither one of us wants to jeopardize it. So knowing that still not sure what is going to happen w/ respect to getting together, but at the very least I know I will have a fantastic trip w/ my Mom! Thanks again....

  • Hello, I posted asking someone to interpret a reading for me earlier and I was hoping someone could help me out. Here are my cards:

    5 of cups

    The fool

    10 of cups

    Knight of Swords

    Queen of pentacles

    ...Since I am clearly a novice here I was hoping that someone could help me out interpreting. Any help is appreciated here. Thanks!

  • I'm so glad I could help Kmking and coppery aries,you have made my year lol chocolatemoose I'm on to your reading right now,I will post as soon as I can.

  • xMermaidiax - keep it up, you were clear and insightful! Quick clarification - Since I removed and picked Strength out of the deck as representing where I am right now and then shuffling and picking all the other cards for the two spreads, that doesn't change the reading at all, correct? I am learning too!! Lol - I shuffled alot - It was very freaky that the identical Major Arcana cards showed up in both spreads. I am trying to hear to what it is telling me, not easy sometimes. Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

  • Cool! Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Hi Mermaidia! I've had this posted for a few days but I'd like your opinion!

    I did a Celtic cross spread concerning my fiancรฉe and I...we've been having some problems. Let me know what you think!

    Card 1:Knight of Cups

    Card 2:Three of Swords

    Card 3: The Hierophant

    Card 4: Six of Swords

    Card 5: The Star

    Card 6: Four of Wands

    Card 7: Five of Pentacles

    Card 8: Seven of Swords

    Card 9: Ten of Swords

    Card 10: The King of Cups

    Thank you!

  • Hi xMermaidiax, Can you share your insight on this reading. Tks

    Love Bottom Line 5-card Celtic Cross

    Deck Lovers Path

    Questions: Is there a future for me and her.

    1st card Self: Five of Staves

    2nd card The Loved One: Ace of Arrows

    3rd card Situation: Magic

    4th card Advice: Five of Arrows

    5th card Potential: Four of Arrows

  • I also have this one, interpretation is a bit hard to understand. Only if you have time. Tks.

    Traditional Celtic Cross 11-card Celtic Cross

    I only put her name in the questions section

    Self: Knight of Arrows

    Situation: Seven of Cups

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Seven of Staves

    Foundation: Nine of Cups

    Recent Past: Judgement

    Higher Power: Transformation

    Near Future: Two of Staves

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Tradition

    Allies: Five of Arrows

    Advice: Nine of Coins

    Long-term Potential: King of Arrows

  • thanks for the help. the cards have actually been indicating that alot in the readings i do for myself. i think it's referring to my best friend.

  • Dear Chocolate Moose

    5 of cups

    The fool

    10 of cups

    Knight of Swords

    Queen of pentacles

    It seems like you are going through a period of time at the moment where you are feeling loss,your focusing on the things that have now passed or gone,but not looking at the things that still stand and remain,promising things also.

    You are about to embark on a new journey which requires you to take a leap of faith,it's a new beginning for you,and you're going to feel most alive by taking this step.

    Family life is indicated,so whether you are planning on having a family in the near future or you are trying to strengthen the family you have,this is a very beautiful and positive card in regards to that and a happy ending.You well have the serenity that you deserve,There is a silver lining.

    There is someone around you that may be pursuing you,someone of the air element that has a very good way with words,they are articulate,intelligent and straight to the point.They will help you cut through some things that you have had difficulty severing,this could be a romantic interest,or someone that is regarded as a very good friend.

    There is a beautiful flow of nature and abundance surrounding you,I feel the Queen of pentacles is a major influence in your life,or a transition of how you are currently becoming.You have a natural glow that's radiating from the inside out,and nature is meshing very well with that.It is your time to shine.

    You have some beautiful cards in your reading,and I see them bringing you a lot of happiness if you recognize them within your surroundings and most importantly in yourself.

  • Dear Nune 625,

    Card 1:Knight of Cups

    Card 2:Three of Swords

    Card 3: The Hierophant

    Card 4: Six of Swords

    Card 5: The Star

    Card 6: Four of Wands

    Card 7: Five of Pentacles

    Card 8: Seven of Swords

    Card 9: Ten of Swords

    Card 10: The King of Cups

    You here now:

    You are longing for the romance that just sweeps you off your feet,you may even be feeling this way now,very taken,in love and content.This card has to do with 'genuine' feelings,or trying to distinguish if the feelings that you or someone else feels are genuine.This usually is a perfect card for a blossoming romance,a proposal and etc,but on the downside it can represent doubts,and false illusion,You will know which is easier to identify with.

    The card that's crossing this is a little bit of a problem

    The troubles seem to appear here and seem to prevent this relationship from it's full potential.

    There's a lot of hurt surrounding you both,heartache possibly from the past,or a feeling of rejection from you partner.This issue needs to be resolved and sorted out to know exactly where this 'heartbreak' lies.

    The Distant Past:

    The Hierophant card can represent marriage in it's form,or it can be about personal beliefs,being trapped by certain beliefs and not open to other ways of thinking,sometimes stubborness.

    The Recent Past:

    You have overcome your setbacks,and moved away from troubling forces,you have come to a point where you needed to step back and review your life and come from a turbulent period of time in it.

    As it has coincided with the Heirophant card,this could also mean you were in a relationship that you thought had a very strong hold on you in the past or thought was a foundation for you,which lead to something doing more harm than good,you needed to take yourself away from that and move to a safer state.

    The Near Future:

    The star is a beautiful and very promising card representing a lot of hope,renewal and faith.It shows that you are now more receptive,more hopeful and will be content.As each new day approaches You will start to feel all the disappointments you may have personally experienced suddenly feel renewed.

    Outcome Of the Cross:

    In the cross section this shows victory,a celebration after hard efforts/hard work,it's finally being paid off,there's a time now for you to celebrate,whether you have graduated from something,been promoted or have personally achieved something,this is showing that there is a beautiful celebration to come.

    How you see yourself:

    Are you feeling like you have let people down?For some reason if this card is drawn in this position it is a sense of feeling as if you have been hard done by,feeling low within yourself or turned away left out in cold.You don't seem to think very highly of yourself at the moment,you feel conflicted and like you are chasing something that you feel is lost.

    What the environment of the situation has to offer:

    Being aware of deceitful/impulsive behavior,Not getting away with everything and being open to being a little more cautious of who to trust.

    Greatest Hopes and Fears:

    You fear is the end and not just any end,a painful unjust ending metaphorically speaking,but with the end brings hope and renewal.You fear being harmed in the sense of feeling back-stabbed or being hard done by,the best out come of this card is that your fear brings a brighter dawn and a much better awakening.

    Head of the staff Outcome and where this all leads:

    You will reach a level of Maturity(Emotionally) and will come to see things in a new perspective whilst still being compassionate to others situation.There are times you may feel trapped and disguise your emotions/feelings by a calm nature on the surface when inside a storm is brewing,these feelings beneath the surface have depth and once they are spoken about,you will feel a huge amount of relief and feel more content within yourself and the situations you deal with.

  • Hello xMermaidiax,

    I haven't been on tarot for a couple of months now due to emotional and physical illness, I have a huge barrier that is affecting my life so much, I live alone and although I truly don't mind not being with anyone, but my fear of being in my home on my own at night is affecting my health so much, I just cannot face going up the stairs to go to bed, I have slept downstairs for so long now, just the thought of it makes my heart thud and get chest pains,.....but, this fear is going to kill me if I don't find a way to conquer it,....why oh why can't I find any faith in anything to make me feel safe? I've tried everything.....

    but, this morning I pulled 3 cards to see if I could get to the bottom of this crippling fear,

    my questions,

    where did this fear come from? Seven of Wands

    second, advice on how I rid myself of it? Ace of Wands

    third, what will be the outcome? Nine of Pentacles

    a forth card fell out at the beginning of shuffling, The World

    I truly would be SO VERY grateful xMermaidiax if you could give me anything to go on with these cards.

    Many Blessings to you โ™ฅ

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