Reoccuring Nightmare

  • I've been having the same reoccuring nightmare since I was 8 (I'm 14 now). I only have it once a year but they are VERY vivid. After I have them, I seem to can't stop replaying them in my mind.

    The first time I had this nightmare, it went like this: I am in an undesirable place. There are other people around me but I dont really mind them. I see a hallway on the left wall. I think that is my escape. I run down the hall as fast as I can, right before I climb out of the window a pair of arms grab me.

    I usually wake up with my heart racing.

    The last encounter with the nightmare went like this: I am in another undesirable place. Everyone around me are happy and laughing. I said out loud and complain. I don't want to be here. I want to go home. I keep saying it but no one listens. This time, I see the owner of the place. She has a husband who sits near her. He looks miserable but doenst ever say anything. I see a hallway. I run down the hallway. The walls have blue paint on them. The husband starts to chase me but I keep going. At the end of the hall is a bathroom with a small window. I climb out the window and land on a yellow and green platform. Then I continue running. I'm running on the street. On the sidewalk I see a guy riding a bike really fast. He is wearing a black cape with a hoodie. At the end of the street is a stone building. There are a lot of people around and some of my friends. I am finally happy. Then, i walk up the steps. On the steps is a lady who is caucasian. Her hair is pulled back into a bun. I see a close-up of her eye and it is an orangish-gold color. i am terrified and end up back in the place I was trying to escape.

    What is going on?

  • Hi, Don't be impressionable, that's the message I got when first seeing your photo on Captain's site. You are smart but don't always follow your intuition. People will take advantage, be very careful. It's good that you wake from these scenarios. In your waking life what situations do you detest the most. Is it something inflicted upon you by people that you have no control of--maybe family. Analyze how best you can not repeat these patterns in your own life. I think your subconscious is warning you of these situations. Get away or they will keep returning. That's the best I can do, do you see the similarities.

  • It's true. I am very smart but I dont rely as much on my intuition as I need to.

    I stopped letting people take advantage of me a long time ago. I'm no longer a pushover.

    I dislike a lot about life. There is a very long list. I plan to change a lot about the world when I get older.

    Well, I dont know what is inflicted upon me. I just know that I can't get out of my depression no matter howhard I try.

    Get away from what? That's the problem.

  • Use the energy you have to make those positive changes. Choose that field you are longing for. Making yourself happy will come first. I believe that you can do both.

  • What field?

  • Dear ReeseyReese,

    My gift is to ask your angels what they have to tell you at this point in time, based upon your question. Their guidance to you is:

    "Our dearest daughter. You are a very old soul in a young body. Your spirit is much more advanced than your physical self...and your dreams are manifesting as you try to escape from the dichotomy. What is the rush we ask? There is none. Enjoy your youth, enjoy the life lessons you are learning, and eventually, you will catch up to your spirit self. You feel this sense of urgency to grow up. And that is all that it is. The difference in "ages". Know that your time on Earth is a time of growth. And your dreams are not how you are going to receive our divine guidance because we don't need to come through them to communicate with you. You have a very overactive imagination, and that is something you just need to be aware of.

    With you, we communicate through your feelings. That "gut" feeling that you have, about someone or some situation. That is what we'd like you to listen to. While you don't hear our words, you will feel us nudge you, or just "know" deep down what the right move is, or the right words to say. Follow those nudges. Follow follow follow. And they will lead you in the right direction every time.

    Welcome us, your angels, into your life. Talk to us. Ask us for guidance each day. And once you welcome us, we are able to help you during times of uncertainty. Growing up is hard to do...but you are a stellar example of a young girl who has many lives to touch and help in your lifetime here. We love you."

    Thanks so much for your question.

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

  • Whoa.

    Thank you, Miss Beth.

    Wow. Just wow. I don't know what to say. Some of that stuff is just scary accurate. You have a wonderful gift. Wow. Amazing.

    The only thing is that I can't really talk to the angels seeing as I don't have a religion. I am agnostic. So, I only pray when I feel as though I need it the most. I don't know what to believe in.

    Thank you very much.

  • Dear ReeseyReese,

    Angels transcend religion. You don't have to be part of a religion to believe in a higher Power. A creator. Angels are simply messengers. Nothing more and nothing less. Just remember they are with you and you are never alone in this world we live in!

    You are so welcome!

    Miss Beth

  • I do believe in a higher power though.

    Thanks you again, Miss Beth.

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