Im realy worried my grant ran out. pls any advice

  • Hello and happy sunday!!

    i think i messed up and now my financial grant has ended. I have no money for gas at this point and going to have a barrow some to be able to make it to class tomorrow (like it or not)

    I may have a chance to fix this particular grant. Or I may have to re-file and wait and see what happens.

    But again I HAVE NO MONEY AT ALL AS IS..and no one has called me back to answer my questions.

    im almost done with school, i tell my self "just a little more and i will be just fine"

    can you help with any advice? pls help

  • Dear sweetoty,

    This is a life lesson for you. You say that you have messed up? Why? Now there will be no easy way out of this only for you to really want this more than an empty tank of gas to get you there. I feel you will make it through with effort on your part. George is here and will be of help to you. Pray and ask for spiritual assistance in the form in which is people coming to help you.


  • thank you so much Shaubby for your help

    i do wonder who Gorge is....

    I will pray..

    .i do keep getting a strong idea in my head...and will do it, you know what first thing tomorrow..

    thanks aagain Shuabby, again and again =0)

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