Hi Everyone, Twinsoul here.. Any questions?

  • Hi and Blessings to All of you.

    I will answer as many of you as I can...You all know how confused I become switching from question page to answer page, but I will be brave and forge on. If I skip any of you it is purely by accident.

    Blessings of the new moon


  • I am unsure of my path. I have a profession but do not know if I want to continue it. I started a book but it turned into an inner journey. I would still like to become an author and finish the book or the 3 sequals I have in the wings but the inner jounrney threw me for a loop and now I am stuck. I know I can go whatever direction I choose but no paths are clear. Can you see reference points for me?

  • Welcome Back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Must have felt you stop by. I haven't visited here in weeks.

    See any good news coming up concerning my career - either in legal field or in writing?

    Thanks and Blessings back to you.

  • Hi Twinsoul

    I was wondering if you see me doing any spiritual work with healing others in the future ?

    Many Thanks and Blessings 2u Loap

  • Hi there,

    Thankyou for offering readings.

    I was wondering what you see for me within the next 6 months?

    my birthdate if you need it is 20 July 1980.

    Thank you

    Love & Abundance

  • Hi twinsoul, no reading needed, just wanted to say hello ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    I haven't heard form my friend for 6 mos. When will I hear from him. Why's he not connecting?

  • My love life didn't go the way I expected but now my employment isn't either. I'm an RN going back for my bachelors. I was told that I would be successful in my career, but I can't even get a job. At this point, any advice would be helpful. Thanks Twinsoul and welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚

  • angel hugs with flowqer petals in your favourite fragrance.

    Welcome back Twinsoul.


  • Hi twinsoul nice meeting you. May you read my latest post, I know its long but it'll be helpful to me with your imput. Its entitled Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings-Please Read. I really appreciate this opportunity thank you.

  • Hi Twinsoul. Welcome back. Hope all is well for you! Do you have any messages for me regarding the situation with the one I love? I appreciate your offer. Sending you lots of LOVE!

    XOXOXO 333Tanya

  • Hi sweetie TwinSoul

    welcome back beautiful!

    ive had some startling health news which has forced me ( happy to even ) change my ways of eating n excersize. Iยดm currently in process to lower my BP bc its not pretty ( schocker )

    In 3 days ive managed to lower it considerable. Ive eaten more healthy, skipped the wheels for my bicycle, dropped the intake of painmeds, and worked on my stresslevel, loads of breathing exerssizes n meditation OH BOY ................... yikes plus classes dang ive been busy lolololol

    anyhews my questions are:

    1. the cause of my elevated bp is it stress? i believe so bc man i can stress myself like no dawn

    2. what will outcome be when doc has seen the written findings

    3. will i b medicated?

    4. education am i gonna pass the preliminary programming exams or am i taking 1st year over?

    5. any news on love horizon

    ok thats it. n it has no rush whatsoever luv.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi again TS!

    This question might be a bit tricky or tough.

    2 days ago (this past thursday) I went to a certain restaurant in the morning to get a certain food to give to a certain person in my class for lunch. This was a really random thing to do... I just really felt like doing it, and had a pretty good excuse.

    She invited me to have lunch with her and another girl from our class who lives with her, and I accepted (well, not at first, but I ended up accepting).

    I'm not sure if she saw through me or not, but I sort of doubt it... y'see I once gave roses to all the girls in my class, in school (many years ago,, I think middleschool, not sure) just so that I could give a rose to a certain person, without her realizing anything.

    At this moment, I try to keep my mindset away from 'I like XYZ' and more in the area of ''I don't like anyone, but if I did like someone it would be XYZ'.

    What can you tell me about the situation in general?

    I think she has looked more at me throughout that day, but it could just be my imagination. Is she just trying to figure me out?

    Thanks in advance, even if you can't answer this. It's probably not an easy one

    Hug to you


  • Twinsoul! Welcome back...good to see you!

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Paitent Im not so great at.Can you give me an insight to future in regards to my love life with Scott, our connection is great, he doesnt live close,so a long distance , long phone calls every days hes still getting over ex and shares care son ,thanks for your time ,me 8 july1958


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    I am a mom of identical twins!!! Best gift I have ever been given...

    Do you see any additional children in my future?

    Thank you in advance...

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thank you so much for offering help.

    I'm actually quite lost now...regarding my career/biz.

    How or what can i do to have a break through to financial freedom in my career?

    Any advice from my Guidance Angels and Spirit Guides?

    Somehow, i'm afraid or dunno how to proceed on...i dunno why...

    my DOB in case u need them : 5Mar1976

    today's my birthday! heehee

    Thanks again for help rendered!


  • hi twin, i want to have read about my career, i trying hard for 2 -3 but thing happen.Now i didnt know that i do.

    please give advice regard the career. i really lost the way and no one there to advise me.

    My date is 4 jan 1984.

    thanks you


  • Hey Twinsoul- Welcome back, I hope things are okay with you, when you have the time would love a reading, Specially at this time things are a bit up and down with me emotionally too.

    Love and Light Bee XxXx

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