Are you a Snake in Chinese Astrology? I have a question

  • I am a snake is Chinese astrology and I have read a few books with descriptions on snakes and something struck me as untrue. They say we are extremely promiscuous. Not to say that to be promiscuous is bad in any way, but it isn't me for sure.

    And you see, I have many friends who are snakes like me (like attracts like!) and they are all the same as me more or less.

    We are all very reserved and almost old fashioned regarding love and partners. I don't like to be promiscuous and neither do other friends I know whom are snake. This isn't to insult promiscuous people or anything, but it's just not my thing. It's almost as if I see acting like that (for myself) to be a form of infidelity. And I really can't tolerate infidelity from myself. It's just not me. I just take love really, really seriously and I don't believe in being promiscuous.

    I asked my other snake friends the same, and they think the same as me. And they say even if they are single, they only ever even flirt with 1 person, and not just anyone.

    So I guess my question is, as a general rule, are snakes promiscuous? Am I just like, an anomaly?

  • Hi Lipshous,

    I am new to the forum but not new to the site it self. I am a snake as well. I think I am a water snake, or a summer snake. I read up about it a long time ago. I would have to go back and check to confirm which one. I do remember reading that we are just like the actual snake. Love basking in the sun. If we are backed into a corner we will coil up and strike. The water snake loves the water. They feel very at home near the ocean and lakes it is there calming and peaceful place. They gather their strength and are grounded from it.

    Promiscuous? No I am not either. I do not have any friends that are snakes. I am surrounded by a rabbit and a rat and a pig. Compatible well the rabbit is good. The rate is controlling and the big oh my goodness.

    I really look to the western zodiac mostly and follow that more then I do the chinese. I just think it is all interesting

    your friend,


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