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  • After reading some threads, I see there are quite a few people looking for free tarot readings. I can't do readings with a birthdate alone; you must have a tarot deck. I prefer Rider/Waite but can read from other decks as well. Therefore, if somebody requests a reading from me directly, I will know they have a deck and we can go from there. Otherwise, I won't respond to requests. Also, since I am new at reading on-line, it would be nice if I could get some feedback.

    It is very draining to do readings, so please only request if you are genuine and open to suggestions and assistance. If I help, that is wonderful...I want to reserve energy for those who really need it.

  • Hi FarranFey: I have a tarot deck, Rider/Waite, but not quite sure how to use it. I am looking for a reading and any help you have or suggestions would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  • All you are doing with the cards is channeling your energy into them by mental focus and handling them.

    Set up a place that feels "magical" to you...light candles or incense, lay out a special cloth, put on music, place anything that relates to your question on the table. When you feel relaxed and focus'd, begin to shuffle the cards. Hold pictures in your mind that relate to your question; I can help with that if you don't understand. Cut the deck into 3 piles, pick them up and then shuffle. Cut the deck again into 3 piles and shuffle. Repeat this over and over until you get a feeling to stop. If you don't feel comfortable with waiting for the "feeling", set a special number and shuffle that many times. When you are ready, start a Topic with your question as the heading and we'll go from there.

  • Thanks FarranFey. I've got my tarot deck out and I'll follow your instructions.

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  • Dear Sweet Farranfey

    I saw ur offer and desided at the time i was content. it was before i had a schocking news. ive alwasy considered myself strong of health no issues worth mentioning, but now i find myself worried to death. Yet ive taken measures toward it. more veggies n healthy foods, in short ive begun cooking again. for the last 3 days ive taken the time to cook a decent healthy meal. Ive also skipped my car n used my bicycle instead.

    i found out i suddenly had high BP. Not good at all.

    I seriously need a reading regard this especially the outcome.

    thank you.

  • I'll check later to see if you have started a new thread with your question and cards. I work graveyard so may not get to it until tomorrow later, are next when I see the thread.

  • That last comment was to Jlina...I see I have a lot to learn about forums....

    I will wait to see your new comment come up and hope I can help...

  • To CharmedWitchBente...if you have a deck of cards, follow the instructions above with setting a mood allowing you to focus on your question and get the cards shuffled. Start a new thread with your question and I'll help you lay out the cards. On your question...the type of question that works is, "What can I do to improve my health?" or "What is the major cause of my high bp?" those will bring in some pertinent info. I'll wait to see your new thread...

  • Hi FarranFey,

    welcome, i have read some of your responses...loved them..

    This is not request, i just want you to be careful of your energy levels...i have seen so many gifted readers that have been taken advantage of with people using different user names, which is terribly sad for those who are honest...Remember you are in charge OK sweetie...once a mama lion always, "mama lion looking out for her cubs:)"

    I hope i haven't step over your boundries..FarranFey...



    Peace,light,love and Angels being sent to you today and always...

  • Hi MyJourney,

    Already getting a sense of that as I see some of these names come up here and there. Tarot reading has specific energy draws that work in specific ways and getting the same question answered over and over is like beating your head against a brick wall...Just wanted to see how forums worked and if it was a way to help more people. However, it is nice to hear something of a "different tone" altogether...shine bright & beautiful!

  • Hello MyJourney,

    Just an observation and question; I was reading some postings and came across one that directly mentioned 2 key points from my format for tarot reading with negative feedback. Isn't that sort of harsh? It made me feel bad; I would be careful in the future with the way I worded things. Maybe I'm just being too sensitive, if there be such a thing for a tarot reader, Ha! Ha!

    Thanks again for your wonderful and caring comments.

  • Hey Fey

    Ahm what deck do u think of? Riders Waite tarot or any oracle deck?


  • Hi again Fey, theres a great thread going on now, you might be interested in, just click the link below...I've been reading it and one comment stood out, "is that people don't want the truth, as CWB can vouch for me on that one..."

    Sending you lots of light,Angels,guidance and hugs...

    Namaste Fey


  • Farran Fey - if your game I could use some help interpreting a gypsy wish spread w/ a follow-up spread. My personal deck is the Golden Tarot by Liz Dean, & I do have a Rider Waite deck. I had started a thread under the posting name Cpperyaries that lists my two spreads if you care to take a look. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, & let me know if you have any questions. I am trying to keep myself grounded by getting some opinions so any help is appreciated! Thanks!!!

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  • My Journey darling

    i would vouch if i could see the thread but all it getsme to is the main page of lastest threads hahahaahahaha.


  • Wow. I knew I've been drained lately. I've been doing my own tarot readings and have been researching and researching on a five card spread I did on Sunday. I'm drained as well because of it. I don't know if I necessarily desperately need it, but where I'm at on my path right now it would definitely be useful to me to hear someone' s interpretation without a doubt. I have the mythic Tarot deck.


    SCRANTON, PA 18503

  • Hi FarrenFey, I had draw 2 spread using the Marseilles Deck... My birth date is July 24, 1986

    The first is the celtic deck

    Im asking about the Love Relationship of me with another person... but we are yet to have any relationship....

    Significator= Lover

    1st card= Page of Swords

    2nd card= 5 of wands

    3rd card= 6 of swords

    4th card= The Death

    5th card= 7 of cups

    6th card= 9 of swords

    7th card= 9 of coins

    8th card= 4 of cups

    9th card= The Empress

    10th card= 2 of cups

    2nd spread is the 7 cards relationships spread:

    Ist card (Is he the one) = 7 of cups

    2nd card(Is commitment possible) =Knight of Coins

    3rd card(Obstacle) =Page of cups

    4th card(working in favour) =Chariot

    5th card(I can do to help) =2 of swords

    6th card(/what he can do to help) =Justice

    7th card(Happy outcome possible?)=Queen of Swords

    I've been trying to read these two spread but I'm kind of confused, Could you provide more insight of the reading of these 2 spread? These two spread is asking the very same question but different spreads. Thank You for you kind help. God Bless You x )

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