Hi Everyone, Twinsoul here.. Any questions?

  • Good morning Twinsoul

    I hope I can get some insight from you. I have been dating a man for almost 3 years. We had a terrible start. I was fresh from a divorce. He had a girlfriend of 10 years who moved to another state, so it became a long distance relationship. He was back and forth between us and neither one of us knew about the other. Eventually, the bubble burst because I looked at his cell phone. I didn't see him or talk to him for 3 months. He broke up with her for me over 1 year ago. He now asked me to marry him. He is 57 and never been married. I have a hard time with his previous deception. Do you see this working out now? He says he is sorry and has changed. My dob 8/5/51. His 5/15/53. Thanks so much.

  • Hi Twinsoul, no questions sweetie:) just popped in to see how your mama is doing? thinking of you often...



    aka Shatz

  • Hello twinsoul I trust you are well.

    My concern is w/ more practical things like my stamina ,energy and fortitude to keep going. I found this last winter more challenging than years before not having a car and getting around on my own energy (bicycle)I sometimes get tired and wonder if my fortitude will continue. I am looking forward to the Spring and hoping the better weather w/ some rest maybe I'll have more motivation to keep on. I am looking forward to more "flow" in my life, less "pushing the river" more appreciation more joy in my life. Guess I've answered my own question need to look to improve my outlook.

    Cheers P

  • Ibelieve

    blessings to you. your journey will help you to be a finer writer. start over again .one at a time. is it the idea of the books that you love or the actual writing.? i believe you will be successful.

    be blessed in your journey


  • Thank you Twinsoul,

    Start over, good idea as my story got a little lost when I realized I was writting about me rather than the character I started with.

    I love books and I love the writting. I been doing it for myself for about 20 years but always wanted to do a whole novel and acutally get it published. Then about two years ago, out of the blue, I had a whole storyline and charecters full blown come upon me and decided to go for it. Was going real well when it took me on a strange journey as the original plot setup started manifesting in real life and Whoa had to stop and rethink things.

    Thank you again for your insight.


  • hello 2go

    thought of you this week hmmmm... because i know you well, we will cut to the chase. in the end you, will be an extremely successful person.well loved, admired, and philanthropic, and maybe even famous. so stop worrying all the time. your work will be rollercoastery for a while, even a bleak period around 2014. i like you, so tonight I have given you the gift of knowing who you will be the day before you cross over. ( dont worry i see you as beeing very old , at that time ) Never lose faith in your abilities. focus on your passion. Work to your fullest capacity and you will be so happy. Your writing is so important, dont be afraid of it.

    bless you and yours on this new moon.


  • living on a prayer

    yes very much so



  • Hi Twinsoul, what role will Sara be in my future.

  • Welcome back Twinsoul,

    I am considering applying for a new job, do you think I have a chance getting it. I also have been told that romance is in my future, is this the near future? just tired of being alone. Thank you

  • Thanks TS,

    Your response made me cry - so I know it is true. Just difficult going through a rough patch when things had flowed so smoothly years before. I need more faith in myself and the future.

    Always treasure your insight.

    Have a good night and a good weekend.

  • Hi Twinsoul - you already have 3 pages of questions. I feel greedy to ask. If you do have time and you do get to me, could you halp me with my job problem. They pulled the rug out from under me a couple months ago, changed my duties/role and now I have applied for a couple of positions in another department. I am hoping to get one of them. Do you think I will be offered one and will it be right for me? thanks sweetie.

  • Hi Twinsoul - Welcome back! I think I might have asked you for a reading before, but as you said, you might have been overwhelmed at the time. I'm just wondering what my career and love life will be like for the next 6 months to a year. my DOB is 11.02.1983

    Im going through some tough times right now. my Gemini man, DOB 05.21.1982, recently broke up with me and it's been very difficult. he said he's still got feelings for me but doesn't want to be with me. this confuses me, but i've had to deal with it. Please, if possible, let me know what our future might look like as well.

    thank you again and let me know if you might have time to do my reading for me! 🙂


  • Thanks Twinsoul I really appreaciate you doing this for me .

    Love and light 2u

    Many blessings Loap

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    Do you see anything for me with regards to Love, Occupation or personal Finances?

    Some things to consider: (divorce, soul-mate, career re-training, writing, life coach, new job, enough money)

    Thank you in advance!

    Love, Peace and Light be yours!!


  • Hi Twinsoul, good to see you back, I hope everything is going well for you.

    Is there any advice in the situation between J and I? (regarding a love life together or not)

    Thanks so much in advance 🙂

  • hi twin soul.

    Thanks for your generous offer.

    Can you tell me if you see relocation, employment in my near future? Also any insights n my current relationship will be great.



  • kartyaw

    hello, this might sound trite, but we honestly see a very loving and romantic six months for you.



  • i believe

    thats what the book should be about, silly goose.



  • songofsharon

    you are less than half way throught the book of your life. work hard at your bachelors and work in your field. You will be successful.

    blessed be you


  • julianna

    blessings to you my dear. be stong in love and wonder. i will pray for you

    love be your blanket


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