Dead exboyfriend - contact

  • Can anyone help me?

    3 years ago I was in a relationship with a man for almost 4 years. The relationship ended badly. There was a restraining order involved and I moved out of the state as I was in fear of my life. We never spoke since I left. Less than a year ago, I received a call from someone letting me know, he passed away. Since then, I feel stuck and lost at the same time.

    A month before he died, I found him on this forum asking (i know the user name he uses) "will my ex and I ever get back together".

    I sense he is trying to contact me from the other side.. I have been having recurring dreams about him. In the dream, we are always on some remote resort island place.. Is he stuck in between? How can I move on? and/or help him to move on?

    I know this is more of a medium question - but any help would be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you in advance

    My birthday 12/3/78

    His birthday 5/4/70 - Death - 4/20/2010

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