Leo woman n Cancer man

  • my leo woman and i got into a lil argument or disagreement or whatever you want to call it. im a cancer so i dont want to go into too much details ... but ever since then she been acting so different .. she barely speaks to me and i apologized and all. But she still treats me cold. she told me everything is ok and is everything is fine. just give her time she has her guard up. but that was two months ago and nothing has change. now my guard is up and im about to disappear on her but i dont want too..but she making me feel bad so i have too... any advice from the leo women???

    sorry for being so vague our disagreement but hey im cancer we're secretive lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • Without knowing any details of your's or her history/past or what the argument was about it's hard to say. I am a leo female and true to nature very outspoken if I feel wronged or hurt I won't hold it very long before you know what is bothering me, however if very deeply hurtful painful words are said to me sometimes I might hold on to that...such as my ex husband said I was not what he liked to see in the bedroom but I was all that was there........I quickly erected walls that never came down.

  • I think you need to get to the bottom of whats going on. If a LEO isn't talking to you, you must have really hurt her. if you care, don't "Disappear". This is not going to help. What you need to do is ask her what you did wrong and how you can fix it. You need to tell her your feeling insecure about the relationship because of how distant she's been. Women like communication. Don't pressure her, just ask her one day to sit down with you and have a little talk. if that doesn't work, then I guess just give her the space she wants and wait.

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