Are Capricorns and Leos usually attracted to each other?

  • Back then middle and High school most of the people I liked or felt attracteWhy is that.Any experience with these two signs

  • Well, I'm an Aries and I find myself drawn to Capricorns. I dont know what it is. Usually, they just end up being very physically attractive LOL, to be honest. They've always fit my bill exactly -tall, dark hair, broad shoulders, manly stubble. I know I'm not a Leo,but Leo's and Aries are pretty similar. I think it's also their 'steadfastness' that I like, seeing as I like people who are dependable and they always feel dependable. And their intelligence, too. Hope that rang some bells with you!

  • Wait, I just realized YOUR the cap and your talking about being attracted to LEOS. Wowza. Sorry, that was totally unhelpful, LOL!

  • I noticed that I usually have a strong sexual attraction to Leos but the relationship never works out. I don't know what it is about them...


  • Thats the most significant pattern w/ people that I've liked I've known?So i believe astrology is accurate do that fact!

  • Can anyone post more comments about these two signs from you experience.Anything will do

  • Can anyone post more comments about these two signs from you experience.Anything will do

  • Not gonna help but I'm a cappie and my rising sign is Leo and I go either way depending on the mood as to whether I like or dislike myself. LOL

    On a real note, Leo's are opposites to Cappies so they attract one another. As to whether it will work out may have more to do with their rising signs in temrs of having things in common and compatibility.

    So with my rising sign of Leo, I like to throw caution to the wind occassionally and party it up in costumes etc. (But only when I do not have other responcibilities) If the Leo in question had some stability/responcibility as well as the Loe attributes it could work out, otherwise he would be fun for a while and then I would get tired of picking up the pieces left in his wake.

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