What is this Cancer woman problem?

  • Me and my friend a Cancer woman have been friends for about a year and about a month ago she started pulling back and being distant. We don't talk like we use to and when I ask her if she wants to talk and how things are going she will then just respond she's fine. I can tell something is wrong but she wont talk to me which I don't press the issue because I'm a Capricorn and I don't like sharing my feelings either. Now I have moved to a different area at work and when she sees me or I see her in the morning we will say good morning to each other. When it's lunch time and she is sitting with her friends who by the way she say aren't her friends but she acts like they are her friends and always talk to them, eat lunch with them, and joking with them. I will also be in the lunch room talking to someone and she will go out of her way to come to my table and say hi to the person I'm talking to and she doesn't even know them and then she will go sit back down and not say a word to me. It's strange for her to do that and to come to my table to speak to someone you don't know but say nothing to me. I've never seen her do something like that and she has done it everyday for the past two weeks. Why is she doing that and what should I do?


  • Oooohh man, a Cancer guy I knew did that to me All.The.Time. Now, I have several very close Cancer women friends, but they are extremely blunt people and I've never seen them do anything like that. But, the Cancer guy I know did. Now, my conclusion to this was that he was doing it on purpose. It's funny, but when Cancers 'like' someone their game is to act like they don't. Also, I find that when people in general like someone but they're insecure about it, they do things like that.

    What I found worked the best was to just play along. So, next time she comes up to your table and talks to the person next to you but not to you, pretend she isn't there. I'm serious. Pick up a newspaper and start reading it, or get up and go talk to the people at the table she was just sitting at. When I used to do this, Cancer Boy would hang around until I looked at him, or if that didn't work he would finally do something to get my attention. he wouldn't want to leave until I acknowledged him in some way. But once I finally did, he'd get his fix and go on pretending I didn't matter.

    But, thats my advice. Play along and see how she acts. if she's ignoring you, ignore her right back. If she starts making an effort for you to pay attention to her, you'll know she's just playing games.

  • Thanks for the advice!!! Today she sat by me at lunch not too close but close enough so I tried to just have a polite conversation and she responded in a soft low voice but then one of my friends (a girl) came over and sat close to me and started talking to me. When I tried to say something to my Cancer friend then she just got on the phone and ignored me the rest of the lunch break. I'm getting the feeling that she doesn't like me talking to other girls and punishes me for it. It's so hard for me to ignore her because I don't want to hurt her feelings eventhough it seems like she doesn't care if she hurts mine. Why sit by me if you're going to ignore me? I'm actually upset that she did that so I think I will have no problem ignoring her tomorrow because of that.


  • Oh, that was my problem, too. I was scared to do things like that in case I hurt his feelings. Trust me, the more you have to deal with it, the less you'll care about that 😉 The less considerate she seems to be, the easier it will be for you to act the same way.

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