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  • Hi again,

    Well, I got a house towards the end of 2009 and moved into it on 2nd January 2010. I've been here ever since. It's isolated and about 10ks out of town (roughly 20 miles in US speak), but even so, I've grown to love the place and the peace here. I'm surrounded by trees and mountains and so much spaaace ... When I'm not working and not exhausted, I walk with the dog and sometimes my younger cat comes too. I find this place rejuvenating really.

    Things are defintely over and done with my ex husband after a lot of emotional wrangling during last year. He has a new girlfriend now, which is a very good thing. I have no-one new in my life and sometimes wonder if I ever will ... !? This is largely why I've lost faith in readings as many predicted I'd meet someone in March, April, June, summer, etc, etc and ... you got it ... NOTHING. I was aware though, that after 24 years, I'd need some head and heart space before leaping into anything. I did have a "fling" with someone last year, but saw it wouldn't be right and got out of it before it had a chance to get its hooks into me. Since then, I have had no more than the odd sort of attraction, but nothing more. Said attractions probably being one-sided I'd say ... sigh. No-ones come near me since I left which has dented my lil ego a tad, truth be told 🙂

    I've - as I said in your other thread - also lost faith in readings I give as well as those I receive, as it seems that nothing pans out there either. I'm currently trying to reconnect with Spirit as I have lost that too which has been just as sad, if not sadder, than losing a soul mate like I did last year (not my ex husband, but another who I'd been dreaming of since 2003).

    Loss has been the order of the day thus far, although I can see how much I've learned out of it all. So yes, in most ways I'm a-okay, but very much missing having someone in my life - I became aware of missing this a lot more than I cared to admit in the last couple of months, but don't wish to go out looking for just anyone, if you know what I mean. I don't really want to go looking at all; I figure if something's meant to be, it'll happen ...

    Anyhoo, I'm trying not to lose hope, even when I have felt so exhausted by things (work mainly) and keeping my head above water, both practically speaking and emotionally.

    So hows things with you? It's been so long since I talked to you ...

    Over to you my fine friend !!




  • Bump, hang in there, someone good for u will come, have Faith, don't lose that! 🙂

  • Try Miss Beth too...

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    Serious 7, are you able to eleminate the word "TRY" from your vocabulary?

    This word means something to occurr in the future.

    "Now I am" represents the "NOW".

    It is now occurring.

    eg.- I am trying to sing.

    I am singing.

    Which feels better !!!!!!!!!

    Food for thought.


  • Dear cris1962,

    I'm newly back to the forum, and saw poetic mentioned my name, so wanted to touch base. I hope I'm not intruding on your post to serious7...I haven't had the opportunity to meet him/her myself.

    In any case, my communication is with angels. And while I understand from your post that you don't have much faith in readings any more, I am nudged to give you one more in angelic format to see if they may be able to refortify your faith in of all people, yourself.

    "Dearest Chris, our hearts ache for you as we look down and see such a wonderful human being who has let her mind and thought patterns formulate her life's journey...rather than letting her heart lead her. We don't mean in just romance. That is explainable. But in life's many decision points and pathways.

    We are your angels. And we do NOT give up on you. So why are you giving up on yourself in many respects? We can't help you if you don't help yourself. We work together, hand-in-hand, day in and day out, to help you pursue your life's journey. Who told you your life was going to go in a certain way or down a certain road? The reason you are veering off here or there is because you are following your Ego. Somehow along the way you lost you...THE CHRIS...the true Chris. The highest form of Chris that you can possibly be. And unfortunately, it's because of those choices that you find yourself at this juncture.

    The solution is quite simple really. Just give it all up. Quit trying to control the uncontrollable. What do you have to lose really? Why not try it? Just bundle all of it up...and we mean all of it. Your frustrations, your negative self image, your nay-saying thought patterns, whatever self talk you are speaking these days...and throw it to us. We will take all of that burden from you can get reacquainted with your truest self. Who is Chris? We don't feel even you can answer that at this moment in time. You have lived your life for others and through others, and in the process, you yourself have been tucked away.

    Chris, you are a JEWEL. We capitalize because we want you to hear us. Why you believe differently is why we are here. We are always with you. We never leave. Your heart is so hardened that we cannot even get through. We have tried and tried to send you our divine guidance, and our love. You have to start with you. Everything on your journey begins from this one starting point. Finding you. Knowing who you are. Being true to yourself. Blossoming out of your shell and finding your voice again. It has been lost quite a long time. You must, absolutely must, love yourself for who you truly are before you can ever hope to have a lasting longterm relationship with another that will stand the test of time.

    One last comment. Your feelings of being lost are what are driving you towards predictions. Predictions are based on the universe. People get too hung up on predictions and when something does or does not occur, then what? All is right in your world? Or wrong in your world? Your world is not predicated on predictions. Your world is predicated on how you can first love yourself, and then go out and show the world that love of self and love of others. Period. You want to meet that someone new...then work on yourself first to be the best possible You that you can be, and then nothing is going to stand in your way of a new beginning. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. We sure do. And know that you are not alone, ever. Talk to us. We don't bite. Pour out your heart and let us begin to help you put the pieces back together. We promise you won't regret it and you will find that joy of life again."

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

  • Miss Beth,

    Well it's amazing to pop back in here after a couple of months and see this! Though I'd firstly like to thank poetic55 for suggesting that I contact you and due to that, here you are!! I don't get on here very much, and yes, have been at a huge crossroads for a few months now. Funny enough, I did let go of the reins a while back after spending a night sobbing my heart out. A day or so after this, I got talking to a man I'd met last year (who happens to be my mechanic) on facebook and who'd recently suffered the loss of his partner of two years (she died unexpectedly). Well, we've been together ever since and I can certainly see how hard my heart had become. He's very different to anyone I've been with before; the complete opposite to my ex husband in every way, and his ability to openly express how he feels has been a breath of fresh air, while sometimes being a bit of a threat to bitter liloleme lately! I've been aware of my own issues in this relationship and have not made any decisions based on those, but rather am learning to accept him and his quirks instead of being put off by them. I see myself in him too; very much so. I'm not sure about the longevity of this relationship, though it does feel like something that can last even though I get a bit scared of that. I've also suffered the recent loss of my daughter who chose to live with her father full time, so that's been challenging and has put a bit of strain on things with me and this man. Still and all, I'm aware of the effects something like this can have and am trying not to let that dictate how I deal with my new friend. I recall asking the universe to send me the love of my life and it appears they've done exactly that, and now I am dealing with the challenges of accepting this properly which proves to be a bit difficult here and there.

    I hope this doesn't sound confusing; it's been a bit hard trying to explain what I'm feeling here, but the above is the best I can do sadly 🙂 I do appreciate you taking the time to send me this message as it does ring true with how I felt at the time you posted this, and my own responsibility to be rid of the residue of it in order to really BE in this relationship rather than end it out of fear. Ego and me have had one heck of a ride lately, but I'm not prepared to let it win. A tall order, but ... I need my life to change and I feel he's been sent to help me do that. Sometimes I think things are all one way and I'm not doing much in return - so to speak - but he assures me things are the opposite. Funny how differently others view things isn't it?

    Anyway, I just had to respond to your words and hope - as said - you can make sense of this mish-mash!!

    Thank you so much!

    Angel blessings to you Miss Beth,




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