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  • Wow...What a sad week it has been in and around people I know...depressing...Nothing has turned up on our fence hit and run so I am placing a reward in the paper. Yesterday my husband said he has got to find something besides the job he has and this "waiting on my editors" for the outcome of my book has got to come to an end. So, even though I didn't feel good about the energy anywhere I sent my editors a pretty in depth email quesitoning a lot. Asking them to call me yesterday...I waited all day...wondering...So, then I shut my phone down to vibrate like I do everynight. About 20 min after laying in bed I start hearing it vibrate...ringing...texting...I figured it could wait until morning. But, I was courious as who was trying to get ahold of me so desperatly I went to the kitchen to check. As I began to check my editors called in for the FIRST time. flustered as I was trying to check the text coming through I hung up on them...calling him imediately back. He said he had been trying to reach me all day but couldn't get through with phone lines. We didn't talk much as it was REALLY late where hs lives. I gave him my home number to call me today. So. I sit here waiting in anticipation if I have pushed the envelope too far...BUT..after hanging up with him I found my ex husband had tried calling and left me a devasting text that our daughters puppy (she lives mostly with me) had been hit and left dead on his drive way. Hit and run number two for us in one week. He doesn't want my daughter to know that her puppy had been killed, just that it had run away. He was bawling on the phone to me. I felt so bad. So between that and my editors I had a terrible night.

    What is up with all the sadness and uptightness and crazinessgoing on? I thought I had it all under control..the outside is creeping in again. What can you make of this with my husband editors, deaths, and just sadness and crazy unknown future thoughts going on everywhere in my home.

    Maybe a little reading into what is going on with my book and my husband could calm my house. Keeping a secret of her puppies death I will have to deal with...sigh...

    Thanks...long post I know.

    Lots of light to shine through...


  • I usually do not ask questions but I pick up conflicting images that do not go with all you say and I sense you are feeling desperate. Today is a new moon so expect better connections. It is normal for the last few days to feel like nothing's moving or going fast enough. My question is about your book--tell me how you connected with this publishing company.

  • My editors (no publisher YET) have had my book for a year and a half. we have been going back and forth with editing fixes. This last edit I gave them last year in chunks and it conflicted somehow losing all their previous edits on it. Last night he told me that they had to completely restart the edit process as time lent them to do so. They are authors (him and his wife) of over 80 books...they are my contact for a great deal later is what I have been told...they have taken so much of their own time at no cost to help me and with my "patience" it leads me to believe that they have invested their time into my series I have to write and they edit that it is going to be a pretty big success. The time that has gone by is the conflict's such a start and stop mode for them while I sit patiently waiting for some word that they are working on it. I asked a lot of questions...due to my husbands push yesterday that I wasn't sure they were prepared for. We will see when they call me later I supose. I feel all over the board in what my husband says with the unknown because we have a lot of hope riding on this book and when it comes out...a new future in my home state....a move...a new job for my husband in something he loves if all goes well. We are all ready for change and there is such a stir in the air...I just don't know...It's a new young adult vampire series, JADE, is book one. Does that help? Ask away because I am all over the board inside.

    Thanks Blmoon....

    Molly 5/8/72

    Hubby 6/15/72

    editors name is Jerry

  • Molly--I don't know exactly where the hidden piece is to all this but I'm just going to say it---you are short changing yourself and lately I think you are really feeling that but at the same time you are so invested with these people that you are afraid to pull out. It's your book yet you gave away your power. On the one hand--it is normal to have a bit of editor tug going but in the end the writer has to be true to their vision--or else it is their book and a year and a half is too long for editing help--even if it is free. Was the book finished when you gave it to them? How did they get it--were you friends? Are their books self published or do they have an agent and been chosen by a publishing company. Honestly--what I see is little time spent on your manuscript. I am a writer--I know the amount of work to it takes to write a marketable book. It takes great fortitude and desire and I just don't see anybody but a very close loving friend doing that. If they are writers they are busy on their own books. Now I get the confusion---there are writers and there are editors. Writers often do editing as a side job--a job--for money. I have often been asked for editing help by others and mostly decline on large manuscripts because what happens is I would end up pretty much investing myself into that book UNLESS they were really close and just needed a read through for small problems. That kind of editing between writers is comman. It is the step before sending out--asking a trusted writer friend--who knows your voice --to look for mistakes.. This would be a fairly quik read and that friend would note typos---grammer--tense or problems of sequence. Like they may say---page 10 was confusing--a few bumps. Or feels bumpy in chapter ten--needs more conflict. The editing would be minimal. If they thought your book was that good it would not take them this long to help you. I sense you are looking for help and shortcuts and just don't know the publishing ins and outs. Have you taken a creative writing class? Or better--been to a writer's conference--where publishers and writers gather and often will look at your manuscript for a fee or often not. I know famouse writers who got recognized by other writers on their first book. A friend of mine showed her book to a writer at a conference and she was so impressed that she gave it directly to her agent. Do you have a completed manuscript in your hands? You need to not wait on these people that's way too long. Sounds like you are in a rural area so it is harder to hook up but really all this time you could be working on it and joining a writers group and getting editing help. If it is complete start sending it out. Go online to Poets&Writer's magazine and get a subscription--they list legitimate calls for submissions and if you start sending it out you will get feedback if it is good but rejected. Most rejections come with a form letter but on occasion an editor will make comments. Are these editors helping you with a PROMISE of having their agent read it. Your life is too on hold wrapped up in this book when it is so far from reality at the finish line. Here's the thing--if you are gifted and it is good--someone will help you but not if you are not getting it out there---a year and a half is way too long--you are shorting yourself. I feel like Jerry saw promise but got in over his head and your book is more important to you than him. Have you only finished one book? But have an outline for the rest. My advice is to shop agents. Most agents only need to see one chapter with a brief outline description of where you are going with the rest of the book--an agent can tell in that much wether or not your idea and talent is worth representing. Be prepared to send out even if rejected as it may take persistance. At the same time--if you have a full manuscript use the Poets &writers magazine to find calls for submissions and start sending it out. You need to get more action going on this. The editors you have now do not have time for your book is what I'm getting but that makes sense now since you explained it is a favour and not a contract. I'm trying to seperate my psychic advice from my writers advice but it is hard as it is too close to who I am. I know how important believing in your dream is to see this through. I know how hard it is to get published. I don't want you to short change yourself. I think your next talk with them will change things and you will be both ticked yet also energized to at least be out of stagnation. If your book was good enough for these people to offer help then it deserves better and there are other sources out there so yes--you need to get to a bottom line with these folks as to just how much time they need because it is too important to you and you need to move faster on it. Let me know their comments and I will see if it makes a psychic connection. As for now what I pick up is they are NOT working on your book.

  • I sense they are also not working too much on it as well. Last night he said "the end of March"...I paid them a large chunk when I contracted with them. Last January they gave me the manuscript back with their editing...saying we will continue to work this through to the end...amek these changes and we will plug along. They said they have never offered this before but my book has enough in it that they believe it is very worthy. I initially sent a few chapters out for editing help when my book was done and they somehow got their hands on it from an agency person specifically sending it to them asking, "what they thought." Jerry contacted me saying they love the way I have done the book and they don't normally take on books/projects like mine but who they are and what they have done and what they saw in my book they really wanted to do it. They were really excited and after researching them i was excited to have these guys be so excited and seek me out.

    Do you think if I am too point blank with them today as far as THEIR personal contacts what they have in mind for my book series? They are well known authors...He has a huge series from the 70's.

    My book is about 300 pages. They are rechunking all the edits over the last year together. For some reason the very first edit was lost in the 3 sections it took me to make the changes...does that make sense? What do you think?


  • Yes that makes sense yet no somethings wrong. I still pick up you are being short changed---them losing anything is not acceptable at all--you know that and should feel justified in feelingy our book is not being handled properly. It could be true as Jerry says--he doesn't usually do that for anyone because THAT's exactly how most writers would feel. And I know how hard it is to resist talent and helping but the reality is --rewriting is hard time consuming work-depending how far along you were. There are several editing steps--first one is lots of work---and it gets easier untill finely the last polishing is mostly technical stuff and what I'm saying is if your book is that far it can still be excepted by an agent and a publishing house will let their editors polish with you included in the process. That's why I asked because I heard you say editors and being a promise yet I was picking up a different impression--the vibes say no they are not working on your book in a focused way--in fact I keep hearing Spirit say over his head--meaning they just got too much on their plate and your book is not being worked on in a focused manner with a timeline--instead you are one of many projects and he feeds the squeeky wheel and this is your heart and soul in his hands so speak up loud. If it was good enough to be recommended they are not the only people who can give you what you need. I think they know you aren't knowledgable about the processs so take advantage of that. I don't think they really lost anything--it was just a stall for more time. Be bold--ask them exactly what they recommend for your book when they are finished . (I hope you kept your original copy). You don't need to put them on the defensive by being angry but you do need to speak up as if you are entitled--ithat energy will be felt by them. Be honest, say you are getting impatient and you understand if they are backlogged and to pleese just send it back-- if they can't meet the deadline they give you--and ask them to give you their e-mail so you can have more interaction. This is the part that doesn't add up for you as a good editor would be in contact with you after every rewrite so that is a measure of how much attention your book is getting. In fact you should be getting plenty of phone calls as rewrites come up. Most editors only point out and suggest but you do the rewrite. Personaly I have found that if I point out issues on someones writing they get it and work on it themselves. Are you happy so far with their suggestions---do you have a copy of their last rewrites? I think you need to see more in your hands--it's not enough for them to say--we are working on it. I stil feel your next conversation with them will be a good one for you---that you will get it moving and trust your gut---try not to be intimidated. Write down all the questions you have and expect them to be answered.. Also--re read the contract before this list as it may bring up a few you had not considered.

  • Hi,

    Okay...just had the phone call.

    He was really nice about all my concerns. He said they bought a "notebook" specifically to upload my book onto because they have to go out of the country for 9 days. They are loving my book and just have one problem with keeping one part of my vampire world real...He said him and his wife will most likely figure out the problem since I have rewrote that part and see what they can do to tweek it. But they really love the concept and everything. He also said that they will see this whole process through with me. They are going to hopefully come back at the end of the month with everything poished and ready to go...unless I have to tweek something. I have done ALL the rewrite they have asked for...they are perfectionists and I know in the complex world of writing I am lucky to have their insite. I point blank asked about the agent part...DID THEY HAVE A PLAN IN MIND...Thank goodness it lifted my heart with a YES. They would give me a contact of a guy who editor and has now become agent has been very successful in the New York Publishing World. Basically, another month wait to find out if they get a polished copy for me or if I have to keep rewriting their suggestings. What does spirit say about what they come back with now that we have verbally put a plan out there? He says they are trying to do the best they can with the time they have...but my book is priority on their 30 hour plane ride both ways.

    He wants me to write a magazine article on some vampire stuff...I don't know what magazine in particluar but anytime he asks specifics I do...there's a reason so I will.

    I think it went well..this agent friend of theirs lives in Florida and has been doing agent repfor a year and a half...with like I said luck into the New York Publishing World. Sooo....I hope that is my key...

    I told them to keep track of their time and I would pay them up when the book goes. He said not to wrorry over that right now..He just wants a signed copy and tickets to the primier...I told him I hoped him and his wife would be there for book two.

    So...with all that said...he says he will see this all the way through...How do you feel about that?


  • I feel--they know you won't be put off and they are going to speed up---still feel they are too busy but I do feel they are not going to drag this out much longer. The agent---is that their agent? Or just someone near you. I would already be looking him up online--he should have a web site if he's legit and you can e-mail him a hello introduction. At least get a feel for him---do you have his name---I know some agents--specially in Florida. Maybe I know him. Spirit keeps saying May will be an important month---I think that's really when you will see completion or go the next step---I think they will ask for more rewrite on your end in about two weeks. I see you getting angry at some point about something but then it will recharge you and you will get things moving faster. There's something they are going to spring on you that you will be ticked they did not mention before but it won't be all bad as it will make you more determined and wiser. Spirit advises no quik desicions---that no matter what the offer--say, let me think on it and get back to you---remember that--no instant desicions. Always give yourself a few days. Never sign a contract without seeking legal advice first. Mostly Spirit says expect one or two delays march and April but your irritation gets it done by May---expect a disapointment surprise--but it will be ok and expect something more definete in May. And remember whatever they propose say let me think on it and get back to them--at least three days. You need time to get all questions answered and if a contract is presented get a lawyer to read it first. Contracts are usually meant to be to the advantage of those who write them--that's just buisness. I know you are just excited to be published but you don't want to sign away future rites and profit. OR--get stuck with a publishing bill if they do not include marketing. Just be buisness smart---legal documents need a lawyer. Spirit says you need a break from for now as you need to just let it play out because you are going to get your book soon. You still should read Poets& Writers magazine as it will really open your eyes to the writing world---there are articles often written that will answer these questions and featured writers often share their own publishing journeys. I just renewed mine--it's on special right now 14.95 for a year--it comes out every two months--it has everything there is to know about the writing world. Feel free to keep me updated.

  • Thanks...It's so nice to talk to someone who understands my frusterations...and a little more. Spirit I know can't tell all...only what I need to know. I know you aren't always on here. So, tell Spirit to give you a heads know I need to let things happen as I have been trying to. I just had a really hard push of preasure from my hubby and I had to ablige...I think it paid off though. It's like I KNOW it's going to happen but al lthese speed bumps keep pushing the timeframe back month by month. My husbands confindence in my editors is shall because of the time thing...but I understand the writing rewriting and talk to them so it's easier on me in some way. I am going to attempt to put an email on it down if you want to hollar at me if something comes to mind. I don't know the guys name yet...they said when the book it done they will tell me.

    Keep conversation going with me if you can think of more...I am always on.



  • I wrote it down--I come online when it feels right and so usually I'm made aware if someone has a message coming. I think if you read up and are more aware of the different kinds of publishing venues there are out there that it will help you get your book were you really want it. Not all publishing works the same. There's sefl-publishing either doing every part yourself--I've done that in the past as well as for others. I did freelance desktop publishing and graphics. I have done books and college publications camera ready to go to the the printer ready. Meaning--editing--graphics and actual page layout--then it goes to a printer and the book is made. I loved that--it is like making a work of art because I did it all from beginning to end. It is expensive to pay for these aspects of self publishing I've also been published by others--meaning I submitted a manuscript and it was excepted into a magazine or anthology. I'm a poet--no money in getting poetry published in that way--you get paid in copies. My books I get at least ten dollars a piece. There are a lot of calls for books but you have to know which you want. One is the one who chooses your manuscript out of thousands and pays for everything and for poetry not much money in it. Fiction is a money maker---novels and non fiction makes money--the biggest money maker is screenplays--writing for TV or movies. Writers who sell these get huge amounts. There are a lot of publishers out there who will publish your manuscript but charge you a fee for editing--a fee for page layout--a fee for the cover and a huge printing fee. And you don't want that without marketing otherwise you are left to sell your books on your own which works for some people--as they are good at that. Sending samples to book stores--having reedings and booksignings. What every writer wants is to get your manuscript chosen by a publisher or college press and you do not ever pay for anythingt. There is a lot to marketing if you are looking for recognition. This is were your publishers for free takes care of all that because he is invested and believes in your book so they set up your book to be reviewed and those reviews get published and they set up a book tour of readings and promoting the book--usually at bookstores and colleges. These are the things you need to know about so when someone says I want to publish your book you know what you need---as it's not a garantee all publishing is the same. It's ok to pay for editing as that is a buisness end that some people don't mind paying for but if a publisher asks for money it means you are probably going to be paying for a lot of charges first and may not see a return for a long time. The publisher is in a sense getting his money up front and handing your books over to you. A good agent--who is independant will make sure you get the best deal because that's how he gets paid. So that's why an agent will help you. BUT beware of agents who are also tied to a publishing house---so when you meet an agent know to ask if he is independent. Works exclusively for the writer. That's why I suggested getting an agent. The agent markets people he feels are very good and marketable--so much so that they are willing to do all the leg work. They submitt your work for you and because until it is published they don't get paid it means they work hard for you--they want you to get the best deal!. They are really on commision. So educate yourself during this time so when your manuscript is book ready you are educated to what to ask for. Get the magazine I mentioned--at least check them out on line (some big bookstores carry them)--you will see the different advertisements in there for publishing. There are ads for self published books. These adds are not cheap! Whose paying what will be important to you. As an artist I know how easy it is to be tied to the creative end--the finished project--the thrill of seeing it in print but you have to not let that tune out the buisness and legal end of it. Know your rights and options. BLESSINGS!

  • My last post was short...sorry..hubby wanted my lap

    I'll let you know when I hear from my editors next...I'll look into that subscription...I definately don't want to go the self publishing route. My gut is saying no...that is what keeps me into the same straight line with my editors telling me to be patient, have faith, and that this agent is going to be the key. Just my gut...but I have not warried from that position since day one. I want to say per my conversation with Jerry today that this agent is not linked to anyone. As I should sit back and wait, I am also contemplating reviewing the vampire world and just notating a few posible changes if that is where I may have to rewrite...AGAIN...what a process! But, they may work that out and have something different to for me to do...or not at all. Okay...I will sit and wait and look at the subscription and write a magazine article...That sounds good! I THINK after reviewing the conversation with my husband I have him calmed a bit as well. I hope....Honestly, I can't wait to look back a year from now and see where I came from here to there.

    Thanks for today. Your knowledge in the writing world has made me realize the business world. I have always been known as a bit too trusting and naive, so with age I hope I have improved that. I have been warned by many to watch the contract business of the writing world...

    You helped me move a mountain! I hope to keep the negative away...

    I have a question for you if you will...When spirit is talking to you has he/she been visiting with my spirit?

    Molly 🙂

  • just off to bed---when spirit speaks it is usually on your behalf meaning it's someone around you who guides you--could be more than one--sometimes it is a crossed over relative or an angel or a guide. Most writers have special writing guides--muses that have been with them all there life to help them with there writing--often it is a spirit who was a writer--I feel two strong energies around you--one is male--tall white hair man--fit---very protective of you. He is the one who pulls you towards nature--he was a deep thinker--liked fishing a lot---being quiet yet very sociable--a great story teller--he's the one who whispers--believe in yourself. He's showing me a courdaroy hat. The other strong energy is female---a much younger spirit--loves books--she often picks books for you to read. She encourages childlike imagination and magic. She is your trusting energy. The older man balances her. If I get more will let you know--I'm off to bed--I'm so nocturnal--but life is not!

  • Thanks! I heart my spririt guides. I have been so off lthis last week I haven't been lighting my candle in the early a.m. sending negative away. I feel guided to do that, but my lack of focus has been blinding.

    When you write do you write by hand or by computer? I feel the need to sit with paper in front of me and physically write everything literally pours out and I can't stop. In the beginning of my first book it caused a lot of tension in my relationship. But, now that there is some a point my family knows to leave me be so I don't say anything mean. I literally go into "Molly Zone". I also have a ton of poem I wrote in High School and College. Words have always been my outlet...It's a crazy concept to those who struggle with writing and deep thinking. It's like there is constant thoughts of creative thinking that I wish I could write down 24/7. I think of concepts all day long. But, I can't just sit and write least not yet!

    Anyway, please email me if anything comes up. It's hard to specify names and whatnot on such an open site.

    Have a WONDERFUL Saturday! I'll be around.

    Thank you!


  • Blmoon...

    I talk to my mom about EVERYTHING...she's my rock, my best friend and I was asking her who my spirit guides could be. Apparently my Great Great Grandmother died young and her name was Loreena (sp?) and her husband was George...Could these be who you see around me?

    Thanks...had a great lift and raise people up. Blessings to you!


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