Is there ANY psychic that would do a reading for me?

  • I have posted a few times in this forum with no luck of a response..

    Does anyone know an awesome medium? I open to talking to anyone that gets some sort of reading.... I feel my deceased ex-boyfriend is stuck. All the while, I'm alive, but "stuck" too. I have an overwhelming feeling of being lost since his death..

    I'm a blonde, not a psychic by any means.. So I am coming to the place were I am hoping someone can help me.

    Here is some basic information - I have pictures I can email if that helps.

    My birthday 12/3/78

    His Birthday 5/4/70 -- His Death 04/20/10

    Thank you in advance to anyone that takes the time to respond to this thread..

  • Ask for Blmoon. She doesn't post often but she does pop in from time to time. She is very good.

  • And posting his pic here can help too.

  • Thank you Captain...

    I am posting an image..

  • I feel this guy is undergoing a great deal of angelic counselling at present. He is enjoying all the attention and is not stuck at all. You are the one who can't let go of his memory, mainly through guilt. But why should you feel bad when he was the one who was wrong? Does his dying suddenly make everything he did to you all right? Don't worry about this guy - he is in good hands.

  • And I can see why you had problems with him when he was alive - he is incredibly self-centred and only ever cared about serving his own interests.

    This 'not thinking ill of the dead' is a load of baloney to me. He was a bad selfish man and his death doesn't change that.

  • CAPTAIN, your the BEST!!!

    After reading other threads, It was obvious how gifted you truly are Captain. I was REALLY hoping you would find my post and get a reading - your spot on.

    Funny how you picked up on "incredibly" self-centered - You are right.

    But why should you feel bad when he was the one who was wrong? As a master manipulator, When he was living,he did an outstanding job of "turning things around" Making me feel bad, when he was the one who was wrong.

    Does his dying suddenly make everything he did to you all right? absolutely not, and deep down, I know this. THANK YOU for pointing this out to me, I have some how let the sadness feelings take over and not focused on What he really did to me. The end of our 4 yr relationship was due to his addiction to cocaine/oxycodone and women.

    These 3 day binges of drugs & girls happened repeatedly, literally 30+ times in a 4 yr period, always promising it was the last time.

    Here is the "brief" version: The relationship was 4 yrs on and off again (due to drugs & girls). It ended so badly, that I had to get a restraining order, change my phone number and move out of the state in order to get away from him. (He was calling 70+ times a day, leaving threatening messages, then I love you messages, then another threat) Even after I moved away, I was always looking over my shoulder in fear he would find me. I had no contact with him for nearly 2 years - never planned to speak with him again. THEN I get a call from someone

    telling me he died. First, I was in shock, then felt a sense of relief that he would never hurt me again, then sadness has some how turned into guilt.

    You are completely right, I am the one who is stuck by guilt.. Any suggestions on how I can move forward. Do you suggest a cleansing? I am trying everything I can think of.. Meditation, Detoxing...

    I have "paid" to speak with 2 psychics with no real guidance..

    The first one said - "He is stuck and trying to contact you through your dreams, he has unfinished business" I also need a $1000 chakra balancing to remove the negative energy

    The second one said - Do you have a child together - because he keeps talking to me about a child. (HE has a child with another woman, and I had 3 children from a marriage before him - but NO children together) She also said "he is talking about a road trip"(we never took a rode trip) Oh, and she said "deep down, he was a "pure" soul"

    I would appreciate any guidance you can give me.


  • I feel your guilt is already disappearing as you remember how he treated you. You really don't need to be concerned about him - he is being well looked after by those on the other side, as we all are when we pass over. He is now regretful for how he treated you and everyone else back on earth as he has 'relived' and analysed his life without any ego input and now sees the error of his ways. if you open yourself to the forgiveness he is asking of you and of everyone he hurt, you will feel much better and able to move on. He is becoming a better and more mature soul with the help of the angels and guides. What he wants now is for you to live well.

  • Dear Creative,

    Captain is great, and I know she has helped answer many of your questions. I'm been away for awhile from the forum, and just signed in and your request drew me in. My gift is that I'm clairaudient which means I hear our angels, ask your question, and then get their divine guidance and repeat it back to you.

    Here is their guidance for you. "Dearest child. You are not to blame for this man's death. And you need to stop playing the 'what if' game. You have spent far too much time at this, and it's a wasted effort. You can move forward as you describe it quite simply. Just do it. It's a mind shift. Let your spirit run the show so to speak, rather than your mind. You can either choose to feel sorry for yourself and wallow in this...or choose not to. Your heart has no lovey-dovey warm feelings for this person. If anything, your guilt is for yourself, for being duped and for expending your energies on him for such a time period. But why feel guilt over something that has made you grow as a person?

    Let us explain some divine reasonings to you. First, you and he were meant to meet and meant to be together. You had unfinished business with him from a prior life that you needed to get resolved in this lifetime. And you did it! Congratulations are in order! He has a lot to learn, and just as you are growing spiritually, in this lifetime, so was he...but on a much more limited scope. You are a much older soul than he is...and that is why you need to move on. Greener pastures are ahead for you.

    Dying is not a bad thing. It's a way of coming Home. His spirit was ready. And it was his time. He is quite aware of the mistakes he made. Just as you are aware of the mistakes you've made in your lifetime. You can't undo them. But you can choose life. And that is what we are urging you to do. Choose life. Embrace it. And go help those who you can through your experiences. Your knowledge. Your love of humanity. You have a wonderful heart. Feel it again. For it beats for love."

    Thank you Creative for the honor of giving you your angel messages today.

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

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