Sudden Death can you help please

  • My sister passed sometime between Feb. 20 & 22. She was found in her bathroom. An autopsy has been done, haven't received results. She lived alone. Was complaining of feeling sick to her stomach. No visual signs of foul play, no robbery etc. Her front door was open when my older sister found her. She was on medication but had missed some doses. If someone can connect to this, would be most appreciative. She was 48 yrs, DOB: 09/08/1963. Extremely kind person, better soul than myself. I live approx. 250 miles North of where she lived. My mother had been trying to get ahold of her as she normally talked w/her every day. Couldn't get ahold of her Sun. 20th.

    I have been encountering a spirit since Mon the 21st. The spirit seemed to be following me around the house--right behind me. On the 22nd, upon entering my house, I heard murmurings that I thought was somebody. I had someone come in to check for a thief, etc. but it was no one. The night of the 22nd is when I found out from my older sister about her death. I knew something wasn't right. Couple days ago I was putting her pictures into some frames to hang. I started crying. I prayed that she would always be with me. My printer started making copies for no reason, turned-off, turned back on again and started making copies. It's never done that.

    Would really like to find out if someone can make any connection. Thanks.

  • Daliolite, i know everyone says this, and here i'm about to say this...

    I am trully sorry for your loss and the rest of your families loss..

    i have lost a brother and sister and it felt like apart of me passed with them, i pray you get some answers sweetie and if theres anything i can do just give me a shout.

    Namaste Daliolite


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  • an angel bump

  • Thank you. . .Do you know of someone that connects with the deceased here.

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  • Blmoon may help you, Wait a little and she may answer Daliolite, sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Love and Light Bee XxXx

  • Did she have an ulcer? pain and burning bad in stomach? Not sure I feel mid right stomach. I think she is letting you know as she could not before it was too late. She is trying to comfort you. I would let her know that you know she is there and welcome her visit. I am so very sorry for your loss and pain but you can help her head out to her next journey. How cool that she came to you is great.

  • sounds like it was either your sister or death following you around your home;same thing happened to me;something dark was following me around my home i no now it was death;i died on feb 4th and god brought me back;death was in my home about 1 week prior..sorry for your pain

  • Hi SpiritSeeker & Zoeyx, We don't know at this point if she had an ulcer but I'll try to let you know what we find out. I also think she was letting me know of her passing. I was prepared before the phone call that I got. Zoeyx, My birthday is Feb. 3rd. I had another unsual occurence last night. Don't know if it's my vision or spirit or apparition. Maybe you can help. I was in bed and it was dark. There was a hall light on. Towards the ceiling there was a dark mass. I closed my eyes about 3 times to see if this was going away-it didn't. I thought, I'm going to have to get my vision checked. Maybe this is something that only shows up at night as I don't see this during the day. Zoeyx, do you think this is a presence from my sister or a presence in general, or what. I have my boyfriend here so I'm not afraid.

    AngelBee, MyJournery, Dmick--Thank you so much!

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Im sorry i just read your post on Danrs thread Im so sorry to hear of your sisters passing ,i felt a stong presence when i read your post I have asked her to show me something if she is with me i will let you know as soon as i pick up on anything . Can you ask her to show me something relevant to you as well? as i am very knew to all this i go by what i feel i dont hear words i feel them if that makes sense .

  • Daliolite,

    I just felt the name Patricia is that relevent to you?

  • Daliolite - just wanted to express how sorry I am for you. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during this time.

  • HI Daliolite, so sorry to hear of your loss. I tried to make contact for you and I got a lot of iages which maybe you can place, I certainly can't. I was thinking more about a burst appendix than a stomach ulcer. The first thing I see is lots and lots of red. This changes to greeny-blue kind of like the colours you see with the machines that just show body heat, that kind of mixed up colour. I can still seeit actually and there is movement in it. I then saw piano keys and a girl doing ballet. Then I saw the girl face on, she had her hair tied up in a bun. She showed mme something that was chinese or japanese, red and gold, I am not sure if it was a cloak or a dress or a figurine. She said she wasn't ready to pass and that she loves you. She then showed me a lot of strange images which made me think of martial arts or even tai chi and chinese or japanese letters. She gave me a hug which felt like the softest blanket. Then she kind of continues with her strange dance, again chinese or japanese with those lengths of material tied to sticks (can't think what they are called). I was also aware of some sort of depression or dare I say mental problem, she was very over energetic and kind of like getting rid of her rage in a physical manner through the dance thing.

    Now I do not know if this is related to you, this girl is still with me so if anyone else can place her then let me know because she sure has a lot to tell and she is not going anywhere until she is done. I have put up a wall of white light between me and her. Like I said, it means absolutely nothing to me.


  • Oh I forgot to add, all those things that have been going on - she loves to tease you.

  • Paddifluff, Thanks so much for your thoughts and kind words! My sister did have a mental illness, however because we haven't got the results back don't know if it was her medicine that was messed-up (maybe by her). She had been on medication since the early 80's. She was on a disability. Of all the children, she was the kindest soul. Never forgot thank you, I love you. Also, in school was the smartest. She really shouldn't have lived alone. My older sister wanted to take-control of her and said she didn't want to take her apartment away from her. My older sister has a lot of responsibility and my younger sister was not the main priority. I have a lot of issues (to say the least) surrounding her death. Called my older sister Sun. eve to tell her to check her because my mom couldn't get ahold of her. She had to drive past my sister's place on the way to and from work. Didn't check on her until Tues--"Her normal day to visit her."

    Other issues as well that won't elaborate unless you feel would help--

    The red you see is the blood that my sister said she could see a lot of the time. Her condition had been upgraded to chronic. Why they didn't put her in a group home or nursing facility is another question as she mentioned she would like that. When I say they I'm referring to her social worker that visited every Tues. also, and her mental health clinic.

    The dancer--don't know. My boyfriend is 1/2 Japanese. He's not into the culture except for the foods and natural healing vitamins and herbs. I took Ballet in grade school and the bun is part of it. Maybe she remembers me that way.

    Paddi, can you tell me how she looked as you said you saw her. Thank you!

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer, I just posted for Paddi, it contains more info that may be useful. Patricia is close as my name is a form of Patricia. A lot of people call me Trish. One of the questions I have is if anyone can sense if she died instantly. I'm getting stomach problems, abdomen location from the psychics. The medication she was on made her extremely hungry. No matter what the autopsy shows, I'll always lean towards toxicity. All the medication made her system toxic, I feel. My sister was born almost 3 months premature, never had the respiratory symptoms that premies have. Her eyes were crossed and had to undergo surgery at a young age. Her heart stopped because of the anesthesia. They were able to resusitate her. My sister is the 1st to have passed in my family. I actually believe that she acts and prays in heaven for us as an intermediary. She was born on the day that my religion celebrates the birth of the Virgin Mary--Sept. 8th. That's why my father named her Mia Maria, meaning My Mary.

  • Aunt Buck, PaddiFluff, LivingonaPrayer, You have been so kind, thank you so much as it means so much to me.

  • Daliolite, I don't think her death was instant, I see a long dark tunnel filled with these oriental signs rushing past and she is reaching out at one point and throwing dagger things at another. The person I see has her hair in a bun and is frowning and pouting like a child who does not want to do something, wearing a black top like a gymnastics thing. I do not get a feed on the respiratory end, do you think she over- medicated? I do not think she ended it herself but the autopsy is the only right answer so you will have to wait for that.

    Can you place the red and gold object or item of clothing? The oriental side seems to play a part. I am surrounded by my own kids right now so I will try to connect this evening European time after8pm and I will let you know.

    Blmoon is on the You and Food thread you might leave her a message there to see if she can help you better.


  • Oh yes she has not crossed over yet .

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