A love reading please? :)

  • I've not had a good time with realtionships and boyfriends, I feel like i pick all the wrong kind, ones that make me feel insecure...Im currently single and was wondering in the near future if anyones going to enter my life that is actually going to be a good experience, that will treat me well..I was wondering if anyone could give me a love reading and if i will meet anyone nice soon :), really would be thankfull if someone could get back to me on this 😄

  • I will do a reading for you. Do you have a tarot deck available? Is it a Rider/Waite? If you do, I will explain to you how to shuffle and lay the spread and then you can post the cards & position for my interpretation. I have not been on a forum before, but I read regularly and professionally.

  • Thankyou FarrenFey much appeciated and Yes I do, so if you could explain to me I will be able to post that 🙂

  • Make sure your mind and energy is completely focus'd on your question; put out pictures, symbols, music, etc. that puts you completely in the "love" frame of mind. Take your deck of cards and cut into 3 piles and then pick up. Shuffle anyway that you can, trying to keep all cards upright (I prefer to read all cards upright and only read reversed if somehow one just comes up that way). Repeat with the 3 pile cut and shuffle until you get a "feeling" that the deck is ready. This feeling can be tingling, heat, a "rush", pressure, sense of "well-being"...the point is that you stop when you are sure it is time to stop. As you shuffle (and this is imperative), you must see and feel pictures of you doing things that symbolize a "good love relationship". Don't put a face on the partner if they are in the dream/picture/idea. When you are done getting your area set up with "love" focus items and have shuffled to "stop", let me know.

  • FarrenFey I have followed your instructions untill i came to a stop, as i was doing it i kept pictureing someone i know, who i find attractive but i kept trying to keep to pictures without a face, untill i evetually i stopped shuffling...

  • I'm going to have you lay out a Celtic Cross; the order may be a little different from some you have read, but you probably notice that everybody has their "way" to read such a common spread. This is the card order:

    First card face up(and considered Querent)

    Second card(First positon in cross) on top but not covering; leave top third of first card uncovered.

    Third card(Second position in cross) crossing both first and second card.

    I'm going to continue using the position instead of card number...

    Third position above the pile of Q, 1st and 2nd

    Fourth position below

    Fifth position to the left (your left facing the cards)

    Sixth position to the right

    Now, the next 4 cards will be in a straight line up the right side of the sixth positioned card; place the Seventh position (bottom card) approximately even with your fourth position card and then follow the straight line up with eight, nine and ten. Questions?


  • Angelgirl...a reminder about tarot before I read. A tarot spread is like taking a snapshot of your life, exactly as it is at that second that you stop and lay out the cards. The answer will be a frozen energy, at that moment. Every change you make after the reading, will change the way your future continues. Our futures are ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-alive and tarot is not. Think of the tarot reading as a map of one way you can go forward into your future, but...every map has many different ways to get to the same spot.

  • Ok thanks Frey I have done that now what next 🙂

  • OK, tell me the cards in each position.

  • Also, describe yourself, give me a sentence or two about what you believe about love and give me some lyrics of 2 of your favorite songs...just a way to open an energy line between us. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can even feel an energy connection between us. I am 55, rescue cats, single, but love being in love, I have long red/gray hair and am a healer and pretty gentle.

  • I'm going to have you lay out a Celtic Cross; the order may be a little different from some you have read, but you probably notice that everybody has their "way" to read such a common spread. This is the card order:

    First card face up 8 of cups

    Second card(First positon in cross) the magician

    Third card(Second position in cross) the empress

    Third position above the pile of Q, 1st and 2nd 5 of swords

    Fourth position below page of swords

    Fifth position to the left the tower

    sixth position the chariott

    Seventh position 8 of swords

    eight position 4 of wands

    nine position knight of cups

    ten position 4 of swords

  • I believe love should be about being yourself around someone, and where you share a deep connection that you don't feel with anyone else, where you can be free and not have to think what you say or do around that person.

    one song

    always wanna see you smiling back at me

    And I've been thinkin' this

    is where I wanna be

    If I can make it so you'll never hurt again

    I'll do whatever say whatever

    give the best I can

    Should I have another waiting on the side?

    Should I have another that I see at night?

    I wanna be with you and this is what I planed

    But I gotta know where I stand

    second song

    Some boys take a beautiful girl

    And hide her away from the rest of the world

    I want to be the one to walk in the sun

    Oh girls they want to have fun

    Oh girls just want to have

    Im a student at college, I'm sensitive emotional, and can be quite shy, I have blonde and brown highlights, I love animals, I allways look into things with greater detail, I'm a worrier.

  • Some interesting points while I interpret; you have 4 major arcanum so this is a time in your life when events are important, but not extremely so. An average number of Major Arcanum would be 2 or 3, so 4 is above average and means that life lessons are on the agenda. This isn't a "coasting" period of time in your life; things happening now will be character building and help you gain wisdom. A quick overview of the 4 power cards...life has been difficult at times and mother issues, your ability to dream and then make it reality, and keeping your childish, selfish periods (possibly even tantrum level) personal and positive(by which I mean a lesson learned) are the areas that seem to come up more then anything else. Also, in a "love" reading, you got 2 cups, 1 wand and 4 swords. Look up what each of those symbolize and see that sword energy is by far the greatest right now involving your love...ability to give it and ability to receive it. Now, I haven't even begun to interpret...just wanted to give you something to think on. You'll get your energy and mind in a good place in prep for working out the interpretation with me.

  • One point of clarification; in your far past there is Page of Swords which could mean 2 things. If we see the page as an actual child, then you have a brother, sister or child that you were very close to that you lost or...there was a lot of negative verbal messaging you received as a child and that has made love difficult for you. I will step out on a limb and say that you actually sabotage some relationships because subconciously, you don't believe you are worthy of love. Which of those are correct?

  • OK, the answer to the Page is not that important to the interpretation of your spread so I'm going to begin. The question that prompted you to seek a reading about a new love interest in the near future has no for an answer. However, the reason(s) and the lessons you have coming are extremely valuable with your quest for a soulmate...and they are looking for you as well. Just as I started typing that last sentence, a song by U2 came on; "With or without you". Those lyrics are very powerful about your position... Channel 104 1 FM in Seattle area.

  • I saw alot of things when i was yonuger my mom used to get beat around, she was also controlled alot by men, I no it relates back to that cause it's something i've been brought up to have seen and my counslor related it back to them scenes as a child, thats why i have alot of issues now...

  • You are thinking about a change, a change that will eventually create a complete turn-around in the way you look at and for a new love. Up until now, you have become completely wrapped up in the love interest of the moment; making the feeling of love (and normally so!) the number 1 importance, the high point, the goal of the moment. But, you are beginning to feel "tied down" by that and not even sure you feel good about the "love blanket" you wrap around yourself. Is it a comforter or an itchy, sweat producing wool bunting? Are you allowing growth and movement within the confines of that wrap or are you stunted and confined...like the binding of girl's feet that used to happen in the orient. In fact, that entire social standard and the reasons, results and feelings behind it, have a lot in common with love(s) in your life.

  • I'm going to write in sections my entire interpretation before I read your responses...that way, I can keep on track and may hit on something later in the reading that you don't understand or want clarification on. I did get the part about your past memories about your mother and with the Empress crossing, the "mother" pictures you have and that you instinctively believe will be where love eventually takes you is definitely a huge black checkmark when it comes to an answer to your question of "LOVE IN MY LIFE".

  • dose this mean i will make a change for the better?, Your completely right, I feel tied down everytime im involved with someone it dosen't even feel good anymore, I've just got so wrapped up in everything and it' like im just tieing myself a bigger knot, not allowing myself time I need, just out of one situation into another...

  • Not only is there the negative messaging you saw as a child and how your child feels love will hurt them eventually, there was also a huge tragedy that just happened and this affected your home and the security there. I have no idea what happened, but it rocked the very foundations of security and comfort in your life. You are ready to grow in maturity about love and instinctively realize that until you are secure, strong and happy in your life, a love interest has no room there. In the past, you looked for love to help when you went through experiences like this but you are wiser and starting to see the "bad" about that search, need and the end results.

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