A love reading please? :)

  • Thats probley on about when I had trouble with some girls who were friends who came around and had to get the police involved, its made me not feel safe in my own home, and I am indeed learning that I need to be happy and love myself before I can love another 🙂

  • It's funny...as I type and then post, I see you are following along the same thread... but I am still trying to follow my initial reading so... There is a threat of people looking down on you for some reason. I see that you have been hurt by malicious gossip in the past and that is also a negative energy you are dealing with love; being loved and giving love. Somehow, others were able to hurt you very badly and with such an intimate and secret thing as love being ripped open and looked at, talked about and available for everybody to see, you are incredibly doing well emotionally and still somewhat in control. There are times that you cry for no reason or you feel anger out of context with an event, but you are willing to stop and try to see the "hidden" reasons, you are willing to listen to others and still have the faith that there is a soulmate out there for you. You would be surprised how much just that faith alone can take you right to him/her! But, for now, rest is on the agenda; rest and self-revelation. You have a power that you know about... you can see something, dream about a desire and follow it to completion. That is the Magician in your life, but when it comes to love, that power, up until now, has not applied. You are going to learn how to see love in it's simplest form as a path that leads to support, strength, trust, kindness and healing. Just as soon as you can find that for yourself from yourself. Take your mother out of the equation and remind yourself everyday that other people are idiots when it comes to YOUR LIFE. There is one genius, one miracle-worker, one person that knows everything about you and what you need and where you are going...and that is you. Pamper yourself for the next few months, spend money on yourself, find things that you couldn't/wouldn't do when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and do them now. Spoil yourself like never before; because you have to re-learn how that feels. When we are alone and without a man, that is the greatest peace a woman has...and that is a FACT! Revel in that peace, luxuriate in the fact that you only have to please yourself and work on thickening your skin towards others and their imbecilic thoughts, ideas and the crap that can come spewing forth. Its as much garbage as the people that think they have a right to judge or criticize are!

  • OK...hope that gives you some inspiration and ideas on how to move forward. Questions?

  • In review, regarding your love life...You are already aware that there needs to be a complete change in the way you look for, find and give love. You are gifted in the ability to see things as they are, look at how you want them and then proceed to make it happen; up until now, you weren't able to do this regarding your love life. Your child (moon sign) takes control when you are in love and sets you up for failure; out of fear, negative patterning from your mother and her relationships and doubt that you are deserving of love. You DO have a soulmate and he/she is looking for you too; this absolute and pure faith, when you grow in wisdom and self worth enough to feel it, will guide you to that person. Recent events have set you on the right path, just DON'T let other people (if they are malicious, petty or childish) make you feel wrong when you know you are right; trust your intuition. Throw off that creeping dread that you might not deserve love by splurging on yourself, peaceful rest and studying the unique and wonderful person that is you. The best way to convince yourself that you are special and wonderful and READY for love is to physically take action and gift yourself, tell yourself out loud what you want to believe inside, and prepare yourself physically for what you want emotionally.

  • Thankyou FarrenFey you was spot on with everything, and I am taking everything into account what you have said, im laying off looking for someone and focusing on myself, I've lost myself for a long time and just keep getting tangled up, I have alot of people I feel are out to get me, I haven't picked friends wisely and it hurts to be stabbed in the back all the time when I know I'm a good friend, I feel I am improving after every event I have gone through, but the negativeity still lingers, I was wondering if you think I will make the change I need?, I find myself reading what you put daily just to remind myself, and keep me on the right track, Thankyou so much for taking your time to read for me because I feel you have put me on the right path to the change I need, you really are a kind person.

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