A Lady Wrapped In Fox Fur: The Piscean New Moon

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    Beauty: That power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband. Ambrose Bierce

    Plain women know more about men than beautiful women do. Katharine Hepburn

    Instinct is untaught ability. Alexander Bain

    Girls have an unfair advantage over men: if they can’t get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb. Yul Brynner

    Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons. Woody Allen

    There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth. Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

    In our society those who are in reality superior in intelligence can be accepted by their fellows only if they pretend they are not. Marya Mannes

    The common practice of keeping up appearances with society is a mere selfish struggle of the vain with the vain. John Ruskin

    For me, elegance is not to pass unnoticed but to get to the very soul of what one is. Christian Lacroix

    March's new Moon is on March 4 in the United States and March 5 in Australia. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 14: A Woman Wrapped In Fox Fur. The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom -

    Commentary: ‘A Woman’ is ‘Wrapped in Fox Fur’. She presents a beautiful image and one has the sense that she radiates intelligence, grace and wealth. The ‘Fox Fur’ carries the feeling of protection being given through the use of wit, tact, diplomacy, glamour and intellect. There is an aura of “street smarts” about the ‘Woman Wrapped in Fox Fur', like she could get out of (or into) any situation that she chooses.

    Oracle: Someone is trying to present an image that will enhance their position. Whether this is you or another, using intelligence and wit will probably see one through. If, however, the guise, or disguise, were to be stripped away, would the same qualities be expressed? You may find that you have to display your capabilities because you suffer negative prejudice, chauvinism, or are underestimated. It may be that you are not being listened to. Difficulties can arise when others misunderstand what it is that you are projecting and over or under-estimate your message. In any case, there’s a need to be quick witted and perceptive. Also, there may be occasion to have to change strategies quickly. This can show proof of your intelligence and your ability to “think on your feet”. The display of elegance has to come not only from your appearance and your demeanor but also through the things you say. It is important to be able to deliver and follow through on the image you portray. Any artificial attempts to try to fool others about how smart you are may lead to unwarranted reactions. However, do be wary of focusing solely on others’ perceptions of you. This Symbol can also represent the desire to show off one’s wealth, as though possessions and material gains are an example of class and intelligence. You may lose track of what you truly feel about yourself.

    Keywords: Outer expressions of real inner worth. Animal magnetism and attraction. Intelligence and its display. Cloaks of feminine wit and sexuality. Beguiling minds. Animal totems and furs. Perceived beauty. The sense of having class and money. Beauty, fashion and talent. Being forward and upfront. Sense of personal style. Grace and composure. Elegance. Knowing what to say and when. Dressing up. Money spent on beauty. Tempting others with sexual signals. Perfumes. Pheromones. Taxidermy.

    The Caution: False fronts and expressions of wealth. Selling out for momentary, or monetary, gain. Wrapped in intellectual superficiality. The fatal allure of beauty. Scoring points solely through charisma. Being so caught up in fashion and glamor that one loses a true sense of self. Being overdressed.

    This new Moon is at the very last minutes of the Fox Fur degree and both the Sun and Moon move rather swiftly onto the next degree: Pisces 15: An Officer Drilling His Men In A Simulated Attack. Just as the Woman Wrapped In Fox Fur is very much about strategies and the use of them, so is the Officer Drilling His Men.

    Keywords: Taking orders to better respond to situations. The higher self training the lower self. Exercises. Marching and going through the motions. The need for defense. Seeing ahead. Planning strategies. Fire drills. Smoke alarms. Being prepared. Issuing orders and expecting them to be followed through. Discipline. Martial arts of all kinds. Going over and over possible outcomes. Safeguards put in place. Gas masks and bomb shelters.

    The Caution: Rigid routine for no real or valuable purpose. Feeling that one has always to be on the defensive. Being under attack, whether real or imagined. Overreacting to things. Feelings of unworthiness in the face of battle or confrontation. Victim consciousness. Fearful responses. Getting others to respond through spreading fear. Scare tactics.

    So, it seems we need to be employing our street smart brains, but not overdoing the analyzing, projecting, discussing and going over and over things, especially in our minds when we think the worst is likely to happen.

    This is a very Piscean new Moon, with Chiron, Mars, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Lillith and Uranus all in Pisces. Soon, many of those planets will move into Aries, but for now we are still swimming in the depths and there can be many emotions, thoughts and ideas that come from those more ethereal realities.

    Chiron can bring a sense of wanting to hide away, especially with so much going on in the world right now. It seems to me that it was ever thus, but when one looks at it, things are pretty intense and seemingly entirely meaningful and, dare I say, at times threatening. It's by dropping the small mind and adopting a larger, spiritual sense of what's going on that we can make more sense out of it all. Chiron is on Pisces 2: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters. This can bring about a feeling of wanting to hide away, to not want to watch the news, not want to hear bad news, to feel cut off and alone. Of course, the 'squirrel' can miss out on the opportunity for nourishment or for basking in the sun if he's hiding away and not venturing out.

    Mars is on a degree the theme of which is very much like the Officer Drilling His Men In A Simulated Attack. It's on Pisces 8: A Girl Blowing A Bugle. This can speak of sounding the call, awakening all to action, going on and on about something, loudspeakers, telephones, announcements, being prepared to state ones case, whistle blowers, heralding and proclaiming the dawn, leading the charge, resurrection, mass announcements, alarm clocks, ear plugs, blind folds, proclamations.

    Mercury is on a degree that speaks of the need to have food on the table, to feel sustained, nourished and looked after. The Symbol is Pisces 20: A Table Set For An Evening Meal. This speaks of the provision of life's necessities. It can speak about "who will serve and who will eat". It can be people bringing a plate to share... it's about cutlery, plates, glasses, water and wine, diets, groceries, obesity, making a meal of something, hired hands, catering, candles, sharing life's bounty. What is it that you ingest? How are you digesting what's going on in your life or in the world around you?

    Lillith is on Pisces 28: A Fertile Garden Under The Full Moon. This also speaks about the provision of life's bounties, fullness and fertility, having a brilliantly active unconscious life, the effect of the moon, astrology and predictive cycles, the time for harvesting the rewards of hard work, vegetables, herbs and nature's bounty. Notice how many 'alternative' medicines and herbs have come under attack in various parts of the world lately with outrageous and restricting legislation.

    Uranus is on the last degree of Pisces - the very end of the zodiac - as it's set to make it's way around again through entering Aries. Uranus is asking us what we want to be, who we want to be, what we want to be doing and what we aspire to. It's on Pisces 30: A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, As He Grows Up, He Begins To Look Like It. This is about the concrete manifestations of one's ideals. What have you achieved to date? Where has life led you until now? How do you see your future? This story is about a boy who grew up under a mountain with the face of a president carved out of it. The 'boy' would look up at the 'great stone face' and see an ideal, something great that he aspired to. As you look up, what do you aspire to? Uranus on this degree is a wonderful opportunity to focus in on these questions.

    Neptune, the ruler of the Pisces new Moon, is on Aquarius 29: A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis.

    I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. Chuang Tse

    Keywords: Slow building of confidence. Coming out into a fuller participation in the bigger picture. Growing up and out. Emerging from the dark. Leaving yesterday behind. Becoming more and more beautiful. Finding one’s feet or wings. Metamorphosis. Huge changes in the works. Giving up struggling. The drama of new life unfolding.

    The Caution: Failing to allow changes to be experienced. Feeling like one will never “arrive”. Struggling to emerge ahead of time. Feeling confined. Being tied to the past. Rushing leading to disorientation or injury.

    Venus is on Aquarius 4: A Hindu Healer Glows With A Mystic Healing Power. This speaks of divine healing potency, going on faith, yogis and fakirs, healers of all kinds, glowing health, radiating love, spirit and calm, tapping vast reservoirs of healing forces. Can be false claims and charlatans and it can bring up issues of who to trust or believe. This is a wonderful degree, though, and often comes at the expense of being able to be in the conventional 'tribe'.

    Jupiter's message is one of paying attention. It's on Aries 9: A Seer Gazes Intently Into A Crystal Ball Before Him. This is where we connect in with what's going on, if we're taking notice. It can show concentrated attention, creative visualizations, cutting through irrelevant messages, clairvoyance, illumination and deep insights. It speaks of looking ahead to see the signs.

    The karmic Moon's north node has just moved into Sagittarius (out of Capricorn; remember, the nodes show us the zodiac backwards), bringing a whole new theme. The Symbol is Sagittarius 30: The Pope Blessing The Faithful. This is a wonderful degree of blessings bestowed on people through spending time, giving recognition, eye-to-eye contact, rewards for loyalty to each other, being remembered, being considered, having an audience with someone.

    The karmic Moon's south node is reminiscent of the degree of the new Moon. It's Gemini 30: A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds. This shows dressing up (or down) and displaying one's self, beauty judges, the mysteries of the feminine, gatherings of goddesses, recognizing superficiality or shallow behaviour. It can be recognising the beauty within, too much makeup, flaunting one's body and generally trying too hard to be noticed or appreciated.

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