Advice needed

  • i am a middle age person one and my boyfriend is also, i love him and he claims he love me, he is a very generous person financially, but when it comes to time he cannot give it. It is like if something is saying that we should not be to gether. What do you think?

  • what is his sign? Is it his work that keeps him distant?

  • Are you saying that he makes promises of giving money to things but then when it comes to making payment he doesn't have the money? If so, I have seen this time and time again personally and with friends. If he makes that promise he would put the money aside for the time to make that payment or to purchase something - that seems logical. Otherwise he is just taking advantage.

  • His birth sign is cancer.

  • My son is cancer also..They are very loving and kinda like the tides up and down. They sometimes need to pull themselves back in order to pull us in.I feel his feelings are genuine, sometimes people need more space than others, and you should not think that he doesn't care..look deep into yourself and see if you are getting what you need from the relationship..As we get older we don't tend to need all the hype for lack of a better word that we did when we were younger..We have lived and learned and are more settled in our ways and possibly more comfortable in our relationships..Listen to your heart not your mind..Hope this helps in some way..Love & Light D

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