Captain-Just Giving an Update

  • Hi Captain, things have been going really well for me especially since Ive been working hard to get myself into school. Im planning on going to the Miami International University of Art and Design!!!! Looking back on all the months Ive been down here in TX, Ive defenitely grown as a person and excited to put what IVe learned to the test and live life. Theres a major problem though....being that I support myself and am trying to do everything by myself since my selfish father refuses to help me (I never asked for him too though) its really hard for me to look at people criticizing me for leaving TX. I feel as if this isn't my place here not because of the people but because there's better things out there and Im just chasing my dreams.

    My family except for my mother doesnt want to help (again never asked) me because they feel as if Im not going to do anything and Im making a major mistake being out of their readh and my father who I have a turbulent abusive history with doesnt want to help because he feels hurt that I left the home he abused us in.

    I really do feel as if my life is going in a great direction and I have agreat feeling that Ima be ok but I just wanted to know is financial issues going to stop me from getting to Miami and do you think I will be ok out there?

  • Also do you think I need to continue to keep going on my path instead of being distracted from others I know that dont know me that well and are trying to stop me from doing what I am really passionate about?

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