Many pentacle cards in a love reading??

  • Hi, I did a spread asking about two people reconciling a relationship. The outcome was The Lovers, which I see as a "yes" card to this particular question. However, I'm completely at a loss for much of the reading, which is dominated by pentacles. Both the people in question are in for a career change soon, but I didn't ask about that so the pentacles are quite confusing to me. I've heard about pentacles representing sexuality as well, but I'm still confused here! I'll provide the entire reading and maybe someone can help. The couple in question has been separated for five months now although there has been a little communication in that time. There has been issues in the past with intimacy.

    What Covers You — Eight of Pentacles

    What Crosses You — Seven of Pentacles

    What Is Beneath You — Nine of Cups

    What Is Behind You — Five of Pentacles

    What Crowns You — Ace of Pentacles

    What Is Before You — King of Pentacles

    Your Self — King of Swords

    Around You — Three of Pentacles

    Hopes and Fears — Two of Pentacles

    Outcome — The Lovers

  • Pentacles in a relationship reading are usually a good sign. They speak of solidity, stability and dependability. However, in this case, I feel like you're seeing a lot of pentacles because the couple in question have a LOT of work ahead of them. They basically need to almost start their relationship again from the ground up. They need to rework and rehash everything. So, i think your getting a lot of pentacles just because thats what they have to look forward to....working hard to rebuild stability to make a lasting relationship. Also, its funny that BOTH people in the relationship are depicted as Kings. That could mean that pride will get in the way of any compromising. They need to let their guards and expectations down and work with each other more.

  • Hmmm...yes this relationship would have a lot of work building from the ground up again, although there is a solid foundation between the two. In fact, the relationship was always quite a bit of a work in progress because of one person's fear of intimacy over the years. I also find your interpretation of the kings to be quite interesting, as both people do seem to have stubborn and even guarded personalities at times. Thanks. It seems like this relationship would really have to overcome the odds to work, but it still seems to be a positive outcome as far as I can tell.

  • This is a simpler way to look at the predominance of find love with each other, they have to work on their love of money...which may be the greater. When money is of the greatest importance and decisions are guided by the almighty dollar instead of the heart, each partner will feel the loss of love, but maybe not understand why they have that little doubt and apprehension...

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