Scarred and scared Scorpio woman and Taurus man - can it work?

  • We are both very guarded with our emotions - yet we can talk about them after the matter, for the better good of our relationship. We broke up briefly (a week and a half), and then got back together when we realized we were both reacting defensively by breaking up so abruptly, and truly care about one another deep down, regardless of our flight risks. We are a lot alike, and this is both good and bad - we have a natural comfort around one another, so we enjoy spending time together...however, we are also both very independent, so spending too much time together imbalances us and sets our inner worlds askew, causing us both to retreat - and then resurface again when we miss the other, usually only a couple days later. But we need those couple of days apart.

    I am just wondering if, in the long run, either of us will ever allow the other in (being the stubborn signs and selves we are)...because it seems that during our too-close-for-comfort emotionally intimate moments, we both instinctively guard up and become awkward. I don't know how to break past that awkward moment, and I need some advice. I know that he is afraid to pry. When I hole up I can tell he senses it and doesn't know how to respond, so he allows me to keep to myself - when I know I need to be sharing. The same goes in reverse. I can tell when he's lost in a thought he's not sharing, and while I want to know what's going on in his head, I don't ask because I don't want to pry. This was partly why we broke up, and we both agreed we need to step into these moments and challenge each other to open up...yet we are still toeing that line shyly.

    Will we get over this? Does anyone have any insight or advice they can offer?

  • This might help you as to what Taurus is thinking...

    OH MY GOD! I'm a Taurus Girl and having similar situation with Scorpio Guy, however I have NO idea if he just playing with me or not or what the hell he wants from me?!! But anyway everything you describe is pretty similar and yes for me as Taurus I will try not to open up first in the fear of rejection or in the fear that other person was just toying me.. However I realized I am tired of pretending to be "just friends" yet we DID have intimate moments which are NOT experienced with JUST friends, I mean common... Anyway so I though he was playing with me so I said to him "I will stop being all over you" and he replied "ok" AND then it hit me I needed to tell him the truth because I really do feel something different towards the guy and the thing you mentioned about having a break is totally true... We have such an Energy Imbalance I swear to god.. If we only could somehow control this and I wish he would be more open with me. Because I am a Taurus I need to know that you are not just playing that you are serious that everything that happens to us is real.. Man that Guy really fkd up my mental health... lol But I really love his craziness

    Man I hope this helps... If a Taurus truly in love they will "confess" it might be not in straightforward manner or it might be in straightforward manner but it takes time... Dont push us, we love freedom but we also need you to sometimes GRAB us by our horns!!! lol

  • Anything can work if both parties want it too.

    I did not say that to sound contrite, but real and heartfelt. Knowing one's weakness can be such a strength. Being vulnerable is hard, but can be so worth it.

    In my honest experience and opinion, love only knows the boundaries and limitations that we, as individuals, put on it. We can place all kinds of silly things on love. But I say, if you truly enjoy the one you are with, go for it. No holds barred. Dare to love and live life to it's fullest. The worst thing that could happen is that it does not work. No shame or foul in that. BC I firmly believe when we dare to step out of our comfort zones and embrace the realities in front of us, only good things can happen. And sometimes, a relationship not working out, is actually a good thing.

    It is just as humans we can be blind to the plans of the universe.

    i hope that helps. It was heartfelt, truly.

  • @Taurus7 yes, only if BOTH want to. I'm tired of chasing my Extremely-hard-to-get Scorpio. I let him go... If he won't try to come back then he never wanted to.

  • Well I will have to agree with the importance of BOTH parties having to want it to work, and both allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Apparently this was not the case in my situation, as we broke up again the next day - or rather, he broke up with me because he "needs to work on (him)self first - it's not you, it's me. There's just so much going on in my head, so many hard changes I need to make."

    I had wanted it to work out, as I originally stated; I saw a future for us - however, I was also blinding myself to what I wanted: a future with someone that wants a future with me too, truly. The reality is that he isn't that person, he doesn't want that future with me. I don't need to know why. I don't need excuses to fluff my ego. I don't need to hear how I wasn't supposed to be the one who got hurt. Instead, it's okay really, because I'm not settling for anything less, and unfortunately that's all he has to offer.

  • I have loved for many years, but never posted on a forum. I read tarot regularly and friends helped me figure out how readings over the net could work. I would like to respond because I am a very scarred Scorpio and just finished my third divorce.

    Especially with a Taurus, you are both drawn to him and frightened by him and I can only imagine that it works both ways. You are directly across the horoscope wheel from him so there are opposites that attract you; it's like finding the ying to your yang. The problems begin when you realize that almost every issue, almost every belief, almost every conversation immediately sets you both up on opposite sides of the situation. If you are at a happy place in your relationship, that is O.K., fun and interesting, but if you are going through a rough patch, then it is an attack and you wonder if he does it on purpose just to "get" at you...and I imagine he feels the same way. I believe that if the attraction was knee weakening and you both are mature, you could work from the premise that as a couple with opposite ideas, beliefs and opinions, you would be a well-rounded and wise pair. But, if you "like" each other and find moments of deeper desire, but too much thought goes into almost every aspect of your relationship (which it soulds like is the case), work from the friendship angle and realize what a gift you can give each other. Somebody that likes you and cares about you, but can get you too look at the opposite side of life; how cool is that? Be friends and grow from that place...

  • FarranFey That is so true!!! Although very young me and my scorpio love became more understanding towards each other. And sooo true you can teach each other soooo much!!! Thats why I like him so much!! And he is so intelligent too!! But yeah I'm trying to be just friends with him, but like I said before as much as I would love us to be just friends its almost impossible, the physical attraction makes it hard to concentrate... Especially when I m around him its like I cant look at anything else but him......

    It takes someone very strong and very compassionate with lots of forgiveness. Dear solarity, you might think that you are doing so much and that you are giving so much but from Taurus point of view it's the communication that you lack.. Same goes for us, Tauruses tho... oh man its very hard but I know one thing for sure I ain't gna let go of my scorpio, he is wayyy to important for me now..

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