SCORPIO MAN - Help please!!

  • Can someone help please and no judging please....

    July 2010 I met at work a Scorpio, the heat was instant and electric and we started flirting/talking.We spent every lunchtime together and we learnt that we were both with our partners. Him not living with her as they were going through difficulties and me married (although not happy). As weeks went on, we became slightly physical but never full on (if you catch my drift). It would only happen every 3 weeks or so - not often. Our friendship was developing more and more. He would blow hot and cold at me (and still does). We are now helping one another in work (setting up business) he talks about wanting to start a business with me. Today as we speak, we are closer than ever - speaking virtually everyday on the phone. I spend time with him at his house everyso often (but the reason for going to his house is only for business reasons) but we speak on the phone socially. Things have only stopped being physical recently because he said he we were becoming too close and it wouldn't work between us as he is 11.4.67 and i am 3.31.82. We would want different things in life. We are still technically with our respective partners but I want him so bad but just don't know how he feels about me and if he would ever leave his partner for me? Any advice or a reading would be so lovely and helpful...thanking you all in advance xxxx

  • aries313

    My husband was a scorpio and I am an aries it's a difficult match. It is frustrating I know to be at arms length but I would take what he says at heart you most likely would want different things. Years and years ago I did the triangle myself and being the 3rd wheel so to speak was very very unhealthy for my self esteem. I judged myself in the end was way too sensitive to put myself in that position. Be careful of your choices and I suggest you walk away and do something positive on your own behalf.

    Good luck


  • Thanks P - it is so hard because I have so much more in common with Scorpio than my husband who is a Gemini. I went for a tarot reading couple of months ago and the cards told me that I was emotionally involved in a scorpio and not to rush things. He would never push me but I was to wait and when he came to me I would know. It also said the month of Taurus would give answers. I'm too impatient ha ha! But you are right P, I can't keep going like this my personality is being affected. If I'm being honest with myself I want to be with Scorpio but am scared about loosing from every aspect and may have to face that I may have to walk away from both relationships empty handed.

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