Are Capricorns and Leos usually attracted to each other?

  • Back then in middle and high school most of the people I liked or felt attracted to were leos.Is there a strong attraction between these two signs?

  • It isn't unlikely. They have similarities about them. I never have felt particularly attracted to Capricorns, though. As friends, yes, but more than that no.

    Were the Leos that you liked also attracted to you as well?

    It could possibly have something to do with your ascendant or moon.

  • Yes I've also felt them reciprocate the attraction.i truely belive there's chemistry between these signs.Is it because leo rules capricorns eigth house,(quincunx aspect)?

  • 2 of my first loves in highschool were cap. well the one i liked more was a cap sagg cusp. To make a long story short i didnt work

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