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  • I sort of just jumped in and started commenting here and there and in retrospect, I have no idea about proper etiquette when it comes to forums. I will finish the tarot reading I'm involved in and then, will read and get some idea as to proper forum behavior before I start responding and commenting across the board. If anybody reads something that isn't proper or has any advice and criticism, please feel free to help me start out on a better foot. There are many people on these forums that are amazing with their insight, advice and guidance and I will read and learn from them first.

  • Hi FarranFey

    Welcome and I have a request.

    I've just purchased a tarot reading from tarot.com last night and am trying to get different insight on this. Can you help?

    Also can you give me a reading on love in general.

    P.S. I don't own a deck of tarot cards. Tks

    Deck: Lovers Path

    Card: Four of Coins; Position: Love Situation

    Card: Temperance; Position: Challenges/Opportunities

    Card: Seven of Cups ; Position: My Issues

    Card: Strength; Position: Her Issues

    Card: The Lovers; Position: My Advice

    Card: Nine of Swords; Position: Her Advice

    Card: Seven of Coins; Position: Possible Outcome

  • FarranFey,

    CharmedwitchBente created a post called Reader to Reader that might help. I think admin might have posted a link to the forum etiquette under my post Greystar somewhere. I hope this helps some. I wish you luck with your readings.


  • Hello FarranFey,

    To read the entire list of Rules of the Tarot.com Forum please visit:





  • Start a separate chain by clicking on "Create a Topic" and describe your cards/positions from the purchased reading again. If you could get a Rider/Waite tarot deck, it would help a lot with readings and accuracy. I will give you more info re your cards from tarot.com...the tarot readings are insightful and accurate, but you can always use more feedback.

  • nevermind about starting a new topic; I'll just go ahead and give you my interpretation without the hassle.

  • I see that you have asked for a couple of interpretations; is that cuz you aren't happy with the initial interpretations or just confused and looking for as much insight as possible?

    When you are trying to get answers about yourself thru tarot, the more energy you put into the cards while shuffling and laying out, the more connection the answers will have to you personally. If you had your own deck and could actually handle the cards, that might help with accuracy and relevancy also.

    Anyway, As far as I can see, financial status and control seem to cause problems for you and your partner to fit within a positive and supportive love relationship. Whether the financial aspect is saving money, spending money or acquiring money, I can't say, but there must be conflict there; otherwise, money wouldn't be sitting in the first card position. Because Temperance is the challenge, I would definitely say that controlling money and/or circumstances within the relationship also is a conflict, especially when Strength is sitting in the "her issues" positon. Being in love may symbolize giving up control to your gf because of past events or happenings in her childhood and she may get fearful when she feels herself falling; with the nine of swords in her advice position, I definitely see that she has to deal with that fear and where the nightmare of loss of control and what will happen originates from. Your issues seem to be an inability to actualize what you want from a love relationship and how a good one would feel. You may have a unrealistic standard that isn't attainable or just be so dreamy about the perfect woman or the perfect love relationship that your gf feels like she is grasping at straws. If she is looking for control and she senses your "head in the clouds" that's got to add to her apprehension. With the Lovers in your advice position, I would say to simplify the situation as much as you can. By that I mean, list her physical attributes that you adore and work on physically showing your affection with holding hands, kissing, etc. Keep your relationship out of the ethereal mental state by physical contact. That would also make her feel like you are more in control and focusing on the moment and not wandering off in daydreams.

    The bottom line is that with a love relationship, you can look at simplifying everything by realizing that you and your partner are trying to grow something. Are you both planting the same seeds? Are you watering the same or is one person drowning the crop with too much emotion/tears? Are you tending the small plants with physical work (kissing, holding hands, etc) or have you both decided to just see what happens without any effort. Do you both want the same crop? Do you both want to harvest at the same time? Anyway...maybe this helped, maybe not. But, getting your own tarot deck would get you more personal results I think.

    Good luck.

  • Hi FarranFey,

    Thanks for giving me your interpretation on this reading, wasn't that I'm not happy with the one I got from Tarot.com, it just that I usually like to get a few different perspective on any issues and then make my decisions.

    Yours, xMermaidiax and Tarot.com's interpretation are pretty much along the same line.

    My question when I do the reading was that "Is there a chance for me and her to be back together"

    Tarot.com version said I need to be patient and persevere, which is what I've been doing.

    We are taking a break now, at least IMO, and I'm really giving her space and time.

    Only thing I can think of regarding finance status was my spending habit, me being a Leo and she being a Cancer.

    I like to buy her little things, such as chocolate, flowers and little inexpensive cubical toys which makes her crackup, when I was seeing her, just to cheer her up since her job can be really stressful. And I'll pay for all expenses when we go out, I mean I adore her and just want to pamper her. I don't see anything wrong with that. Tho she's a very independent woman, she didn't express anything when I was doing this, except for once, when I had flowers delivered to her office, she txt me and said "That's really sweet of you, you shouldn't be getting me anything =)"

    I think our major difference now is that she is totally career focus, she had a really busy work/travel schedule, sometime she had to work more than 12 hrs a day, plus she need alot of time to network, when she had some free time, she want to go out and have fun, and not be tight up by a relationship and she knows that I'm looking for someone who I can eventually have a long term relationship with. (we are both in mid-30s, she's 40days older than me)

    Her field is very competitive, for the rest of her career, she'll most likely have to work 10+ hours everyday + some weekend.

    I told her I know I can't win her over her career, she loves what she's doing, and I love/ respect her for that. My gut is telling me that she's pushing me away because of her career, and she doesn't know when she'll have time for a relationship since she's at the beginning of a long career path.

    She was married at an early age and then divorce, her last long time BF cheated on her. When we first met, she told me that she doesn't trust people, relationship wise. She told me that she is so scare that I was treating her so well, I spend a lot of effort to ensure her that I'm serious and I will never do anything to hurt her, I know I can because I'm a loyal person and I truly love her, I rather be hurt then to hurt her.

    I don't know what the future is/ or if there's any, between us. Either way I know it's not going to be a smooth path

    Some might think I'm aiming for a impossible/ unrealistic dream, but I haven't felt this much passion towards a girl since my first GF.

    I know she's the one and she's worth every second of my time.

    I only hope being patient and persevere will get her heart eventually.

    If not, knowing that she's happy and well is all that matters to me.

    P.S. Read it somewhere that you are in Seattle, she used to live there too. 😃

    Have a great weekend.

  • can u do a relationship reading for me, please? if you want i can provide names.

  • to drgagannagi...please go to the forum titled Free tarot readings and see my instructions to get ready for a reading with a deck of cards. If you don't have a deck, unfortunately, I can't read for you. If you do and you have shuffled, start a new topic with my name in it so I catch it. If you don't have cards, just post your topic as new and somebody with different skills may be able to help

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