Does anyone have a crush.....

  • Which they know is kind of unprofessional. I have a huge crush on two people atm. One is a women I see every week when I go into therapy and she gives me the "positive vibes" But i feel that I wouldn't to make an ass of myself or her for asking her out. Or even costing her her job. Plus I feel maybe she is just a nice person, I get the dreaded mixed signals! I also have a crush on a girl here which I haven't interacted with much but always got amazing vibes from. I'm not asking for a reading but I m asking for advice. Any thoughts? Also feel free to share your crushes and ask for advice from others.

  • Some people are more prone to crushes than others. It may be because they crave love and affection and see it everywhere when it is only meant as friendship or kindness, or else they have a very vivid fantasy life and imagine they are often in love when it is really just in their dreams. If you think you are doing this, it may mean you need to feel loved so do more loving things for yourself.

  • I Definitely agree captain! I've been working on that for the past year : ). I just think it's time to start getting out there and start dating again. Get back into being 23 instead of pretending to be 49, lol. I used to see potential in a lot of women all the time, I guess that was also due to loneliness. Now I can honestly say I want to get to know people. I haven't really had one of these crushes in a while, especially where I feel just like putting myself out there which is a big step for me : ). I admit I am a day dreamer, I also believe that is what makes me part of me. Now I just have to get over being so shy and go for it!

  • Also I realized love is something that will come eventually in life, BUT it won;t come for real until I give it to myself first!

  • Also I have to mention the women I do have a crush on isn't my therapist, she works at the front desk and is around my age. But I guess I have to leave that to serendipity and fate : ). But first step is to just overcome my fear of rejection ( which I think everyone has) and put myself out there.

  • You could give her one of those Dove chocolates, the ones with the great messages inside? And take a chance on it being the right one?

    I had a crush in high school, and didn't tell him until he was moving far away. He had a crush on me the whole time. It made us both ill. Just sayin'.

  • I once had crushes on three gals at the same time and all three of them knows about it, but that was back in middle/ high school.

    As I grow older, I can only love/ have crush on one person at a time.

    Now at 34, I realized that my heart is only big enough for one person at a time, even for crush.

    In my case, if I had a crush on a girl, I'll ask myself if its really love or lust, if I can convince myself that it wasn't a lush.

    I will be telling the gal one way or another, that I'm interested in her and would like a chance to date her.

    Some will say yes, some will distant themselves, but either way, at least you'll get an answer.

    In your case, I would ask the gal out for coffee/ lunch, worst case that it can be is that she'll say no, but then it will save yourself from hitting urself in the head when you look back.

    I don't like the "what if" feelings, at least I know if I asked, and it didn't happened, then it just wasn't meant to be.

    Good luck!!

  • I'm learning to do that Leo! It's not hard, but it's more about just letting go the insecurities really. Like I said I don't expect it to be love nor am I in love, I'm just ready to start getting back out there. I have a crush on someone more for how I feel about them through vibes and eyes. Of course there is more to it than that but those are my main "values" in a way. Like " Ilovemylife" I don;t know her but from what I have felt from her just by interacting with her through threads, she seems like the kind of person I would like to get to know. This other girl sera is more of one of those people I see on a weekly basis and is very kind, Beautiful and has that vibe about her like we mesh. But like you said leo I wont know until I try!

    Thank you Sand that is a good idea.

  • Hey Serious7

    another nice thread.

    ive got 2 crushes., MAJOR ones hahahahah

    each possess what i have. each has great traits i love n would die if i had not in my life.

    ive placed myself out there to em both. one ahm decline based on various reasons but lately its been message on one drop of water at a time hehehehhe

    the other i yet have to hear from .................... sigh! lol


    oh ah if ANY of u seen asia whatshername post PLZ take a wack at it bc obviously im brutal ......... SNOORRRRTTTTTTT .................... blunt in ur face truth ........ wack thread too .

    ok later ugh! lol

  • lol Thanks wcb!

  • who?

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