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  • Perusing the Tarot forum, I see a lot of people wanting to practice their tarot skills (good for you!) so I thought I'd make myself available as a guinea pig for anyone who would like. I've also been reading for a fair number of years, so if you'd like, I can offer whatever feedback I can to any reading as well. 🙂

  • Ok thanks Brigb, I'd love feedback. What question do you have?

  • My boyfriend of 5+ years broke up with me end of January, but there have been indications both ways about what I should do. From him, I'm getting nothing and hearing about a new girl. From cards and other things, they say to wait it out.

    What's going on with him and me?

  • Thanks. I did the cc again and this is what I got

    1.KingCoins crossed with 2)Hanged man


    4. 4xCoins







    Ok I believe this guy has had a change of heart for some reason due to the HM. This makes him unreliable where that kind of king normally is dependable and trustworthy. I feel its not to do wit you as a person. Looking at the Devil as the surroundings I think he is succumbing to selfish desires of his own. Devil is involved with deception also and considering that the Magician jumped out while I was shuffling for you I strongly believe he is being deceitful and creating illusions to keep you hanging on but with him at a distance. It may be difficult to not believe him since a the devil in this deck is so attractive (to me anyway) and that with the abilities of a magician are quite overwhelming.

    8xwands and Tower indicates the recent break up. The 8 is representing the sudden split and the tower how shocking it has been. Its changed your life in a big way. Its also made you realise the some truth and lies about him and its left you feeling disappointed , perhaps also with what you’ve heard about a possible affair. Its not clear to me I there is another woman though but what I see in the cards in more along the lines that this person has become unstable and unpredictable in this relationship. He has some kind of weakness that may only leave you feeling disappointed..

    With the 4xCoins and Hermit also I think he is keeping away from you and doing some soul searching. At this point to him his needs come first as compared to yours and how you feel.

    PagexSwords and 9xSwords- you are feeling disappointed and in constant worry almost sleepless nights. There seems to be a kind of waiting as well for him.

    Hermit - I would say you are thinking deeply as well or if not would advise this. Trust your inner self and your knowledge about him as a person. I feel in this relationship you are the more courageous and disciplined one. So think of your future which ever path you take with him.

    KnightxSwords- use your sharp intellect in deciding the outcome because you are the one faced with a choice here as opposed to leaving it to him or fate.

    I don’t see anything saying wait it out here, rather the stress in the 9xSwords (the pain you are in) and waiting for it to stop. However having said that I don’t get the sense of another person as already said. The issue is with him and what he wants. He has to let you know instead of keeping you waiting which he is doing.

    Base cards are 6xCups and Judgement- he will probably come back as they usually do but remember the message of the Knight of Swords- all or nothing.

    Judgement- a fresh start with him or without him. Release.

    It may turn out well in the end but I feel here its about you making a choice and letting him know what you are willing to take and reject. Its possible fresh start can always occur later after he makes amends and makes an effort to address your needs as well. Afterall judgement card though its rebirth its also a reap what you sow kind of card, so you would want a clean slate so the same stuff doesn’t happen again.

    Thanks for allowing me to rea for you. Take with a pinch of salt ok remember

  • Nice! I really appreciate the reading, and your analysis as well. With the Celtic Cross spread there are a lot of variations, though, so my advice would be to tell the client what positions you have them in. It just makes it a bit easier when reading for others.

    I don't know what's really going on with him; we haven't spoken since January and there is quite a bit of physical distance between us (the Atlantic Ocean, actually). He does need to do some soul-searching for him to grow past this; I already spent a lot of time focusing on mine after the break-up so things do appear a bit skewed because of that.

    I'm trying to think of where I can give some more feedback or advice, and all I can think of is great job and I love it. 😄

    Hmm, I could add a bit to the Tower and the Devil. The Tower does represent a sudden and drastic shock, like a lightning bolt. But if it can be harnessed properly (which would be very hard to do but is potentially possible) it could be immediately channelled and directed for a certain purpose. As for the Devil, he can mean deception and deceit, but most of all he stands for temptation and giving into basic urges without any thought. He's very much connected to the Lovers.

    The Magician ... he's the Fool after he's started to learn something. He's full of raw energy and potential, but he's only now learning to harness and work it. Not like the High Priestess who has mastered it and has taken her learning to another level. The danger with the Magician is if he loses control of his power.

    In the end, every "negative" card in the deck, particularly in the major arcana, has a positive aspect or spin to it as well. The Devil, for instance, can represent giving into base instincts and lust - the most human of all activities. The Hanged Man has purposely tied himself (upside down) to a tree, but after his time of thinking and reflection is done (a self-imposed time-out) he will have gained ultimate wisdom from the tree.

    I do still agree with what you said about the situation and how you read the cards; I'm just trying to play devil's advocate here and point out the other side of the tarot. 🙂

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