Please help Scorpio people. Why is he so heartless?

  • So I basically confessed to him that I like him and his reply was: "Thanks" It was just sooo cold and made me so upset.. I mean why would he lead me on, thats just cruel to play with peoples feelings like this. This is wrong. And I mean I'm not imagining things, becoz he DID show me he likes me, and even told me couple of times a very good words (like things you would say to someone you cared about) So whats up with that? My friend told me I have to let him go, that he will play me and use me. Help me Scorpios. I'm a cute lil Taurus absolutely do not understand this. I really shouldn't put up with that but it's like as soon as I'm with him I can;t get enough of him. I'm so attached.

  • Hi sorry to hear about your situation. You should have masses of strength being a taurean. I am a Scorpio and we are very mysterious individuals. Sometimes how we are is not what we mean and that is what intrigues a lot of people. Scorpios have a strong magnetism and pull people in sometimes without realising it. I am not sure of your background but his response sounds like you mat have hurt him and he is seeking revenge and wants assurance of your intentions.

  • I am a Scorpio female and I will tell you that we are very easily hurt and extremely sensitive so we do not easily get into relationships or give out our heart---because when we do it is FULLY---all or nothing--and - guess what? most people are not like that so...a Scorpio that is smart and more mature (as I am) will try to keep distance at first even if they are crazy about someone. Also I can be VERY moody.

  • I'm a Taurus too, dating a Scorpio man. We are very compatible however at complete opposites like fire and ice!

    Scorpions are very sensitive and magnetizing.

    Their words can be taken totally wrong, and yes they are hard to get close to. They are not big on words, so thanks and saying he cares it his way of showing it .

    However being a Taurus, we are very loyal. They love it, so build your trust with him, but don't overwhelm him with your earthly nuturing ways as we often do.

    It takes a very long time for scropions to give their heart out. We offer ours on a silver plater, without hesitation..

    And when they sting, oh boy can to they sting, they loose it much easier than we do as we're subborn. They are quick to fly off the handle.

    I wouldn't say that they are smarter or mature in any more ways than we are, but yes moody, which we aren't. We adapt easier, they are less tollerant.

    Share as much as you can, be honest, tell him the truth by telling him how you feel.

    After a long time, he keeps you around, continue by showing your compassion to break the walls around his titanium heart, once bitten twice shy they are.

    We are trustworthy companions. Look at the traits of both. Its ON of OFF with them, where we can coast. It's worth the wait, trust me my friend. You won't find passion like that with many other signs.

    Best of luck, you bring him good fortune, just be patient and you will see his true colours.

    We on the other hand are very forgiving.

  • @bindy1973 Hey thanks, um ofcourse you might drawn people to yourself without realizing it, but I mean common it's been going for like almost a year now. First I started to see the guy in my dreams (very intense) and I see him in my dreams at least like 4 times a week!! Also it's so strange. I mean he did deliberately pull me in and I know it. I mean he was the one who gave me his phone number and he was the one who started it. And he knows I'm a very naive and good at heart so why the hell would he hurt me so bad?

  • @sungrl Man me too! I'd give everything I have to him. EVERYTHING. I just wish he was a bit more sensitive with me.

  • GreekGodNemesis I know! We are VERY forgiving. Maybe we shouldn't. But it is so hard on me because I really feel so comfortable just hugging him. I'm kinda magically drawn to him, I can not stop thinking about him, I can't sleep at night and I know he can;'t too becoz I saw him online at like 2 a.m so many times.. And how can someone tell me such caring things one time and then hurt me so bad the next.. I wish he just told me straight up what he wanted from me.. Oh by the way he does seem to be obsessed with sex.. He talks about it a lot. And I don't understand like when we were out he was flirting with girls in front of me but at the same time looking at me??! It was kinda strange.. And.. Oh I wish I could understand this scorpio man. We are both pretty young, maybe he is just playing with me.. I don't know.

  • GreekGod Nemesis,

    I am taurus married to a scorp and you too the words right out of my mouth i couldnt have said it better myself .

  • @LivingonaPrayer How did you merry him? o.O He always seems like he wants to have all girls to himself. Sometimes I get the feeling he is more of a bad-boy wanna be, then actually a bad boy.. Sometimes he makes me feel like he really cares about me and at other times it's like he doesn't. What an extremes.

  • Hi Taurusbunny,

    one thing you have to learn about Scorps is that they love playing mind games i have been with my hubby for 16 years and he still does it now and yes they do run hot and cold sometimes you dont know where you stand with them maybe you need to ask him straight out whats the deal ? and if he starts playing his minds games by not giving you a straight answer distance yourself from him, i can talk to my hubby until im blue in the face and not get a straight answer so now when this happens i make out like i dont care or im not interested and he doesnt like that and starts talking i have to say it takes a while but you will eventually learn how to beat them at their own game .

  • Hello, LivingonaPrayer Thank you so much! Oh still playing games after 16 years OMG but then again I mean I'm complaining about him sometimes being cold, however part of me "likes" it. Its kinda like he is unlike so many guys I've seen before! I have never dealt with a guy like that.. Man I miss him so much.. I don't know how I ended up being Soooo attached to him.

  • Sorry havent read through your posts properly so is it still on with you guys when was the last time you heard from him?

  • @LivingonaPrayer I reckon it is. Well how I know this is that I went online and then he got online, then i went invisible and he went invisible and then it was continuing,it was today ( We are both pretty freaking crazy) lol I know how that sounds, anywho I went offline coz i got tired of his games lol I decided I just gna set the guy free and see if he comes back to me if not then its his loss, however i get the feeling he is not going to leave my heart for a while. Its just gets so annoying when Im with him Its kinda like something is pulling me towards him and I cannot stop myself from not touching him or whatever and if i do its like im glued to the guy LOL This is so weird I swear to god! And guess what I am usually in a very good self control around guys, but this is just surreal.

  • Thats great Taurusbunny try and keep one step ahead, you see now youve got his attention now just sit back and wait and watch what happens I know that its hard ive been here before and as a taurus i know that you want to pour your heart out to him showering him with love and affection as thats what we are good at we wear our heart on our sleeves , but they are not like us they dont express what they feel easily and try not to take this personal its just the way they are .

  • LivingonaPrayer, Thank you so much hehehe now i'm gna play his game and win it! But yeah its very hard for me, especially with him, but i'm strong-willed Taurus after all! Thanks again for replying and advice! 🙂

  • No worries Taurusbunny keep us posted on how you get on and good luck ,im always here if you want to chat Take care

    Love and blessings 2 u Loap

  • LivingonaPrayer Aww Thanks lots of love and blessings to you too!! I will post as to what happens, becoz I reckon Taurus/Scorpio relationship is very interesting indeed. I think he is changing me and I'm changing him. I think I can help him become a better person so is he can help me, he already showed me couple of things i have to work on 😄

  • Youre Welcome oh and welcome to tarot its a great place i have met many beautiful people on here .

    love and blessings loap

  • I thought I could post a little update.. Well it seems that I really didnt imagine and it seems that he does care about me in one way or another... Anyway we had a chat on social network (I started it, because he posted some funny picture of him and i just couldn't help myself) Ahywho me and him just were giving advice to each pother O_O Which was kinda weird and i told him the truth that i find him very interesting and i like how he helps me to think about stuff... And also I sort of checked him and asked a question but he is SMART man... So freaking smart its not funny he couldve reply in a manner which he always does and hurt me but this time he didnt hurt me he actually was nice... finally lol anywho I'm going out tonight not sure if me and him meet up anywhere but either way its a bit hard on both of us..

  • Thats Great Taurusbunny

    I hope that it all works out for you .

    love and blessings Loap

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