How to make my cancer guy comes back?

  • Hi! CWB your silly girl Lol, I won't worry about it I'd rather not saying something to him other wise I can see how will I turn his world upside down LOL!! My Dear sister to tell you frankly I hardly open my lips to those kind of words. And, I only learnt it from him and when I'm with him and I slip my mouth to said those words he will laughing at me and teasing me that it is not intense say it with feelings so I get insulted instead.All I want from him is to grow up and have a wonderful life and make the most out of it. But I will not allow him to ruin my parade. LOL love ya heaps

  • With all honesty Marc I am thinking that I absurd his negativity in life. When I used to going out with him. I took a time off to my circle of friends for about three months. And that time I had a chance know him. We really get along and we had something in come we both love traveling we sharing knowledge to some different things. His pretty open to me the first time we meet . I am always busy and I couldn't even give put him to my schedule. Then one time I ring him and asked him if he want to catch up for a coffee and he answered me yes without any hesitation. I am attracted to him but I really don't take serious thing about him and we always talk over the phone but not that long, Anyways when I invite him that night he was so happy and I felt so bad cos I forgot that day was his birthday. He went to my place and we take a walk near to my place and having a coffee.That night I felt I am into to him cos were talking about our family . He knows that I am family oriented and he was really surprised everything my mum sister or dad keep ringing me just to share some story or checking out where I am and what do I do and whose with me very typical in our family cos I am away from them though everyone was leaving overseas.He lay his card that he never had a father image and his dad never once wanted him in this world and when I stare on him it breaks my heart I can feel him so much. He told me that his close to his mum but he hardly call her and had brother and sister. And he had a mix race so do I.He had an idea what his that origin and he meet his dad once when his granny past away that was the first and last time he meet his dad.Asked we share our story from our past traveling. I mention to him that I already visit his Father home town and his kinda interested actually his joking around that he must find out his dad origin cos they might rich and could get a share or a fortune.That night I felt magic on him cos I can sense that he loves his family . My dad always told us that if were looking for someone make sure his family oriented so , They know how to look after our family .His having relationship for 9 years same as me but different story on him I end up to my exbf in a nice way and still friend of mine till now.His girlfriend left him on Christmas day with develop to her co worker.And the last one for more than two years left him cos she missed her family that was he said on me . And his dealing with his financial problem now cos the two exgf cost him a lot. He can even afford to live or rent a house. I was told by him that I must be lucky cos I live in a wicked place and expensive area.He always live with some other friends I spend time with him his having a lot on his mind .He need to find a place his relative own the place and they already put the property to the market for sale and unfortunately the house that he used to stay never once put to biding in a week someone took it.That time I can feel his burden.I said to him to release all the hatred on his heart and may be that's the perfect timing to find and reconcile to his dad. But he was so hard to tell me that he knew that his dad never had an interest to know him. I insist to him that every minute and every second people change their mine he need to take considerate that and make sure to look on the big picture. As the day past by very rare that I talk to him untill he never once ring me and meet him again and when he get home he rang me that he think that were going to past I said okey that is fine I'll take everything slow I get bored and I used to mingle again to my friends and That time I felt different he slowly disappeared on me but keep sending message that from what i understand on his message he likes me. I don't know him is a virus on my mind before lucky I got the best self depends PRAYER AND ACCEPTANCE PLUS FORGIveNESS .Yaaaay no more story no negative this time around lol. Marc I am planning to visit UK this year June or July winter time here. Wish my dream come true cos if that is happening I would love to visit you other. Take aand always wear a smile kisses

  • always having a typo error and aside from that English is not my mother tongue. I just want you to know guys and always rushing typing doing multitasking here lol

  • Luv u too guuurrrllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • You have great compassion annielan, that much is clear. Just remember that you can only help those that are genuinely seeking help in the first place 🙂

  • You got it right Marc so your water sign wow I'm air sign . With all honesty, I'm not comfortable if someone is not happy for me or they wouldn't like. I know you can't please any one. And I must admit that I really forgot to praise the our Lord for all the blessing that I have.I'm a friendly person as I can see at myself I haven't got any problem to anyone I'm so easy to get long with anybody wether some other people giving me a feed back that be careful you know nothing about him/ her I really don't listen to anyone my point if view everyone of us have a good heart. I'm a little bit cautious but how sometimes I wonder how come people was so judge mental. May be I do the same ways but I had a reason for that if they done something that it's not totally right I can easily forgive anyone but I draw the line and boundary. As for the cancer man that I used to go out.,his a nice person I can tell, I can't really blame him he has a lot of frustrations that he can't even realize to his heart that how I felt for him. Asked you said his astrology sign affected his behavioral. I agree with that. But I always keep my hand cross and pray to give him more wisdom and knowledge,courage and accept all the people who hurt him and loving him for who he his . I don't know sometimes his suddenly on my mind. I hope his doing well , I'm not perfect I'm just human I admit I might hurt him for some words that I used when I'm having an argue with him. But I'm do sure that what I said is how I felt for him that he never once answer instead I need to sealed my lips and act like nothings happen things that I can't really keep with in . I'll will meditate later and light a candle for him to clear his mind and soul. Thanks so much and be safe always

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