I need serious help!

  • I was hoping that someone would be gracious enough to help me using their gift. I cannot find the key to my mother's car which I am driving. I am a single mother and am afraid my 22 month old may have taken the key and put it somewhere. I've turned the house upside down, looked in garbages, under beds, couches, and even the litter box. I am desperate to find this key because I think its almost $200 to replace and I have a job interview that I absolutely need to make it to about an hour away from home. I've tried breathing and centering myself to calm down and let it just come to me where it might be yet nothing helps. I really need a miracle. Can someone please help me?

  • My birthday is 12/23/1984 and my daughter's is 4/15/2009 if that helps. I really need the assistance. I'm extremely worried that my mom will freak out on me because I lost her car key and I really need this job!

  • Grey area--tight spot--right side of seat. If the car was left open--look in there. Things happen for a reason. They'll show up--mom has a spare. You'll be ok. I don't think the baby took them but you were distracted reaching for something last minute and dropped them somewhere in a tight spot--again seeing right side of a seat. Or has this happened before and I'm seeing another event? Mostly, I feel strongly you will be ok--don't freak out. Things happen for areason--just roll with it. We are not perfect--happens to everyone--even your mother! BLESSINGS

  • Hi kaam,

    maybe play a game with your baby, at 22 months your daughter knows words..let her know that the key is hiding and maybe she can help you find it...

    Kaam, "where did you last see your moms car keys...were they on a ring or just one key......

  • It was only one key. One where the key folds into itself to make a rectangle shape.

  • Hello kaam0302

    I feel like it may be under a chair or sofa. Do you have a green sofa or chair?Look under them.

  • Blmoon...I don't think its happened like this before. Its pretty cold outside and dark, so I might wait until morning.

    Shuabby...I have a vintage couch that has green flowers. Looked under it and under the cushions as well. No luck 😞

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