Hi Everyone, Twinsoul here.. Any questions?

  • Hi Paddi and Poetic

    When we write a "standard statement " that means not able to really read either of you right now. You are old friends so i didnt want to skip over you, as i do to those with whom i cant read. Remember sometimes our guides just dont connect for whatever reason. however, no news is good news. huggggs



  • Happydoc

    J, no C yes. The time for J has past, you would not be happy with him. He is too into himself.



  • Eve

    scott is a good man. however, i see him fading away. let him go. you have another love coming your way by june 2012.



  • creative stock

    omg yes. three more are possible.

    Best of luck



  • LOL got the bubbly cooling! Thanks TwinSoul!

  • Fishy

    are you really hooked into your career. i do not believe that you are happy there at all. Take what is your favorite present hobby and make it your career. birthday time is a time for reflection about your life as it has been thus far. please examine your motives for your present career. we do not believe that it is a very good fit for you. start over. many people do.

    no fear



  • miss d

    please concentrate on yourself. we see you all over the place and nowhere at all. stuck is one word for it however with you, we feel that you settle too much. please stop doing that especially in relationships. you have so many beautiful things about you. especially those eyes. you are also very funny and creative. do you crochet? we see you making beautiful things. but read, take some courses, and consider changing jobs. your relationship is stale. if you are married work on rememberin g what love is. if it is just a relationship say " ciao ".



  • turtledust

    Yes you will



  • lost leo


    very little. you will be serious with someone else


  • dragonfly

    sweetie, ask yourself, if you really like not love, but like ,someone who is capable of being such an insensitive jerk? Your ego is bruised badly, you do not take rejection well. Who does? in October you will meet someone wonderful who will really love you. Like is just as important as love.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Twin soul.

    Do you see anything for me in the future on the romance front, things are rather quiet an have been for a while;-)



  • Thanks for your response, Twinsoul. So, I think he feels it is not safe to connect at this time. Is that what it is? Can you tell when this would change for the better? Thank you very much.


  • Hi twinsoul, thanks so so much 🙂 looking forward for the changes and new people to come into my life 🙂

    I was very happy to read your Mom is doing well. Best wishes to all your family


  • Twinsoul... sorry to abuse your generosity... no hard feelings if you dont reply, but... do you see me moving in September or already in a new place? or even January?

    Seattle?, Florida?, north Canada? California?

    I dont know where I'll end or what opportunities will come... or where to apply...

    sorry and thanks again, I guess I should have asked this, it's a more important question...


  • Hi Twinsoul

    Welcome back to the forum! I would love a reading if at all possible. Date of birth 26th Feb 1972. Anything you can pick up is greatly appreciated

    Love and light


  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you so much!! ❤ for your kind words and for taking the time to answer. You are very special, for helping all of us. Thank you again.!

    God Bless you!!

  • Thank you Twinsoul! I needed just a little push to get me thinking positive again. The jobs I applied for might be harder, but they also will give me the opportunity to learn new things that will make me more marketable in the future.

    If I can sneak another question in - Will the friend I am thinking of call me this week?

  • It's okay, love you anyway, God is working on me big time! My dreams are becoming prophetic so I'm excited about that! Hope all is well with you and yours! Take Care!

  • Hi Twinsoul, if it's not too late to add my name to the list of readings pls. i guess my biggest fear is not finding someone to share my life with.


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