Need Advice From Any Watersigns (Scorpios Especially)

  • Hello everyone, you may have read my previous post about this particular situation but for those who haven't I will replay my situation for you but to those that have read this I am now speaking from a different perspective and insight. (Taurus girl-May 6th 1992 9:28 pm)

    3 months ago me and my Scorpio ex boyfriend (November 1st 1991) broke up over (it was brief and brutal for me) very mysterious and vague circumstances. We were together for a year (4 months on/off and 8 months long distance) and he was very sweet, passionate, loving yet brutally honest and emotional. I loved him and cared for him and I can honestly say he felt the same way (he routinely told me that and was the first to say so)

    Our long distance relationship was very special and amazing we rarely had problems outside the typical calling issue at times lol but he was the same person nonetheless and we actually continously made plans to see each other with him initating it sometimes and me doing it sometimes. Our feelings grew over time and eventually we found time to see each other-I was going to school up there in NY and he planned to let me move in with him and even pay since I was going to school (but I wanted to chip in just because I dont like for people to do everything for me)

    A month or so prior to moving in with him, he kept warning me that NYC might be getting a little too dangerous and expensive for me because of the inflation and of things he's said been going on. Then he told me of a crazy not so nice roomie situation he didnt want me involved in but my stubborness (it was my dream school and I didnt care) prompted me to continue with the move in. Then everything got crazy once he told me some people shot at his house and said he needs to move immeadiately. Weeks prior to moving in-he told me he got an apartment approved in VA (where we met and dated in person) and wanted me to come along and kept telling me there are film schools here for me and that NYC just to dangerous for him and me. Disappointed (he was the only guy in NYC I knew and trusted), I transfered schools and once told him, he was estatic and told me he couldnt wait to move in with me and even kept talking to my mom about the great news. He even said, if I wasnt with him or we broke up, I would see a grown man cry.

    A week later , he ends up in VA (he hadnt moved in the apartment yet) to live with his family (he and his family has had a tumultous relationship) until he got to move in the apartment with me. The next day he texts me he's sorry but he's leaving again. I try to calm him down and comfort him, so I call him and ask him what happened. At first, he's emotional and kind of stubborn and tells me things dont work out for him whatever he does. Then all of a sudden he flies into a rage and becomes moody and insensitive when I try to give him suggestions and ask him what happened with his family. He merely tells me that he got into a fight with his family and got kicked out and that he doesnt have time to sit around and figure out what he needs to do and needs an immediate solution. He also tells me that there's one reason he'll stay in VA but it wont do him any good right now. I start to cry and he tells me crying wont solve anything and he doesnt have time to worry about that right then.

    Upset angry and hurt, I just get off the phone because he said he needs to save his battery. He txts me 5 minutes later saying please stop crying I see you doing it. It wont help you. So like an hour later, I txts him I sorry about what happened but I love you wish you the best and hope everything works out for you, txt me whenever you want to talk. He doesnt tell me thank you but god dont you get it my phone is dying I really need it stop it. I dont text him at all later.

    The next morning he txts good morning. I tell him about his battery and he gets upset and says I thought I said good morning. I call him and tell him Im sorry about our minor disagreement aobut you leaving and I hope you know I still love you. He says you see how you felt and I saw how I felt (think he got the words confused lol) and tells me he'll call me on the next flight to Miami (where he was going) I txt him later saying he needs to get his emotions together and sort his head out and not call me yet but I tell him I love him and hope you feel better. HE texts me great I have one bar and call me to banter about his battery. ANGRY and HURT, I dont call him at all (the last txt I sent afterwards was I was just trying to tell you nice things before my phone got cut off because I didnt know what would happen to you)

    A week later I tell him my phone is back J just in case he needed to talk or txt. HE STILL TALKS to me about the time his battery went dead!!!! So I finally tell him how silly it was of him to still talk about it. He txts me deuces and tells me he has enough on his plate. FED UP with this I tell him I was just trying to be supportive and told him it was his loss. I also told him he needed to hit me up when he needed spelling lessons since Im not going to be disrespected by a guy that couldn't spell deuces in the first place.

    It has been 3 months since the break up and I have had no contact with him since that day. Ive resisted my urge to see if he's ok only because he couldnt appreciate it when I did really care (And still do-but as a person not a boyfriend) since then Ive been working on myself and have improved in a great way not to say I was immature at all. I am just reflecting on everything now but I do have some unanswered questions and would like some imput on this situation.

    1. Do you think he still cares and do you think he ever cared?

    2. Do you think I handled the relationship and the break up in a good way?

    3. What is your take on the situation and what happened?

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