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  • Hi...A million thanks for offering...

    I am so glad i found you coz i was looking for someone to do a reading for me... If it isn't a bother I have a question about my career... I am joining as a Trainee in a company on the 10th of March.. It's my first job and I am kinda nervous... I am moving to a new city so I can work there and in all my life I have never been anywher outside of my home town....

    Will this new beginning lead me to happiness or will there be trouble along the way? Will i do well in my new job?

    I was born on the 3rd of July, 1989.

    Thank you in advance.. Have a nice day 🙂

  • would you please help me I need a reading regarding getting a job and money career. Thanks.

  • my date ob birth 08/22/51 thanks a million

  • Guys.......................... . GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! let us PLEASE NOT overwhelm Egyptian Queen here.

    She has made a CRITERIA of 3 AT A TIME. SO FAR she has ALREADY chosen her FIRST 3.

    Some of us has ASKED if she is going to make a list of 3 more and so on and so fort.





    Cross ya fingers and hope she is up for more, if not, tough love for all of us who came late which includes me. Im okay with it.

    cwb looking out for EQ!

  • LOL CWB!

    I am far from experienced so none of you should take my word for it on these readings. But anyway I will post my reading later this eveing. My internet has been playing up hence the delay. . And I'll think the last one will be BrightMoon for now. Give me about two days to get to the last one.

    Yeah, ok?

    Thanks all for the interest and feedback.

  • This is part of your trying out---keep true to your energy--without pressure or doubt. Only do what feels right--self doubt muddys the connection. If you are overwhelmed step back. You are feeling the weight of touching anothers life--it's a big responsability. Keep your boundries--the tug will be great on your heart. Reality check--you can't possibly give more than you got! Follow the connections as they call--feel safe in that. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon I’m finally back. Thanks for letting me read for you and I’d like a general too if you have time as a trade if you still interested.

    Ok wit you got a lot of wands using the celtic cross also. Seems to be a lot of energy and activity around you as well as a new phase. Also many court cards as well and was not sure whether to interpret as people or manifestations of the different suits in your life. I got sensed a bit of worry about something in the sword cards.

    Ok these are the carss I got.

    1. 6wands








    9.Kingx Swords


    I noticed an 8xSwords jumped out twice when shuffling. I hate dropping cards and try not to be clumsy but sometimes these cards add meaning to rest of the reading.

    Looking at the QueenxCups I’d say you are an empathic person by nature and maybe a bit psychic. Well if I say you are interested in these sort of arts I would be close right, because you are on this site just like me! 😉 I think its saying you connect well with people esp one to one and are a good listener and advisor. I say advisor because of the King of Swords opposite in relation to the 9th position of positive or negative experiences. When I looked at the 6xPents the other day I felt the word drained. I ignored it but surprisingly looking at it again today I thought about it too. I think sometimes you may feel drained of energy as an empathic person (if that’s correct) because you can end up giving too much of yourself to others and feeling drained yourself of your own energy resources. I got this negative aspect of the 6xPents with the death nearby. So perhaps the positive experience with the KingxSword would be to combine your abilities of sharp intellect and logic with your psychic nature but control yourself by striking a balance between the two so that you don’t burn out.

    This leads me to the wands and swords situation. 9xSwords tells me that currently you might be experiencing some stress that you find a bit difficult to deal with so much that it may cause you sleepless night. Is it possibly to do with work or business. I feel assured that there is nothing to worry so much about because in the position of what is going on around you is the ACEXcOINS which is normally the start of something solid. It may be finance related, job related or some coming important info that is beneficial to you. The death in conjunction with the 6xCoins on a material level also says of this new change that it is likely something positive that may result in a fresh start related to material gains. Its starts on a fresh clean slate (death). There is worry about it, esp about the timing (6Xwands something taking ages to occur) it takes to manifest but according to Ace Coins it will come about, just around corner.

    In the recent past is the KnightxWands- possibly an endeavour to start something new. Could be about work. It could be about interactions with certain people or even an interview. The result of that is the 5xWands. With th card I get the feeling you are up against someone and that there is struggle or competition. One of the base cards at bottom of deck (alos gives me insight of whats not clearly evident) was the Ace Wands and H.P (something unknown to follow). So that’s another ace again which continues the theme of new beginnings or success with a recent undertaking of a work/business nature. AcexWands has also indicated a new way of life. The page of wands in the last position gives me an indication that you go on to overcome/conquer the scenario of the 5xWands and the AcexWands manifests as the Page of Wands- a newbie as it were. I just think the wands and Coins combined is about work and money.

    Howz that sound? You know I always see the positives that’s my problem. I use my feelings to see if I can pick up negatives in the cards. This is because I haven’t learned the advanced systems that other tarot readers use. However the feeling thing has worked for me so far. Please let us know what you think. Fire away! J

    Thanks Blmoon!

    p.s do you have kids also? Just an afterthought 5Wands may also also hint at being overwhelmed by young children?

  • Juliana- lovelysilverwings (when i finally get to you!)

    what was your question love? You just gave me a silverwinged hug with flower petals on my perfume (thanks) but did'nt say the question 🙂

  • You are an excellent card reader! I like your intuitive edge with the cards. I do have a lot of energy about me right now--just today I pulled three angel cards and all three were the same color and showed much energy-- coming at me from all directions----special as spirit input--being open to a very active line of encouragement and guidence. Also, I am told by spirit lots of energy is available to me to channel--time for purging--finishing projects--pushing others more than usual--to be assertive. You echo this very much in your reading. AND you are right--not sleeping well right now so sleeping later--I hate that because I feel my mornings lost. The only stress conflict is with a son--it's been ongoing--he has health issues and is dependent on me and lives with me--this is hard on my boundries. You are righ about work--I am not there full time but my boss leans on me to be the watchdog---so when drama or bad energy is detected I'm the messanger and protector and she trusts me to pick up on it all and advise her. This is intense for a bit but I then often step away for awhile--eventually again things happen and I'm pulled in for advice and for a few nights my head buzzes with it then I back off. Much my life is this kind of boundry--energy control--comes with being psychic and a healer I have to have very flexable job hours to accommodate my needs for rest and many other connections. I follow spirit callings a lot so I do keep my life very flexable..I am also a writer I have a manuscript out right now waiting on the answer. This is a big one. You are very right about this being a positive time for me on all levels--a time of abundance. You do a good job. thank you--and you'll be hearing from me. BLESSINGS PS--I think you picked up too about the job sector--dealing with being the "bad guy" when really it is nessassary--I did have a bum morning recently and pulled the angel card that said what I see as my shadow side is really a blessing and a gift. I believe I have just taken a corner on being more comfortable with that roll of enforcer and using using the sword--my balance between giving and slaying what needs slaying--you really did good!

  • OH--the children intuition--true on many levels--I work with kids---I've been told in my chart I am shown to be protector of weaker things--children--animals and the sick.

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    EgyptianQueen, this is my greeting-blessing.

    I am open to whatever the Universe is willing to reveal at this earth time.

    At this time my concern is financial and relationships.

    Since I am medically retired (Jan 2006) The income is stable for one more year.

    As for relationships, those I thought were friends disappeared when I ceased to benefit them. So, I am wondering if there is to be new people entering my life.

    DOB May 2, 1947


    loving silver wings

  • angel hugs

    EgyptianQueen, also, I am unsure of how I fit into the skeam of things in this life.


  • Hi Breze1. Here is your reading. I consulted a love spread for your marriage

    3xCoins and 4xCoins-Where you stand in relationship and what crosses you

    Here it looks like you are a hardworking person and have a focused way in doing your work. You could be making steady progress at work also but since this is specifically to do with the marriage I’ll stick to that. But I hope in saying that this methodical nature spills over to everyday life and your approach to your marriage making you almost analytical. I wouldn’t say you look for a fault but like to know why, how when certain things happen. You could also have a knack for fixing things or simply like to try to fix things with an idea of the ideal end product- how things should be ideally so to speak. The 4 coming after that is perhaps a fear of things going wrong and therefore trying to hold things together with a touch of possessiveness. There also an idea of resentment maybe and not wanting to forgive.

    PagexCups crossed with Hangman- as where he stands in relationship and what’s in front of him

    This is emotional type of person but not easily opening up to you. I would not say he is intentionally keeping you in the dark but something happened that made him adopt a different perspective on things. He is in a situation in which he has decided to going over things in his head. Trying to think outside the box and look at alternatives such as looking at issues through someone else eyes in order to know which way to go. He may seem like a different person altogether.

    Dominating your thoughts right now is the Ace of Swords

    This is an inquisitiveness of mind and basically searching for truth. I think in your mind you believe that to make the best decision you simply need facts and realise hunches or the thoughts of others will not help you. That in my view is wise because sometimes you can act a certain way due to the influence of other people who don’t know all the facts and then later regret but the path backwards would then be difficult.

    (Just want to say the there were base cards detailing hidden aspects of the reading that gave me a sense of unfairness(5xS) . Also a recent planting of foundations (Acexpents)- is your marriage fairly new or are you having issues with a home)

    His thoughts about everything gave the Magician

    This is a confident and enigmatic person. He is capable of making you believe anything. Because its hard to learn a magician’s skill and all he knows I would say you might experience the same with your partner. You cannot read him and are always intrigued by him. Some things you just cannot understand no matter how sharp your mind is. Elusive.

    Your reality (or advice) brought the 7xCoins

    There is waiting here with this card. Whatever situation you are bound in with him could take a while. Like a germinating seed try to leave things as they are and take care not to uproot any good seed that has been planted. Let nature take its course. Perhaps also pull out the weeds but allow what is good to mature.

    His reality - the 5xWands

    Struggle and strife is possible here between you. Also because of the hangman I believe he is facing his own inner battles within himself. To help this maybe it would be best to avoid anything to make his innerself worse. Nothing good can come out of it. If someone’s angry inside with themselves its easy to take it out on others. Space and he might come around with a new perspective.

    The energy between you is an AcexCups

    Real love planted in the deep blue sea! It has roots but surrounded by water its also fragile. Tend to it sensitively to allow it to grow. I feel there is real love between you two that’s still fresh and if there’d be any problems it’s a love that can be renewed because of the bond you have.

    The path you take World

    You ultimately want a successful marriage regardless of any ups and downs. World to me is a card that gives a summary of lessons learned and knowledge gained. I believe you will come to some understanding of issues around your marriage and be better equipped in the long run.

    His path- High Priestess

    Hidden knowledge coming to light. Things may happen in a way that you did not expect.

    Page xSwords as the outcome as a couple

    This page is sharp in mind. She carries two swords meaning there is a choice to make about which path to follow. The swords as well represent truth/honesty and precision. Since courts can also be about expression if the knowledge gained is used wisely it can benefit you both as a couple in terms of communication and striving to be of one mind or at least complementing each other.

    I hope Breze1 that resonates wit you somewhat. If you want to ask a specific question I am ok with that too. Blessings

  • That's great! A general reading is Ok for me! Thanks a million and good luck to you in all future endeavours.

  • Sorry to hear of your sadness and situation, I pray that you receive many blessings.

  • Hi

    I would love a reading...ummm...I could be specific but I would like to just see what you have to say...if you need a help go with job, hubby, move..




  • Hello,

    Could I have a reading about an occupation and finances? Birthdate is 05/08/60 if you need it. Thank You

  • Thanks all. I'm going slow with these for a while cause am waiting for feedback but i see the list is getting long already lol. Can I have specific questions from now on please. Its only so that i use the right spread and hopefully avoid unnecessary waffle from reading a large spread that looks at everything. Maybe with more experience i could just go with general question.

    Also gender and birthdate would help. I don't need your NAME AND HIS NAME though if its a love question lol.

  • EgyptianQueen

    I was going to say that some of the reading was not relevant to my situation. In fact it was way off from the truth I know. Maybe you got mixed energies and/or mixed with someone else. However I thank you a lot for doing it and you absolutely looks to be good as with Blmoon.

    Best, B

  • Hi i would love to have a reading done on my love life i'm currently single and i just want to know if thats gonna change soon my birthday is 5/29/93 and i am a female. Thank you!

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