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  • Dear Farranfey:

    How will my destiny cross with that of Bob's and his daughter and his daughter Hana? And when?

  • Did you shuffle the cards while focusing on the question? If so, lay out the cards as follows:

    3rd card 10th card

    Fifth card Querent Sixth card 9th card

    1st card on top

    2nd card crossing 8th card

    4th card 7th card

    Send me the info on the cards in each position and I'll interpret. This is a Celtic cross spread if you are curious.

  • whoops, the cards didn't show up how I listed them so I'll describe it

    First card is face up and that is the Querent

    Second card is laid on top with the top of the first card showing

    Third card (which is card # 2 in the celtic cross spread) is laid across the first two

    Fourth card ( card #3) is above the first 3 cards

    Card #4 is below the first 3

    Card #5 is to the left (your left facing the table)

    Card #6 is to the right

    The next 4 cards are laid out in a straight line further to the right then Card #6

    Card #7, the above card #8, above that card # 9 and finally card # 10 at the top

  • 3rd card lovers

    10th card queen of wands

    5th card the magician

    sixth card 9 of wands

    9th card knight of wands

    1st card 7 of wands

    2nd card 2 of wands

    8th card ace of cups

    4th card 6 of pentacles

    7th card 8 of cups

  • Focus on yourself and cut the deck, pulling the top card off the cut. Turn that card up and I will use it as the Querent.

  • I tried again and this is the second spread. I think this is 11 cards. I'm a bit confused.

    #1 - Justice

    #2 - Page of Cups

    #3 - Ace of Pentacles

    #4 - Knight of Pentacles

    #5 - Death

    #6 - 3 of Cups

    #7 - 7 of Pentacles

    #8 - 10 of Pentacles

    #9 - Strength

    #10 - High Priestes

    #11 - King of Wands

  • The Querent is 8 of Wands

  • The first card I use as the Querent card, then I start the normal Celtic Cross Spread. When you read the first description, the order of the cards got all jumbled from what I had set them up when I submitted the post. I'll read both spreads and you can see which one applies.

  • First spread;

    Your energy regarding Bob and his daughters is strong, determi ned, but possibly a bit rushed. You have changed something in your life completely for them and even though you almost always make sure you are on top of situations, have a good vantage point and are the dominant and controlling factor, you have been willing to cooperate, negotiate and work together even if there are times that you have to "give in".

    Does this sound right on?? If not, I'll work on the other spread...

  • In the past, there have been financial issues that have caused your path to cross Bob's; gifts of money or a need to share funds for something. However, you are working hard in your life on something that takes most of your attention and time. You are doing very well on some project that is pleasing and making a long term dream come closer to being. Even so, you are wishing and missing physical intimacy...does Bob bring a possibility of such a relationship with himself?

  • Yes, this is true. Or at least, in the beginning. Hana's mother died giving birth to her. I was the mother's friend. I spent the next 1.5 years helping them, "mothering" this premature baby girl, and helping the father every single day. I was his friend and I started developing feelings. I gave a big part of myself to the two of t hem. Fast forward 5 years later, the father and I no longer communicate. Things have happened that has caused a lot of distrust. I love both of them but not sure where we stand going forward.

  • I'm not sure. He has a lot of trust issues relating to his past. He and my friend were together for nearly 15 years. They never married, but were life partners. She died from a recurrence of cancer during the pregnancy. He suffered a lot from the loss. He's also a difficult person. I know that he cares about me. We went to counselling together a few years ago and that's what came out.

  • Even though you are successfully working on something in your life, there is healing you need. Something happened that caused you a lot of pain and sorrow and even though you thought you were over it, that isn't the case. When and if the chance presented itself to get closer, you would not be ready right now. See what still hurts and work through it; find an answer or satisfaction so you can heal. Love needs to grow somewhere around you, from somebody or two people for each other. Whatever the situation until the love is found or shown, a move or change of residence would be hasty and ahead of itself. And, there is a woman dominating the entire situation; a fiery woman...either Aries, Leo or Sagitarrius or lots of fire in her astrological house. She is energetic, domineering, pushy but caring. If it's not you, then it's somebody who will be in Bob's life for now...

  • I wrote that last part while waiting for your I hadn't read anything before finishing. It sounds like that reading is very close to the mark...Are you a fire sign?

  • No, I am a water sign. He's an earth sign. Maybe the fire sign is his nanny. He's got two. I didn't get along with the first one. She is pushy and she lied to him on a few occasions. He gives in to her because she takes care of everything so that he doesn't have to think about anything. There is no love there. I believe she's married, but feels like she has to control the situations. She also caused a lot of problems for the other nanny who has since moved on.

  • I'm going to stick with this first reading because I see some ideas and help. You are not completely healed from the hurt of giving so much of yourself and then basically, getting shut out. There is a possibility of love growing (Ace of Cups in your house, which means surrounding you), but this fire woman is still in control now. Were you considering a move?

  • No move. I had hoped that should Bob and I reunite, we would move. He's still in the same home he shared with his partner. It took several years before he packed up her stuff. By the way, Hana had lived in Germany the last 3 years. The first year was with Bob's blessing 'cause all he wanted to do was work. He's still buried in work and won't release any emotions. He eventually sued grandma for custody in Germany. Brought Hana back in August. My sadness is there. I miss Hana especially. She bonded with me and wouldn't even let the nannies near her when I was in her presence.

  • Work on your life and get back on top...when you are secure and strong, you are amazingly magnetic. Make sure you have completely healed and when you think of Bob, you feel a warm, comfortable joy. Until then, stay out of the "fire" womans way and let her "burn her own bridges". The love that is shown growing, grows on it's own without help from you...for now.

  • Last week, I spoke aloud to the universe of the things I wanted with Bob and Hana, and should this not be in my future, to help me let go. I shuffled my cards, cut the deck, and pulled out the two of cups. I started crying. Few nights later, I asked my the spirit of my friend (Bob's partner) to help me. Shuffled cards, cut them. Pulled out the 10 of cups. I asked a few other questions in-between. Went back and asked the same question to my friend what she had hoped for me, Bob and Hana. I pulled out the 10 of cups again. I would like to say there is a lot of significance here, but not feel confident.

  • You can still be there for Hana. Give her a period of time everyday and send your love and blessings her way. I have a strong feeling that eventually, when only love and joy are in your heart, the path will open. Tarot doesn't throw out cards for no reason and The Lovers are in a possible outcome for a reason. need to be completely ready and healed from his "cold shoulder".

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