Values and Beliefs challenged and influencing spiritual self

  • cercatorediverit I think you brought up a very interesting topic and it reminded me of a story and you have probably heard it . Its about the frog and the scorpion ,the scorpion comes up to the bank of the stream and sees the frog and ask for his help to get across the stream and the frog says why should i help you ,you will sting me and the scorpion pleaded for the frog to help him and promised he would not sting him .

    So the frog feels sorry for him and says OK, so they get to the other side and as the scorpion is getting off he stings the frog and the frog hollard why did you do that you promised you wouldn't sting me and the scorpion replied but i am a scorpion that is what i do.

    Now there are a couple of things that can be learned there ,one is if you know someone is a thief ,you don't give him your money to keep safe for you.

    The other is if he is a thief what makes you think he is going to tell you the truth. There is another version to that to where he stings the frog half way across the stream and they both drown.

    In life we have to make choices all the time and for me the choices i make can have a far reaching affect say for example a accountant someone who keeps books for a company or church or anyone ,but let use a company and you keep their books and that companies record is all there in all them numbers to most wouldn't mean much but to accountant he would know the rights and wrongs of every one on that ledger

    The numbers would tell their stories the honest and dishonest about each one accordance to what they turned in and how . Now the problem of the accountant is how he deals with this and how he reports his findings . No problem as long as he is to just report his findings the balance. But if ask to justify the findings and how this came to be come the honest and dishonest findings ,then more than likely the ones behind it even your boss ,and the boss just said take my name out of there somehow or your out of here,and your good at your job and you just got it and you hadn't worked in over a year all this going threw your head you got kids at home to support ,so what do you do?

    That can be a big decision or does it ? There is a thing called ethics and i believe accountants live by like lawyers and judges not sure . But there should not be any question at all ,first you were hired to be accountant ,2 as a accountant it is your job that you get paid for ,to be honest with the numbers . Say you told your boss under no circumstances will you fudge the numbers for anyone .

    There can be several endings to that but one could mean you get fired or the boss might say good now i know i can trust you the last one fudged the numbers and was costing us a lot of money we could not tell were it was going, and to me honesty is the best policy no matter what either way each choice has far reaching consequences it can be good or it can be bad based on the choice.

    Oh by the way i am a carpenter but i try to live it that way Truth and in the long run Truth is always better and rewarding than living a lie. Tooter

  • What a wise--well written post! Wish I had said it. Your story one of my favourites. Truth really is there--it's our free will that interfears--distorts--ignores--creates it's own version of truth to suite ones desire to do what is easier. Denial bites--hard! Sometimes fatal. Every evil shows itself --at least for an instant. Why we talk ourselves out of that truth is a manifestation of our fear or need. The scorpion had good reason to lie--he wanted to get to the otherside. But what was the frogs need? What would make him forget that truth he knew he would surely get stung. The need to please? Why couldn't the frog just say no? You inspire deep thoughts tooter!

  • Life is not about telling someone the right or wrongs in life its about sharing the choices we make and the consequences of the choices. I made another one this afternoon with my daughter by talking about the things i think i know about the economy ,wrong mistake and i knew better and it almost turned into a heated argument but it bothered me when she made the remark of the wrong choices she made in life now she has 3 kids she is raising by her self and no one she can depend on to help her with.

    Well my defenses went up like the great wall of China and living here in her yard i automatically assumed it was directed at me .Then i thought well there goes my supper cause she had already told me she was fixing pot roast and i nearly always eat that when she fixes that .

    But i calmed down and realized how foolish it was to even get up set over but it made me realize again i do not need to engage in discussion like that if i am not spiritually fit and i wasn't .

    So a lot of times my learning is 1 step forward 3 backwards i had forgotten again that the kids hated that when they were living at home something would come up in discussion and i would start talking about the right and wrong of it and they would say oh no dads started preaching again .LOL

    I have to remember they are adults now and they still dont want to here it and that is their choice and i need to respect that . Tooter

  • Blmoon thankyou for that small message on the picture. 🙂 I am glad to see you well.

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • Tooter

    one of the plus sides of growing older is more patience and the sudden ability to not sweat he small stuff! If we have grown at all I think wisdom is the reward. Isn't it so true how emotions run a little higher between family! I think we all have that one testing relationship that keeps us from feeding our insecurities or NOT----you are right that most of the time we imagine worse but if we just refuse to get sucked into those feelings they do just disapate and the other party responds to that in a more positive way--it's as if it can be a self fullfulling profhesy when we imagine a slight--if it's real in our heads--it does become real. I do be;lieve most arguments (not debates) are fed by some insecurity in someones mind--like an attack was made--an insult. Humour seems to be the best difuser or just walking away--refusing fighting words--defending something. I believe that some events have a reason--so am not too in a hurry to regret or fix but just wait it out. I'm passionate to the max so have to remember others get blown away by that power so I try to simmer down and clear my emotions before trying to reconnect with that person if they are someone I otherwise respect and love. Funny thing is how a child can hear the same thing from a friend but from a parent it can make them feel attacked. It's very thorny living close to a grown child----they need you yet resent their perdicament. As for regrets--it really is the worst energy. It serves no good at all. Regrets keep you stagnate and you can't move forward or at the least enjoy the moment. My worst time in life actually came with my first true enlightenment and in that wisdom felt the weight of all my past mistakes! It was a dark time of learning self love--forgiveness and understanding the truth of how toxic regret is and that all those what iffs are not valid because life is a journey----lessons come from mistakes---lessons move us towards wisdom and wholeness so we must learn to love our advancement one hard knock at a time as a badge of picking ourself up giving ourselves a hug and on with the journey. I'm so glad you got your pot roast! As a parent of grown children I get your challenge--part of us wants to protect them from pain yet if they don't struggle like the rest of us--they learn nothing. Everyone has a journey all their own---sometimes you can help but othertimes it's their destiny and all we can do is be there for strength. Parenthood is hard! Thank God for the blessings!

  • Yeah, I missed that Tooter, just found it and I agree. my kids know if they ask I will give them the answers and you are right Blue Moon they don't listen, I don't push myself on them because I know they have thier own life lessons to learn all I can do is guide them and pray for them.

    I think every generation goes thru this in fact I know they do. There was a saying or writing that kids think you know everything until they go threw puberty then they think you know nothing.

  • Its kinda hard when your living next to your daughter you hear and see and hope the best for them she ask me why i was talking about that stuff and i said well i wanted to talk to a adult about life and i thought i might have a adult conversation with my adult daughter, see my defenses come out .

    See i need to remember one of the things i would try my best to avoid when i was contracting was not to engage in politics or religion with my customers them two subjects can become heated very quick and when that happens no good is served at all just more discord .

    By writing about how i act and respond to things helps bring Truth in print in front of me so i can get a better understanding of my actions and reactions especially if it makes me mad ,glad ,or sad

    and see it for what it truly is and understand where it comes from then try to work towards a better balance . Thanks Love Tooter

  • Poettic you think that's hard with your kids try a spouse ,knowing sometimes is a curse ,and own the darkest road is all kinds of paths leading to it and when the ones you love and care for start down one of them paths all you can do is try and help them see were that path is going .

    So many don't realize they can choose anytime to step off that path but so many don't because of the allusion of emotions and feelings and there is no truth on that path. Tooter

  • Tooter trust me, I have been to hell and back with my girls, they will break your heart but they have to live and learn. The old folks used to say a hard headed bird makes good soup or A hard head makes a soft behind.

    I had to release the pain because I wasn't gonna let them kill me. I used to be in Emergency Rooms, thinking I was having a heart attack w/worry.

  • You can teach them about values and morals and raise them right and guess what, they are gonna do what they want as soon as they can. Give them to the Lord and never give up or stop praying.

  • Isn't it funny when you watch your grandkids make your own kids crazy/! I'll be on the phone talking to my son and I hear his kids going apey in the back ground and he has to stop and yell at them and I remember how that felt--makes me laugh and I get to remind my son of stuff he did.

  • I always tell them i love it payback LOL Wreckon i will ever grow up some times i wonder who is the child and who is the adult LOL

  • Pay back is a you know what! I used to say you don't know what you are bringing into the world, my mom thought I was hard headed and strong willed, I said to my youngest you know what you are gonna get it back and she said "Well you must have given your mom Hell then." Smart a (you know the rest).

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