Hanswolfgang, Can you do reading for me career?

  • I m trying hard for years nothing come off.

    I will be gratefull to u


  • capboy,

    others follow you like fish on a line.

    The tide turns as you bring order from the chaos.

    But you are imprisoned in your relationship,

    suppressing your energy and others.

    But you are at the crossroads. Tremendous possibilities open. So introduce meditations in your life and you will be tremendously happy.

  • Hanswolfgang, THANKS very much.yes,i feel the energy but there is lot of frustation.I had on friends, no job, no love and in past one imaginary relationship with girl.

    AND one event for past especial disturb me. I create tension for my family

    Please tell me about meditation.


  • capboy,

    the mind cannot exist in the present so it goes on giving you excuses to move into the future. These excuses are the desires. If you don’t desire anything, you just enjoy being here, you just celebrate being alive, you enjoy the inner energy playing in imagination, in visions, in emptiness, whatsoever you choose, and you are totally one with this moment of enjoyment, then it is meditation. Then there is no desire, and, with no desire, the world drops. With a non-desiring, playful mind you have entered. You are already in it.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    I think upon your messsage but i can not understand the logic.When you need vision, direction to utilize you energies and that come with setting destination and subsequently the desires involve with them.

    Thus, emptiness and directionless are creating turmoil in our personlaties.

    Hopefully your understand what i wanted to convey.


  • capboy,

    fear, not experience or knowing, is within the foundation of your belief.

  • Right, how to overcome the fear.

  • capboy,

    the problem is how to become more alert. These words are just to help you to become more alert. Anger is there, so become more alert about it. Fear is there, become more aware of the fear. I'm not going to give you a prescription of how to overcome the fear. No, that is not going to be of any help.

    My prescription is to become more aware of it and to live with it. Don't try to escape from it. Once you start living with it, fear will disappear. If you run, it increases. The more you run, the more afraid you will become. And then it is a vicious circle. The more you become afraid, the more you run. The more you run, the more you become afraid. Then there is no end to it. Stop! There is no need to run.

  • If you can , would you do a reading on me.




  • lilgege,

    repair the damage.

    Sweep away corruption and stagnation by stirring up the people and strengthening their spirit.

    Supreme success, if you before action consider the move for three days. After your actions devote three days of hard labor to damage control.

    You are blessed with an opportunity to resuscitate that which others have abandoned as beyond repair. This ruin wasn't caused by evil intention, but by indifference to decay.

    Just by addressing yourself to the problem, you exhibit a new awareness, a fresh perspective.

    This is a time of recovery, renewal, regeneration.


    your whole way of looking at things changes. When there are desires clamoring in your mind, even an ordinary stone can look like a ruby. You can project your desire on an ordinary stone; you can create an illusion that it is very precious.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you

  • lilgege,

    now it is up to you what you make out of it.

  • Thanks, i try to live with it.

    What about career, job and life it self?

  • capboy,

    What about career: do not let yourself become unsure.

    job: draw the line.

    and life it self? be open for impulses.

    You are enriched by another's misfortune.

    This is no basis for guilt or shame; you did nothing to bring on these events.

  • i think you misunderstood my situation, may be culture differences. My own failure bring shame and guilt on me.Yes i falsily blame them on others.

  • capboy,

    you are misunderstanding. Put things right.

    I have read that Adolf Hitler dies and goes to heaven. He behaves so well that St. Peter tells him he can go back to earth again for a week as a treat. After twenty-four hours, he is back, hammering at the pearly gates to get in.

    "What is the matter, Adolf?" asked St. Peter, "you have got six more days."

    "Let me in, let me in!" cries Hitler. So St. Peter unlocks the gate, lets him in and asks him, "Adolf, what is the matter? Didn't you enjoy it?"

    "Enjoy it?" says Hitler. "Enjoy it? Everyone has gone mad down there since I left. I come back, and what do I find? The Jews are fighting, and the Germans are making money!"


    how are your life going?

  • capboy,

    how are your life going? I really experience something exciting.

    I hold with unworthy allies.

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang. Your answer is a bit confusing but I'm sure it will make sense to me as time goes by. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts and insight.


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