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  • Hello everybody

    I want to do some tarot readings as practice. I've been reading for myself for about a year. Still very much a novice but i gotta start somewhere right? Is there anyone willing to be a sitter for me? Some short questions and I'll do a spread of my choice. Maybe i should start with a few like 3 people and then i can proceed with more later. Any takers. Am using the Legacy of the divine tarot. Am available now 10 pm UK time.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks for the offer. I love being a guinea pig. I would love a general life reading. Whatever you feel comes up for me. Insight is always welcome.

    Thanks again! :0)

    Love and light...AB

  • Hi!

    Thank you for offering. Can you do a general life reading for me as well. More specifically a look at job prospects for me. Any good news?

    My birthday is 5-5-1986

  • Hello AuntBuck

    Thanks for allowing me to read for you.

    I decided on the celtic cross for you. A general reading a bit daunting cos it’s a lot of information that I could potentially get wrong. So take with a pinch of salt ok J.

    Queen of Coins crossed with a King of Coins

    Here I see you as that queen. You are a practical and down to earth type of person who is also capable to take care of herself. Naturally caring and genuine person. I feel that this King is crossed with you as a person you are in a relationship or the type of man that would be suited to you as you would understand and complement each other well.

    Reason I refer to him in past tense is because one of the base cards is a 6 of Swords.

    4 of Coins and Ace of Cups .

    Some strong emotion coupled with a drawing back. Are you generally closed off emotionally to some people or a particular person whom you are close to you. I think this is related to some emotional trauma that happened between and another person. Perhaps you are fearful to fully express yourself because you feel you might scare the person away and lose everything in the process.

    King of Wands- some man in the past. I would describe him as a passionate, almost bossy and self-assured guy. Maybe quite attractive to others which would be worrying to you. Can at times be overwhelming like difficult to hold down, can’t contain him.

    6 of Cups and 2 of Coins

    I think you are thinking about the past a lot, maybe about someone in particular. I am only saying this because of the presence of court cards in the spread as well as in base cards. Are comparing two people currently as relationship material. I see the two of coins as juggling things and busy lifestyle trying to keep your head above water.


    There is an expectation of something quite important to you.

    10 OF Cups- a cosy picture of a dog and cat shows a contented home life

    Devil in last position could mean do not give in to temptation of which type I don’t know.

    Your base cards were a mixture of 2cups, 3 cups, 5swords and death (very far back in time). Shows someone cheating or betraying you, stealing and an end.

    Please tell me if I’m way off, its ok. I don’t know why I was so interested in the cards at the bottom of the deck.

  • Hi Dorcabelen

    Thanks for letting me read for you

    I did a cross of truth for you

    Knight of Coins- you are looking for job and this is saying you need to persevere in the current job climate.

    10xCoins- I feel you want a well paying job, one that pays above the current average for type of job you are looking for. It is quite possible for you to succeed.

    QueenxCoins- in terms of you attitude to work you are resourceful, practical and a bright and hardworking individual. Am I right in guessing you are well qualified for the type of role you want. If not consider a job that will involve some training that can go towards recognition in your cv and your career in the long run.

    PagexCups- with regards to a job search the advice here is to not be timid in selling yourself. Realise the stiff competition out there and do not play down your abilities. Whether you have all the qualifications needed or not. Sometimes a deciding factor at interviews is how you present yourself and your confidence in self-belief in what you say.

    With regards to love considering the base cards (Queen of Wands) its saying with in love and relationships bring out your passionate side and enjoy life to the full. If you do this it will attract more people to you. Life is for living , don’t watch in longing while others are happy yet you are entitled to the same.

    Ace of Coins as outcome

    Well dare I say your efforts will be rewarded. This is the beginning of something new with a firm foundation. It can be a new job and if you are inclined towards new business venture you would be successful as well. However fully utilise your analytical powers, your planning abilities and realise the stamina needed to sustain a business.

    Its supported by base cards which are quite positive in my view and the Fool (which I don’t think is so foolish btw <smh>). it’s a new beginning whichever path you want to take.

    I hope this helps and I would be grateful to you both for any detailed/ helpful feedback.


    Anyone else?</smh>

  • I'll trade you one---thank you!

  • Hey Blmoon

    thanks. What question do you have?

  • no question---so general I guess.

  • Hello Egyptian Queen,

    i would love e reading too!! and thank you !!

    regarding my marriage. what can you see and advice??

    I will give you feedback. 🙂

  • Ok thanks Blmoon and Brezel!

    I'll be back with these tomorrow. Bed now.

  • Oh thank you so much Egyptian Queen!!!

    Yes I am desperately looking for a new job and with your insight I have a small hope blooming in my heart for the success that you are suggesting. At this point I just want to find a job that helps me pay my bills with just a little extra to save for my dream home. What I want to do more than anything is read books for the rest of my life. I have been very unsuccessful in trying to get hired in the publishing industry for the last two years and I just recently decided to stop applying to jobs in that industry because I just cannot handle th rejection anymore. It felt like a big waste of time. Now I am just applying to any job that I have experience in, namely in customer service. I honestly don't know if I really wanted a job in the publishing industry or if I was just fooling myself into believing in something that I did not actually want.

    Overall I think that your mix of summary and advice was most helpful. You did not just regurgitate terminology but actually made the cards make sense for me. I also liked the fact that you provided sound advice plus a specific solution to the problem without sounding vague.I don't know if this is helpful, but if you have anymore question please feel free to ask.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • EgyptianQueen,

    If you get time, I can be one of the later ones for a reading.

    I would like a reading on love/relationship.

    If you can do this for me sometime that would be great and

    if your too busy, not a problem.

    Thank you for your time either way.

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    I hope alll is well with you



  • Hi Egyptian queen,

    If you still need more practice;-) your more than welcome to give me a Reading on relationships.

    10/11/76. It's fine if you have had enough people now.

    Thank you.xx

  • Egyptian Queen. I like the name LOL

    I hope this finds you well and all. i LOVE u set criterias for urself n ur generous offer. Not many new readers do, so its a LOVELY WELCOME sight to behold. Luv it luv it LUV IT!

    that said i hope i may be on ur next three list. My issues are health ( slight elevated BP ) n love.

    whenever u have the time, no rush. I know u have a life OUTSide forums like the most of us do.

    bless ya namasta, OSIRIS! lol


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi EQ: You definitely did a great job on this reading! I am very much as you described me with the Queen of Coins. I hope to find my King one day. I did have someone that complimented me very well in the past but that relationship is no more so hopefully I will be able to find someone in the future that will be just as compatible.

    I am closed off emotionally right now to a particular person and yes, you are right, I fear that if I confronted her about what I am feeling, she would just turn away and I would be cut out of her life. We have been best friends over 10 years and she is currently going through something that has everyone in her life on edge. However, she doesn’t take to be confronted well. She is the type that will cut you out rather than deal with you.

    I have been talking about the past relationship I had in the last couple days. I have been practicing tarot readings on another thread and I had done a relationship reading on us even though it is in the past. He is probably the King of Wands you talk about.

    I have been juggling money while I am in school and trying to keep my head above water. :0) Very good. I am also a single mom to two teenagers and own my own home so there are a lot of balls in the air at times. LOL.

    The expectation that you see in the 3Wands would be that I want to have my 10 of Cups right now. I will have it at some point but I’ve been waiting a long time. The past relationship you mention was the one I thought but now I am looking forward to the one that will be there permanently. Being a single mom is a juggle so the partner on the home front would definitely tie up the situation nicely. I have the kids, the house, the cats…and hopefully one day the dog again.

    The past cards would probably describe my one and only marriage that ended 14 years ago when my ex husband was cheating on me and we split.

    Awesome read….very awesome. You are doing a great job! Thank you thank you!

  • Hello Egyptian Queen,

    Love the name! My Mom was raised in Egypt (though she is not arabic) so I grew up hearing many stories from her & my aunts and I've always been intrigued by ancient Egypt . Anyway, would love a practice reading if you have time, love, career, general or whatever you pick up .

    Thank you and Peace to you!

    God Bless!

  • Hi Egyptian Queen,

    Thank you for your offer! I'd love for you to practice on me!!! Anything that you see in general, but mostly about work in near future for me. I think I'm kinda stuck so any insight would be great.

    Thanks for your time and blessings to you!


  • Hi Egyptian Queen,

    THANK YOU so much for offering to have a reading for us.

    Here's my question regarding my career.

    How can i have a break through to financial freedom in my career? Any advices will be much appreciated.

    My D.O.B: 5Mar1976

    THANK YOU once again.


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