Captain. help please?

  • ive been on this forum every other day and i am desperate. i was hoping you would do me a favor and help me out with this. i literally wasted hundreds of dollars online for psychics and i am still in doubt and more confuse than ever about this current relationship.

    me and this guy. we got along really well at first. with constant texting and what not for 3 weeks. then he would text me once a month. and some psychics would say just wait it out he would come around. and a total of 2 would say we were just friends with benefits. i would remember the number because it was something that hit me hard which spurred me to spend more money and hope the psychics would prove those 2 wrong. so in the end, im going around in the same circle, in a sense deluding myself. i just need an answer from someone who is not paid to say what he/she is suppose to say

    i would like to know if he is just being friendly or does he actually care and want to take things further but he just have too much on his plate.


    february 7 1990


    february 12 1984

    thanks in advance.

  • This post is deleted!

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