Hi Captain...may i have a 'treat' from you? ;D

  • Hi Captain,

    Good day.

    Need some help from you actually.

    Could you kindly give me some advice cos i'm sort of lost.

    I'm kinda like stuck in my career....i'm afraid and procrastinating and i dunno why...how or what to do in order to have a break through in my career/biz. in order to gain financial freedom.

    My DOB: 5Mar1976

    'treat' from you bcos its my birthday today! heehee

    Thanks in advance for the advice rendered.


  • Fishy, you do have rather an obsession (and tend to get bogged down) with being financially secure and listened to by people who don't think you're smart enough to handle your own affairs. You must pass through the illusion of not being considered competent - and your own doubts in this regard - in order to get anywhere in your life and to make better connections and relate to people of all different beliefs and backgrounds. Communication and money are linked for you. Sometimes you may come across as a little threatening, loud, or aggressive or have an actual language problem. You tend to attract people who have an improper poverty consciousness and you can help them - and thus help yourself - by learning and teaching how to rise above the financial muck they have imposed on themselves by having the wrong (or other people's) values and moral principles. You can teach them how to realign with their own best interests. You have a tremendous energy for healing and an intelligence far greater than many people you mix with, especially in business, but if you don't believe in yourself, you will fail. You are neither crazy nor stupid but you can be a little immature about relating to people. Have some compassion for other people's ignorance - it can be 'cured' with patience and understanding. And don't worry about selling out - the wisdom and art with which you have been blessed don't necessarily have to be 'contaminated' by commercialism. They have to be united with it.

    So you want money - don't feel bad or guilty about that, everyone likes their creature comforts and the freedom that money brings. But to accumulate the green stuff, you must be willing to form partnerships with others, surrendering judgments and finding those who have similar values and resources (money or talent) that they can share. We are all one in spirit. If you use your own talents to enhance your partners' energy, truly linking with others as a team rather than maintaining a sense of separation (my money/your money, my resources/your resources), the result can be great financial rewards for all. A partner can also help you objectively assess what you are worth because you have a tendency to undervalue and underappreciate yourself. You have a talent for empowering the projects and businesses of others and when you do so, you will be rewarded by those you help. Just be careful that your desire for money doesn't lead you into a lifelong neverending search for accumulation of cash and possessions in a bid for security and feeling good about yourself. You can never have enough money and creature conforts to make you feel you can bond with others and that there is enough to take care of all your needs. At some point, you simply have top let go of self-concern and put your full power into partnership. The irony is that when you finally do bond with others, the mutually empowering relationships can make you rich.

    What profession are you in? You would make a great editor, since you have the ability to delve into other people's minds and bring the material to light in a clear way. You are good at working with other people's money, as in banking, insurance or investments. You have gifts of thoroughness and determination which can bring lasting results. You would excel as a psychologist - in helping others change, you also change - or a private investigator/detective or any line of work that involves delving into secrets. Advising, counselling in real estate, coaching, service to families, architecture, engineering, or any form of creative communication that supports people would suit you.

    Your practical creativity, used positively, can lead to the security you desire. But you must have the patience, persistence, preparation, and perserverance to take your career and life in a gradual step by step process - no skipping steps or taking shortcuts. Fight any instability or lack of commitment that might arise by building a firm foundation under you with a secure home base and a safe, settled, orderly environment. You are drawn to social involvements but must withdraw periodically to touch base with your inner workings and reflect on what you have learnt. What is generally best for you is to find a life activity that can absorb you totally. Such work not only complements your often lonely karmic path but allows you to make productive use of its more solitary nature to emerge as an expert in your field. Don't let any reclusiveness isolate you from reality or result in a narrowed perspective, devoid of necessary input from others, in your own private universe. Other people ground you. Whether through academia, the arts, writing, product development or other business endeavours, you will be able to use what you have taught yourself to become a highly influential member of society. Therefore, you would do well to specialize and avoid going into too many areas of interest or spreading your energy too thin.

  • Hi Captain,

    THANK YOU so much for the detailed description. It is exactly how i am.

    i'm a real estate agent by profession. But somehow, i find i lack the skill of connecting or linking with people in order to bring awareness for them to engage me. Thus, having more business in my career.

    I do have a lot of contacts through the volunteering circles that i am currently in. And i have been doing volunteering years before i was in my current trade. But i do not wanna emphasize on my work when with friends as i do not want them to feel that i'm there for a practical purpose.

    Someone told me that i will be financially well off....but when i do, things will happen in my family which i will have to help them financially. I dunno whether does this thought prevent me from going towards my goal of financial freedom cos things does happens (my mum in hospital, my sibling in debts) when my commission comes in.

    Yet deep down, i want to have the money. To give myself a better life...to have the financial to help people in need.

    I dream to have the financial freedom so that i can concentrate in doing volunteering for the rest of my life...i'm inspire to help poor families get the job and poor children get the education they deserve. But someone told me i will never accomplish this dream of mine in this lifetime....i'm sadden and devastated.

    I feel stuck now (usually i'm a person who plans far).....but right now, i dunno how to proceed.


  • Don't listen to those who tell you that you cannot accomplish your dreams - maybe they just forgot to add "unless you change your attitude/ways". People only get stuck because they keep using the same tired old methods that have not worked in the past, yet they still keep on going over the same ground. If you want to move on, change your way of doing and being. I'm reminded of that terrific Seinfeld episode where George Costanza realises that every choice he has made in life has been wrong, so he vows to do the very opposite of his usual choices from then on - and becomes a success. Sometimes we let our fears and needs stop us from living an authentic life. Use your instincts, follow your dreams, and don't listen to your fears. There's nothing wrong with what you want to do with money. Maybe you can do some sort of course to improve your interrelating and communicative skills?

  • How would you say you relate to people, especially those you meet for the first time?

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you so much for the advice. I should have more confident in myself.

    For people i met for the first time? i'm a jovial person. Some of my colleagues call me sunshine gal. So i am ok to people whom i met for the first time. Just that getting to met them is a skill. ;D

    Why that qns? you sensed something?


  • I feel sometimes that people get the impression you are presenting a false face to them or trying too hard.

  • Hi Captain,

    hahaha....now that you remind me. I do feel uneasy when with clients who is of high profile/high status. I find i can't be myself when with them and am trying hard to get into their topics.

    How can i help myself regarding this? any insight?


  • All you need to do is believe that everyone is equal and that no one is any better or worse than you. We are all the same, no matter how our lives pan out.

  • Aye Captain! Point noted with many thanks ;D


  • It also helps to focus less on your own feelings and more on the other person. The one thing that all insecure or shy people have in common is that they don't step outside of their own fears to see that everyone else is struggling too - some just disguise it better than others.

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