Seeking Advice

  • Hi, I just would like someone to take a look for me--if I should enter into the liberal arts or science related fields (both for school and future careers). If you need more background information about me, please let me know. I really need some directions--thanks!

  • I am not a psychic or anything so I'm just giving my opinion on it. I'm only 14 so yeah,

    I think, as cliche as it sounds, you should look into a field that you desire. I mean, no one wants to work in a job that they don't really like. Pick the one that interests you most. There are a vast amount of occupations in the science related fields.

    Determine what you really value. I think you should choose the field that make the greatest impact on humanity. That's what realy counts.

    Hope I helped. 🙂

  • Hi, Have you narrowed the science field down into specific occupations in regards to your interests and the same for the other.

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