Synastry and asteroids

  • Hello! This is the synastry for me and my lover! I add to the chart the asteroids LUST, EROS, KARMA, PSYCHE. PLEASE, tell me is he THE ONE? Thank you in anticipate, Syg.

  • Sorry, my synastry chart is not a good format. I POST ANOTHER CHART WITHOUT ASTEROID lust AND karma. PLEASE, LOOK AT MY CHART AND TELL ME: Is he THE ONE? tHANK YOU! SYG.

  • Hello again! i HOPE THIS TIME THE CHART CAN BE POST! Please, is he THE ONE?Syg.

  • Synastry and composite charts are interesting to study once in an established relationship, but I wouldn’t use them to determine whether a relationship will work or not nor would I use them to determine whether he’s “the one” or not. If the synastry looks good but you don’t feel it, would you still pursue it and vice versa, if the synastry looks horrible and you are feeling all the emotions, then would you just walk away? Use your heart to make your decision.


  • Hello! You're right, our heart talk to us like no one in this world! But, once in this life i 've listen to my heart's voice and i don't want to remember the sad "love" story wich i lived. That's the reason why i want to see what is in the stars this time! I tried to post the synastry chart with asteroids but i couldn't. Now, i try to post the synastry and the composite chart,but without asteroids. Thank you to everyone who can help me! Syg.

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