• Captain,

    I just recently broke up with a gemini man. I was single for about 4 years before him. I was only with him for 5 months but he was very serious and made me feel like we were going to get married until he suddenly broke up with me in January. it's been difficult with him. he told me he still has feelings for me, but he doesn't want to be with me. he says he misses me, but then he distances himself. I told him I cannot be friends with him cause it hurts too much and I would like to reconcile, but he won't listen. he says he's "uncertain with us and our future".

    I'm just wondering if I'll find someone else who wants to be with me long term or if I should just be patient and wait for my Gemini. I don't have a problem being alone or single, I did it for a very long time. I'm just tired of being alone and single. I am my own best friend, however, I'd like to have someone in my life to share with.

    could I get some insight as to when someone will come into my life? will I get married? my DOB is 11/02/83

    any help would be appreciated! thanks!!!

  • You attract people who are in two minds because that is how you are yourself, resolve the issue of whether you want to be with someone full time or not and you will then attract a committed partner (or a non-commital one if that is what you really want). There is no rule that you have to be with someone all the time 24/7 if they are happy with that arrangement, too.

  • Captain,

    thank you for the advice/reading. I, however, feel like I do want to be in a committed relationship. I want someone who wants to share their life with me and I want to be with them full time. a non-commital relationship isn't what I'm looking for. i'm looking for a life partner. I thought I had that with my Gem man but he's so unsure about us that he's distanced himself. he said just yesterday that he missed me and that he still has feelings for me though. is he just scared?

  • You may want a partner for life but do you want him to be around all the time? Your choice of partner indicates you don't him someone there all the time, only when you need him. Your Gemini man is looking for a light-hearted and fun relationship and fears you would put too heavy a commitment on him. He is not looking for a forever partner.

  • Captain,

    I guess those are the vibes I'm giving out that you're getting? I honestly deeply feel that I want a partner there all the time, but maybe subconciously I don't? when my Gemini man and I were together it was light hearted most of the times. we would have small misunderstandings every now and then but mostly we had fun. until we broke up, things weren't this heavy.

    I wish there was a way to fix it. he says he still has feelings for me, but he's uncertain about the relationship for the future and marriage. I don't know how to make him trust me or understand that I want something for the future for the both of us together.

  • what if I asked him if we could start over again? keep things light and then maybe we can re-connect? unless he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore...?

  • I'm afraid he already got the impression from you that you want more from him so he won't feel like you can deliver on a promise to keep things light and non-commital. You seem to think you can change his mind about commitment but that is not your right. We can only change ourselves.

  • so he claims that he wants to marry me but doesn't want a committed relationship? that doesn't make a lot of sense, lol. but it was him who talked about marriage first. he even told me he could see himself with me in the future about 2 weeks ago. I'm just trying to figure out why he's so "uncertain" about us. I want to give him some sort of assurance, and I told him he could talk to me, but he's scared or something and won't fully open up.

    he thinks that looking for someone else will help him instead of reflecting and working on himself first. I told him not to jump into another relationship until he works on himself. he never replied. I hope he understood what I was trying to say to him.

  • He has learnt that women like to be told that someone wants to marry them. He doesn't tend to follow up on that statement however. When it comes to marriage, he is more talk than action as several women before you have found out. It's a lovely fantasy to him but the reality is much grimmer.

  • Hi, I wanted to mention something about the relationship w/Gemini. I feel that if you do give it time away from him that would be the best thing in regards to him coming back. I have a few Gemini friends. Gem is pretty loyal to friends. He will remember the good times. I feel something happened that sparked a negative feeling of something in the past. Gem does have dual feelings but can be loyal. I would wait and see..

  • Captain, so he's all talk and no action huh? ugh, that's not right at all. why would you say you want to marry someone and have a future with them only to be leading them on? I sent him a facebook message asking him if he wants to start fresh cause I was tired of the heaviness and that I missed our good times. He didn't reply. I gave in and sent him a text today telling him that I was hoping he was doing well and that I understand if he didn't want to communicate. I also mentioned my message on facebook...he didn't reply to that either...I tried my best...I guess now I have to let it go and be patient if he wants to come back. I know we can make something work if only he was able to communicated, compromise, and be in a committed relationship with me and not be so scared of being in one in the first place. 😕

  • Daliolite,

    thank you so much for your input . I need everything I can get right now 🙂

    I sent him a facebook message and text him within the past two days...I think I might have over done it but I miss him a lot. I'm going to stay away from him and hope for the best.

    would you be able to do another card reading for me like you did before? I would be so gracious for one! let me know if it's possible. I know you're super busy with a lot of other things. 🙂

    I guess only time will tell. I miss him so much...

  • ScorpVirgo, how many more lost relationships will it take before you realise that no matter how much you try to disguise it, you give off an intensity and desperation to be with someone that tends to frighten people off?

  • SV, I'll do a reading for you but would like to know the specific area your concerned with.

  • SV, I went ahead as I felt that I needed to change gears today.

    Your reading indicates you will be standing on your own for awhile. You need this to stand out as the successful person that you really are. I drew the Hermit as your center--solitude is front and center. As your center, you need to see the reality of the situation. Above your present situation is a very feminine presence. Do you have a feminine-type occupation. I believe that you do well when nurturing, caring for people. This is where your success in life is. You also do well creatively. You actually have been thinking about this at length. I believe in your last reading it showed you as being very capable. Emotionally, you know and have experienced that it is time to leave this present state.

    You're seeking abundance and will be easy to find through your efforts as an INDIVIDUAL. The predominance of cards shows you standing alone. There are wands paired w/swords in your future which is an indicator that your plans for the future are not well thought out and are standing on shaky ground. When paired with the Hermit it shows that you need practical solutions to get out of doldrums.

    In the position of YOU, I drew the Sun. A very benevolent card. When you realize your own potential and creativity, then you'll truly come into your own. Enlightenment when you seek your own path. I drew a pair of three's, also the Sun. Don't know exact meaning but leaning towards new birth as baby is indicated in the Sun card. What kind of birth. Spiritual.

    You are grieving over state of things in the Environment postition. I get the indication that a career change may be happening. Definiately emotional.

    In your hopes and fears need to cut thru the bull. Need to deal w/present issues in order to move forward. If you don't it'll take longer to move ahead.

    Outcome is that you are basically seeking truth and justice. You will find that you may be standing alone in your battle but it's definately your greatest asset.

    This is the breakdown: Center--Hermit

    Above--Queen of Coins

    Below--8 of Cups

    Future--3 of Rods & 3 of Coins

    You--The Sun

    Environ--6 of Swords

    Hopes & Fears--Ace of Swords

    Outcome--Page of Swords

  • Captain,

    I don't see it as a bad thing to be wanted. yes, I might SEEM desperate but sometimes it's not always the nicest feeling to be completely alone ALL the time...

  • Daliolite,

    I was actually looking at a card reading for my future love life and/or my future, if any, with my Gemini man.

    I see you've done a reading on my future career and life. this scares me a little as you've predicted my changing positions for my job.

    I guess your reading for the present situation means that I need to deal with my emotional state with my breakup to get over it and move forward.

    I guess I'm just truly upset and down on myself when all I've ever wanted was to share my life with someone special and they've never stayed for very long or they've treated me badly in the relationship. I know that being with someone doesn't create happiness, but I'm just tired of being alone. but it looks like I have a lot more "standing alone" to look forward to. 😕

  • SV, Don't be down on yourself. Losing a person you have cared deeply for is never easy. Did a parent abandon you. Also, creative people sometimes have harder times in loss. I have to ask the childhood thing because so many things are rooted there. A tarot reading covers all bases. You have emotional loss and shows you are leaving this. I don't predict any of this, I just read what the cards are. There were a couple of questions was wondering about. Are you a young person or are you dealing with an older person (could be other way around). Could be boyfriend as older, employer, parent. Shows you battling something as a younger person. Were you perhaps the youngest child.

  • Daliolite, I know it's hard I just thought he was it. he made me feel like WE were it. so it's just not a good feeling. I don't know why I have this feeling. Every relationship I've ever had though has not been a good one. I've never gotten the attention I need, or he emotionally abuses me. I guess that's where it spawns from. but my Gemini man made me feel wanted and good about myself. he made me feel respected and I loved it. I guess that's why I wanted it to work out SO badly with him. he broke up with me out of nowhere as well. we were fine, and then he told me he had fears about our future and couldn't be with me anymore. he told me just last monday that he still has feelings for me, but has cut off communication completely in the past 3-4 days or so.

    I also haven't really understood this creativity I have. I'm so curious as to how I have these abilities. I dont see myself as a very creative person. I dance, but that's all I do. I'm not really spiritual either. I mean, I am somewhat spiritual, but not SUPER spiritual or anything. I wish I knew what kind of creativity I have in me.

    I haven't lost a parent. I'm 27, and my Gemini ex is 28. he'll be 29 in May.

    As far as I can see, I'm not having too much problems with work. although, we did need to turn in some details about work this past week, which scared me a little because it seems like maybe they might downsize or something.

    I am the youngest child. I only have one older sibling

    is there any way I could get a tarot reading for just my love life?

    I know you're going through a lot right now. I read your post. I really hope you get your answers soon. I'm sure you've got a lot on your mind as well. I'm only asking for another reading specifically regarding my love life if you have tim. 🙂

    thank you so much for your help! You don't know how much I appreciate it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I'll try a love reading, I usually do general readings. I tend to connect to situations where I have felt the same. In time you will meet other people. I'll be back tomorrow.

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