Please help Scorpio people. Why is he so heartless?

  • taurusbunny re your original post i had pretty much the same thing happen to me in that we (me and this guy were dancing around each other online and i let it out how i was into him and got a replay of , when i asked him what he thought of me (there was tapdancing involved hard to explain) "you're cool" ... basically a pat on the head, no idea what to do with it since lol

    and lo and behold i am now eyeing yet another scorp... the kicker is as my name imply's i'm an aquarius... yeaa i have interesting tastes lol

    good luck with yours! keep us posted! 🙂 🙂

  • aquagirlleorising AHahaha lol I know, right?! Like wtf? ! But like I said both him and me are pretty crazy and there are things he done for me which means a lot to me and he knows it so we just sense it. But Its all good now our energies are balanced for a little while..

  • I'm glad! Balanced energies make everyone involved just more grounded and healthy in the long run.

    I do total see how scoprs play games now but hey your gal who has her feet firmly planted in the good solid earth and little known fact aquarius' can be pretty stubborn too! or at least i am! And my heart def has a mind of it's own and my emotions totally get out ahead of me sometimes (weird for my sign i know lol)

    I think knowing and being aware of their games is half the battle really though, like they on some levels recognize you are playing at their speed.

    Really no matter what sign a guy is knowing what will get their attention is such a mystery sometimes that i wish each came with a flip out menu sometimes! lol

    lots of love to ya! keep us posted! 🙂 🙂

  • aquagirlleorising yeah but its soooooo freaking hard to balance our energies, they are really beyond mine and his control.. But um yeah mind games.... Shit I love his twisted mind and his real fkd up mind games, they are fun!!! Can be EXHAUSTING but I love it to be honest.. Its wayy better to have mind games then just plain answers LOL I reckon you gta be somewhat sadistic if you wanna mess with scorps. This is my FIRST experience with scorp, I think I'm doing pretty well lol Shit I miss him so much.... miss himmmmm lol Um their attention....well dont forget they are very smart and they always observe you. So you have to make sure you dont say anything stupid, coz they will put it down their "note" I swear he has one... I hate when he becomes stubborn as hell lol But I cant blame him, me myself is soooo freaking stubborn lol Oh anyway I'll keep posting 😉 Well today I went out and txted him but he didnt reply. Like always he is playing his nonsense games lol

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